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11-07-2007, 13:45:35
Hello there and welcome to the first greek movie posted in here. The link below guides you to an old greek movie with english subtitles for first time. The translation is not the best and they haven't translate some words of sentenses. They also had translated some English words which it was a bit funny (e.g. the actro says good bye and it is been translated as see you later ((I don't rememberexactly the words)) ).

Most of those characters were the best actor/ess Greece had ever had. I am not get bored to watch old movies (as they have nice language, dialoges, and the way ppl moviend and reacting is amazing) which are way better than the new movies (it is rare I see a new Greek movie). Mina's Father (the bold guy) is my fav actor ever. I wish they were still alive to make more movies like that.

If you have time and you would like to see it please visit the movie site :wink:
Hope you like it. It is good for the first effort some ppl do to promote Greek movies to other countries