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Eternal Becky
11-01-2007, 16:21:55
Bamba snack quest is a cute point and click game of the type where you have to "clear a path" by setting up & moving the obstacles in your way just right. The story in this one is that you play a little baby who has had their snacks stolen by an evil squirrel. Your task is to get your snacks back. Currently there are 4 episodes available, but you'll have to unlock them one by one to play, with another 5 coming up between now and the beginning of December.
It's in Hebrew, but the game itself is language free so it doesn't stop you playing. Just remember to read right to left when selecting the level you want to play.

Have fun!!

Play here (http://www.bamba.co.il/quest/)

Click HERE (http://www.gamershood.com/forum/showthread.php?t=11078) For A Walkthrough!!


PS - Bamba is my most favourite snack :D

11-01-2007, 17:02:38
Really cute game!!!

11-01-2007, 17:19:18
cool little game....it's wild the baby looks exactly like this little boy that's friends with my son

11-01-2007, 17:23:47
great game :) I'm stuck in the middle of the ocean

Eternal Becky
11-01-2007, 17:43:16
What have you tried so far Hanfgarn?

Ohh by the way I have already finished the game. It was a cute game :)

Episode 4 walkthrough

~ Click on the oyster and get the pearl.
~ Throw the pearl on the shell to the right.
~ The crab will go to the other shell.
~ back to the big rock and get another pearl.
~ Throw the pearl on the rock where the star fishes are.
~ Get the bottle.
~ Jump back on the big rock.
~ Jump on the middle right rock.
~ Click on the shell and he will put the bottle instead of the shell on the rock.
~ Go back to the big rock and get another pearl. Throw the peral on the shell and the crab will go inside the bottle.
~ Jump again on the middle rock and get the stick with string that is by the rock.
~ He will take the fishing rod. Now click on the bottle and he will attach them together.
~ On the left side of the screen there is a whale. Click on the whale.
To be continued

11-01-2007, 22:07:43
how the hell do i get across the road in ep 1?

11-01-2007, 22:11:04
what have you done so far Kira?

Eternal Becky
11-01-2007, 22:19:16
Episode 1 walkthrough

~ Click on the right branch of the tree and get it.
~ Now click on the bee and it will distract the painter.
~ Click on the red paint that is beside him.
~ Now take an orange from the cart and dip it in the red paint.
~ Click on the left branch and he will throw the now red orange on the signal.
~ Cross the road.

Episode 2 walkthrough
~ Click on the tool box and get the cutter.
~ Click on the hedge behind Bamba baby.
~ Click on the wooden crate and he will move it.
~ Now click on the crate and he will go inside the crane.
~ Click on the windshield and see what you need to do to move the crane up and down.
~ Set the three levers according to the down sign and push the green button. The crane will go down.
~ Go out and put the lid of the manhole on the hook of the crane.
~ Go back inside the crane and set the levers according to the up sign.
~ Push the green button and the lid will come up.
~ Go out and click on the manhole. But he can't go inside.
~ Turn the tap and the water will stop.
~ Get the hose.

Episode 3 walkthrough
~ Take the wheel and put it in place near the pipes.
~ Arrange the pipes and turn the wheel.
~ The water will come up. Now you need to cross.
~ Get the plant that is near Bamba babys foot.
~ Click on the turtle and he will throw the leaves in the water.
~ The turtle will move and you can jump on him now and cross. But before that take the wheel back.
~ Now click on the turtle and go to the other side.
~ Put the wheel on the wall and turn it.
~ The fan will turn on, and the key will come up.
~ Get the key, and click on the lock.

Post # 5 contains the walkthrough for Episode 4. Hope the walkthrough helps.

11-01-2007, 23:43:54
that was a cute game.

11-02-2007, 02:07:28
Cute game, he looks abit like the baby in the Fairy Liquid adverts!

11-02-2007, 02:09:05
I can't get the bottle in episode 4

oh nvm got it

11-02-2007, 02:16:36
Ah, the solution for the crane was on the windshield. Doh! I brute forced that one (only 27 combinations, and I got both in less than half that).

Anyway, cute game. Not very hard, but wouldn't really expect it to be ;)

11-06-2007, 21:36:16
THERE IS ONE MORE EPISODE NOW!!!!! He is soooooo cute!!!

Eternal Becky
11-06-2007, 23:13:03
Ohh I totally forgot :D thanks for informing Millie :)

Episode 5
This is what I have done so far
Got the axe and placed it on the rock. Clicked on the Racoon and he threw a coconut on the axe.

And now stuck.

