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02-15-2006, 21:21:13


Beautiful point and click game.

02-15-2006, 21:46:40
Level 1
1. Click the fisherman and he pulls up a bottle.
2. Click the fisherman again and he catches a fish and puts the fishing pole down.
3. Click the bottle and pole.
4. Click the ice wall the cog is behind.

02-15-2006, 21:48:40
Anyone know what to do on level 5?

02-15-2006, 21:51:46
Level 2
1. Click the red handle thingy on the left side of the fish statue.
2. Click the little red stocking.
3. Click the wind up elephant
4. Click the wind up mouse, then click it again when it's on the ground.
5. Click the Brown mountain that the cog is on.
6. Click the red handle again.
7. Click the little brown tree ornament and then click the mountain again.
8. Click the little ice platforms

@Fridge which one is 5

02-15-2006, 21:58:22
The one after the boat level, i just keep clicking on flowers but they float away and then grow back! Can't figure it out :o(

02-15-2006, 22:01:14
Yeah keep clicking them and sooner or later a guy comes out of the door.

02-15-2006, 22:06:00
where's the rendeer?!

02-15-2006, 22:06:10
How do you find the reindeer?

02-15-2006, 22:16:28
take the first plank of the fence and hit the apples

02-15-2006, 22:29:49
Nice and easy!

02-15-2006, 22:32:33
in the rendeer episope i made that round things hop on top of each other and now i'm stuck....

02-15-2006, 22:33:05
so wait, are there 2 cogs on the second level as well?
cause on the third you can get 2 if you do it right, otherwise you just get 1

02-15-2006, 22:41:38
there are 10 cogs, i missed 3

02-15-2006, 22:42:16
I click on the flowers but nothing happens...?!?!

02-15-2006, 22:51:50
Click On The Browny Thing In The Top Left Hand Corner

02-15-2006, 22:55:36
iv been clicking the flowers for ages and nothing is happening

02-15-2006, 22:55:39
got it :)

02-15-2006, 23:22:22
how do u get all of the cogs? i got 6 of them, and it said to go back and find them all! HELP! :(

totally stuck
02-15-2006, 23:27:46
how do u get past the level where u click the flowers? i clicked them for ages and nothing happened

02-15-2006, 23:31:21
ok, i have 6 cogs from the first, second and third levels now! don't worry people, i think i've worked it out!

keep clicking them, but u have to click them quickly i think

dam it! i found 9, but i'm still one missing!

totally stuck
02-15-2006, 23:38:37
i still cant get past this flowers level its so annoyin

yay! got it eventually!!

02-15-2006, 23:41:06
what do u do once the man comes out the house? how do u find the reindeer?

02-15-2006, 23:43:22
Are there 2 on 3rd level? spice ship

02-15-2006, 23:46:24
on the spice ship there is another cog at the top of the sails

02-15-2006, 23:47:31
wot levels have 3 cogs? i've found the three on the last level (the reindeer one), but which other level? is it the one with the shops and the tree? HELP! :s

02-15-2006, 23:53:29
i found 3 cogs on the level with the shops, when u have climbed to the top step click the brown thing above the big cog and then scare away the bird

where were the 3 on the last level?i only got 2

I got them all!!!!!!!

02-16-2006, 00:03:03
How do you get to the top of the sail?

where were the 3 on the last level?i only got 2
When you float to the left with the flower click on the other flowers that are left.

02-16-2006, 00:07:54
how many cogs are there on first level with fisherman, I only got one.

02-16-2006, 00:09:58
There are 2 with the fisherman. The fisherman gets you one and then you have to melt some ice to get the other.
How do you get to the top of the sail????

02-16-2006, 00:10:28
ok now I got two.

I don't know. Do know you get one from stall man with elephant and mouse, he makes them both work and they collide and you get one there.

02-16-2006, 00:14:50
yay! i got all 10! thanx for the tips ppl!

02-16-2006, 00:15:36
So is it just the two in the town with the fountain???

Sorry, re-read previous there are three there.

But I still didn't get them, only two.

I get the distinct feeling I'm on my own here!!!!

02-16-2006, 00:31:18
I'm still missing one cog.

Level one - fisherman, cave
Level two - mouse/elephant, bird, tree
Level three - top of the sails, machine
Level four - flowers, "medal"

Where is the other cog?

02-16-2006, 00:37:08
No idea!!! I still can't get to the top of the sails on previous!!! :'(

do you go to the top of the sails before you get the engine working?