Done without any help :D Great episode. Wating for the next one :)

And here is the walkthrough for episode 5
~ Get the pickaxe and place it on the rock.
~ Click on the racoon and he will climb the coconut tree and throw a coconut.
~ The coconut will fall on the axe and break into two pieces.
~ Click on the chicken leg that in the pot and a parrot will come and take it away. Ohh he is eating the chicken...ahh nevermind..
~ Click on the hole that is near the pot. The bamba baby will get something out of the hole. Throw that in the pot.
~ Ha..you scared the parrot. Good job, now get the feather.
~ Click on the snake and tickle it. Don't do this in real life.
~ The snake is now on the right tree.
~ Click on the hole again and get the, whatever it is. Looks like a food item cause if you give it to the racoon he will eat it. So take the food item from the hole.
~ Now you need quick timing here.
~ Throw the food item in the pot.
~ The parrot will go on the left tree.
~ Quickly click on the racoon and he will scare the parrot and the parrot will throw the bone.
~ Get the bone and the coconut.
~ Ohh cool, thats an amazing hat.
~ Click on the caveman.

11-07-2007, 06:48:44
cool little game....it's wild the baby looks exactly like this little boy that's friends with my son

dude, this guy is not just any baby XD anybody here in Israel recognizes him immediatly as "bamba boy". he is one of the most loved snack mascots here in israel :D

11-07-2007, 07:40:33
ahh cute game

Eternal Becky
11-07-2007, 14:48:49
dude, this guy is not just any baby XD anybody here in Israel recognizes him immediatly as "bamba boy". he is one of the most loved snack mascots here in israel :D

Ohh yeah it is Firen ;) Can't wait for the next episode. I am gonna be ready with my bamba snack :D

11-07-2007, 18:19:37
This game is super adorable....for me it was just the right level of difficulty...not frustrating, no banging my head against the wall...these are my favourite types of games....can't wait for the next levels to come out!!!!

11-08-2007, 17:47:38
cute game

11-08-2007, 17:57:50
Yeah a new level... I liked that one too... This is the best game ever.... it really is soooo cute and enetertaining at the same time!!

11-11-2007, 20:42:14
Episode 6 is out! A difficult one, hardest so far.

11-11-2007, 23:22:46
this game makes me mad.
I think I am going to give up on it.

11-12-2007, 04:17:24
I enjoy any game that makes me laugh and I certainly did when I made my little aborigine hat to get past ooga booga man.

I then finished the level with buddha and the green gem.

I guess that was the last level....for now.

Great game, thanks Becky

11-12-2007, 14:58:31
nice game! just :kngt:finished episode 6! a bit tricky but a lot of fun!!!

11-13-2007, 23:40:31
i don´t get through the last lvl...i think it´s 6 ^.^ any hints?
i don´t know what to do :/

11-13-2007, 23:41:58
okay nm^^

11-16-2007, 11:17:19
i need help with level 6 also...............please please please

NM.....finished it after a lot of trying...you need to give the green jewel (gem) to the budda then click on the spider to play around with the white triangles (jewel) ...you will eventually get it
gl all...

11-18-2007, 17:45:28
Episode 7 is out. You must get the worm.

11-23-2007, 18:52:33
Lovely game can't wait for the rest last 2

11-25-2007, 03:39:28
I'm on lvl 7 and no one about. I think my 3rd child spoke Hebrew for a while - but since I don't understand it, he learned English - only way to request a cookie!
The worm does like music! Finished levels now up.

11-25-2007, 16:48:05
find the combination of the fungi(?)

11-26-2007, 10:38:55
hi you all
i'm playing here for a while and was very proud to find this game since it is in hebrew-(i am from israel)
i finished this cute game - there is no language barrier- so good luck and keep this lovely sight going

11-26-2007, 11:06:54
done latest level, easiest one yet.

11-28-2007, 17:19:57
does any one know what to do with the washing machine?

11-28-2007, 20:24:06
Ultimately, you need to

Wash the towel that you used to stop the spikes. You also need detergent and something to add heat to the fire first though.

11-28-2007, 23:18:04
OH, i'm so glad the new ones are out this game is so cute.

12-01-2007, 11:05:07
Ultimately, you need to

Wash the towel that you used to stop the spikes. You also need detergent and something to add heat to the fire first though.

I am out my only mistake was the jumping.

12-01-2007, 22:13:57
Ein Kmo Bamba!!

and if you don't understand that, you probably shouldn't have... :)

Eternal Becky
12-01-2007, 22:40:16
I just can't seem to solve 6 :sad: Stuck with the crystal part.

Ani itkah ;) *Opens another packet of bamba snack*

12-02-2007, 13:26:07
I just can't seem to solve 6 :sad: Stuck with the crystal part.

Ani itkah ;) *Opens another packet of bamba snack*

try to move the crystal so they will point to something in the room.

i have problem at the last one. i have only the red crystal in the right place, and i also got a key.

try to move the crystal so they will point to something in the room.

i have problem at the last one. i have only the red crystal in the right place, and i also got a key.

never mind i am out: i am enjoying Bamba song.:poze:

12-02-2007, 16:57:01
Episode 9 is out. The giant appears not to like spicy food. Combine the diamonds to get out.

12-03-2007, 02:01:50
hmmm this one is a little bit trickier

Edit: out cute game, want more now though!!

12-03-2007, 11:35:30
hmmm this one is a little bit trickier

Edit: out cute game, want more now though!!

I want more episodes.

12-04-2007, 13:01:47
how do u get the blue diamond?
nvm i finished. cool song too.
prbly the best point 'n click game ive played.

12-04-2007, 13:41:24
how did you get blue diamond? spydude, please help me im going nutty!

12-04-2007, 18:22:47
hmm.. i can't get the blue diamond and i cant see where the last diamond is, i have red and yellow.

12-04-2007, 18:40:45
Click on yellow diamond ,mouse will take it.
Click on red diamond and put it in the wall behind you. Slide it over and the button will turn red. Push it and the chees will come down.
Give cheese to mouse and take yellow diamond.
Put in wall and now button will be orange. Push it. Get key from rug under giant and put on hook. Push button again.
Ckick on cone under clock and then click on blue diamond.
Use yellow and Blue to make green and push, onions will move.
Use Blue and red to make purple and peppers will come out. Giant will put them in pot and leave.
Click on last diamond and put it in the wall.
Use red and white diamond. Click button then rope and you are out.

12-05-2007, 21:42:53
oh, thanks, i don't know what i was doing wrong before, but oh well. once i got the blue diamond the rest was pretty easy, now i wish there was more to play.

12-11-2007, 16:25:25
More! More! More!

12-30-2007, 08:01:58
Cute Game ;] x

I Was Stuck At The Dimonds On Episode ... 6 I Think It Is ? Hmm .. I Was Stuck At It For Ages ! But I Pointed It To The Door And Clikced The DOor And The green Dimond Fell Down And The .. Thing In The Ground Took It Now I Dno what To Do ?

Someone Help please x

Edit: I Have Shun The Dimons Onto the Thing And Got The Dimond And Put It On The ... statue Now What x

Edit 2 : I Woke HEr Up By Shinin Light On Dimond

01-07-2008, 10:13:06
i cant figure out part of lvl6 where u have to move the shellls

03-16-2008, 23:10:16
stuck on lvl 7 HELP!!!!

06-05-2008, 15:20:34
aww... yay! im just after playing the second one and theres another one here yayness mucho love eternal becky :group-hug:

Finished!! yeeh...nea...nea....nea...la bamba...! hehe

Eternal Becky
06-05-2008, 17:47:25
Finally have completed it :o YAY :leb: I love Bamba :D Amazing game.

06-08-2008, 15:57:31
Won't load... all I can see is a white about blank..and when I refresh nothing happens.

Eternal Becky
06-08-2008, 17:31:10
@ Stucker
It is the same with me. I have tried Firefox and IE. The game does not load. The main site seems to be working fine though.

old biker
06-24-2008, 21:48:26
must have missed this one ,just great game
(without walktrough probebly a dayjob to get out)
thanks becky :wink:

07-28-2008, 01:30:22
Who wants a walkthrough?

Scene 1:

.Click the tree branch on the right to make it fall off
.Click the fallen branch to pick it up.
.Click the bee to distract the painter, then quickly click the red paint can next to him
.Grab an orange from the cart and dip it in the red paint
.Click on the left tree branch to fling the orange at the green light and turn it red.
.Click the road to cross

Scene 2:

.Click the toolbox to find a pair of hedge clippers
.Click the clippers to pick them up
.Click the nearby bush to clip it
.Push the crate you find over to the crane
.Get in the crane control
.Click the windshield to wipe it and reveal the up and down combinations in the top right corner: 1.left 2.middle 3.right=UP 1.middle 2.left 3.left=Down
.Use the down combination to move the crane hook down
.Get out of the crane
.Click on the hook to hook it to the manhole cover
.Get back in the crane control
.Use the up combination to lift the hook up with the manhole cover
.Get back out of the crane
.Click the hose valve to turn it off
.When the man drops the hose nozzle, pick it up

Scene 3:

.Pick up the handle on the ground
.Click on the gray valve on the wall to put the handle on
.This next bit is a puzzle: if you click on one of the pipes it will rotate clockwise. What you need to do is rotate them all so that they make a complete path, with no pipes left out, from the red horizantal pipe at the top of the screen, to the golden curved pipe at the bottom of the screen
.When you finish the pipe puzzle, click the valve on the wall to turn it and fill the gap with water
.Click the vegetation below Bamba Boy to pick it up
.Click on the turtle to throw the vegetation into the water
.Take the handle off the wall
.Click the turtle to jump across to the other side
.Click the valve on this wall to put the handle on
.Turn the handle to turn on the under water fan and make the key rise to the top
.Pick up the key and use it to open the lock