02-16-2006, 00:43:27
No idea!!! I still can't get to the top of the sails on previous!!! :'(

Talk to the woman, she'll ask you to help her fix her ship.
Click on the round window to the left of where she's standing. You'll go inside the control room and be shown four levers.
Operate the levers in this order:

The door to the right will open, she'll go inside.
Click on the box marked "fragile" three times. This will reveal a red lever.
Now your character will move over to the platform. Pull the lever with the black handle with your character, then the lever with the red handle with her.

02-16-2006, 00:47:22
Thanx, you're a star, I was about to give up. So where I'm up to she has come back up, so I'll have to start again, cos I'm guessing you have to do it while she's downstairs. I'm not usually this thick, just had a real long day!!!! honest.

02-16-2006, 00:50:42
Ah hah, found the last one. Have to click those second balloon flowers from left to right, it seems. Hooray.

02-16-2006, 00:52:32
ok am at the reindeer bit, shifted flowers from door. went over river and climbed and got cog. passed flowers and got cog and then medal cog, so just got to master the sail bit on previous!!!! god i'm tired.

Hooray, you can all do the "first", "second", "third" bit, but me I'M LAST!!!!! and I'm going to bed. Night all and Thank you whoever you are who saved my sanity. XXX

02-16-2006, 01:03:51
Major hint for these P&C (point & click) games and how I found all of this: hit the tab button to see what is clickable. Not cheating, just using all of your resources.

level one:
2 cogs: after you capture the fireflies in the jar, click on the fisherman and he'll pull a cog up from the lake, then click on the cog behind the ice wall.

level two:
3 cogs:
click on the two toys on either side of the tall person on the right. He will wind them up and let them go so they collide and a cog will be set free.
then click the lever to make the ice steps and decorate the tree in turns.
Climb the ice steps and at the top step click the red pipe above the red door that is over the cog atop the tree. You will jump to reveal a bird in a nest. Click the bird to scare it and get another cog. You should have 5 total now.

level three:
2 cogs:
First get your player into the cabin with the four switches, but throw them in 1, 2, 4, 3 order to open the right hatch. She will go down the hatch. Click on the "Fragile" crate three times to push crate and reveal a hidden switch. Your player will come out and step next to the switch on the deck. Click on that deck switch, then click on the hidden switch next to the woman below deck and the platform will raise all the way up to the crow's nest to get a cog. throw platform switch to come back down. everything will reset.
now hit the four switches in 2,4,1,3 order to get the second cog and fly off on the carpet. You should have 7 total now.

level four:
3 cogs:
quickly click the five flowers in front of the door so they are all gone at once and talk to the man. then get the first picket from the fence. hit the apples on the roof in 2,4,1,3 order to reveal the reindeer. click on the red and white ivy drapes in back of the house to reveal the garden of flowers and approach the garden. FIRST, CLICK THE FLOWER ON THE EXTREME RIGHT. It will carry you over to the left with the weird black rock animals. Click them in order (only one way to do it) so they stack upon each other. click on the rust-colored overhanging branch in the upper left corner of the game window to climb up and get the cog. BEFORE YOU CLICK ON YOU PERSONAL FLOWER, CLICK ON THE FIRST THREE OF THE REMAINING FLOWERS IN THE GARDEN TO GET THE NEXT COG. Click on your personal floating flower and you will float to the reindeer and so will the man who will reward you with your final cog.

Good news: You got em all.
Bad news: So frickin what?

This is a given, but:
After you get the cog from the bird's nest, click the tree-topping cog. THEN you should have 5 total.

02-16-2006, 09:37:32
omg ive played this millions of times before.
o if u want any help u could ask me

02-16-2006, 21:21:54
very cute game , managed to find 6 cogs, cant be bothered playing again to find all of them lol

04-09-2006, 17:13:10
I have to agree with Schmurr - 'now you have'em all, so friggin' what?' - but, WAY cool graphics.....

04-09-2006, 22:41:09
Anyone get this game?
Or can read Japanese? :hmm:

jimmy two shoes
04-28-2006, 17:16:47
ok tell me other point and click games i forgt my username so emil <<deleted email>>

06-13-2006, 02:42:04
I can get the guy out of the house but i dont know what to do after. Can u help me?

06-13-2006, 22:01:39
For some reason the music keeps stopping and starting, but the sound effects are fine. is there any way to fix this?

09-26-2006, 04:16:52
that was cool...dug this one...got them all no help..;)