Part 2 coming very, very, soon

Scene 4:

.Click the oyster to open it up, then pick up the pearl inside
.Throw the pearl at the left shell on the small mound of sand
.Open up the oyster and get another pearl
.Toss the new pearl at the rock with the starfish on it to make them sink into the water, then hop onto their rock before they climb back up
.Get the bottle in the water
.Climb back onto te main island, then hop to the small island near the two shells
.Click the left shell to swap it with the bottle
.Hop back to the main island, open the oyster, and get another pearl
.Throw the final pearl at the shell on the right
.Jump to the small island near the shell and bottle
.Grab the bottle, then click on the piece of wood with string floating nearby to combine them
.Click on the nearby whale

Scene 5:

.Pick up the axe and put it on the rock
.Click on the lemur, who will climb up the tree and drop a coconut on the axe, breaking the coconut in half
.Click on the meat in the stew-hey a parrot took it!
.Reach into the nearby hole and pull out a spicy thing
.Throw the spicy thing into the stew to scare the parrot
.Grab the feather that the parrot dropped and use it to tickle the snake on the tree to make it move to the other tree
.Reach into the hole again and pull out another spicy thing
.Again, throw it into the stew, but then quickly click on the lemur to make him climb up the tree and make the parrot drop the bone
.Pick up the bone and the coconut half to combine them and make a hat
.Click on the big cave dude to get him to let you into the cave

Scene 6:

.For this puzzle, you have to put each of the eight shells in the right places. All you have to do is watch the skulls at the top, because when a shell is put in it's proper place, one of the skulls will start glowing. When you put them all in the right places, all the skulls will glow, and the door will open
.Click the gem in the door.It will fall and a tentacle will grab it
.For this puzzle, you must click the spider to emit a beam of light and turn the triangles so they continue the beam. To win, you have to make the beam hit the tentacle.
.When you win, pick up the gem and put it on the statue
.For the final bit, you must play the light beam game again, except this time you have to make it hit the gem
.When you beam the gem and "awaken" the statue, click the stairs that appear to continue

Part three coming now

Scene 7:

.Click the mushrooms in this order to play the Bamba jingle Using the top three mushrooms on the left, the order is: middle, top, top, top, middle, bottom
.Click the frayed bit of vine near you
.Wait for the fly to put the caterpillar in the plant
.Click the creature's mouth, then quickly click the plant.
.Click the key, then the door- it doesn't reach
.Jump on the creature's mouth to break the chain
.Put the key in the door to continue

Scene 8:

.Take the towel off the pipe and put it in the basket. The tentacle will put it in the (dirty farbric disposal???!!!) and jam it up.
.Go over to the chest
.To open the chest, click each of the open spaces on each of the wheels one by one as they each reach the position when they are facing straight up, but if you click at a wrong time, all the spaces on that wheel will start start up again, so be careful
.When they are all facing up, click on each of the pins
.Grab the detergant and bring it to the other side by click ing the disposal
.Click the yellow button on the machine to open it, then pour in the detergant
.Click the red button to open the fuel chamber, then throw in the hairbrush on the floor
.Take the towel out of the disposal and put it in the machine
.Close the machine with the yellow button and press the green one to clean the towel
.Take the towel out and click the basket

Final scene

.Take the red gem and put it in the top socket near the cord-thing
.Click the yellow gem-hey, a mouse stole it
.Click the socket with the red gem in it, then click the big orb on the wall
.Take the cheese that comes down and put it by the mousehole
.Take the yellow gem out of the hole and put it in the second socket in the wall
.Click the socket with the yellow gem in it and push the orb again
.Click the near corner of the rug, take the key, and put it on the orange hook
.Click the orb again to free the squirrel
.Click the cone under the clock, then click the blue
gem that pops out and put it in the third socket
.Move the red socket out and the blue one in, then click the orb to move the garlic
.Move the yellow socket out and the red one in, then push the orb to put chili peppers in its place
.The guy will put the peppers in his soup, taste it, and run away for some water
.Take the white diamond from the window and put it in the final socket
.Move the blue socket out and the white one in, then push the orb
.Click the rope and watch the ending

So sorry for all those posts, I wasn't a full member and the edit button was missing, and btw I will put up another walkthrough for Bamba Snack Quest 2 so keep an eye out for that!

07-28-2008, 09:13:29
You can look at this thread here:


The EDIT button is in the bottom right corner of your post. :)

07-28-2008, 13:12:19
I passed it, it's easy... Hey, one question, Whats a Bamba?? Some snacks?? Are they good??


08-03-2008, 00:28:40
Yes, they are snacks but I haven't tasted them