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11-09-2007, 01:06:07
Has anyone else here watched the youtube/homemadeish videos called lonelygirl15?? OMG Its sooo Addicting! Theres like 344 videos each about a minute to 3 minutes long. It starts off kinda slow but I grows on ya! Trustt me Its really good!! It seems like just a normal girl bloggin..but oh man there is soo much that happens! Im not even done it yet. But Im getting there!

Heres the link - http://www.lg15.com (and click the lonelygirl15 button of course!)

Just click START HERE at the bottom and its smooth sailing from there!

01-19-2008, 21:48:45
It's so weird that some people actualy believe lonelygirl15's story is real. :P
Do you Mcakkay?

01-20-2008, 20:31:52
No..when I first saw it it was in another video on youtube and they were talking about it being fake...I got curious and started watching it. I am obsessed now!! I finally caught up and I check it everyday..Its basically a tv show on the internet!

01-20-2008, 21:10:29
That's how I started aswell. But I watched only one video if hers! I hear she died and they replaced her, with a new girl? :?

01-21-2008, 21:52:04
OMG you def should go back and watch all the ones with bree in it..They are way better. They also make the rest make sense:P How many have you watched??

Ya theres new girl(s).

01-22-2008, 21:40:10
I watched only ONE! :haha: The one where they break into Bree's house or whatever and take something, and there's this loud alarm turned on. :haha: Do you recall that one?

01-23-2008, 04:46:24
umm..theres a lot like that and 407 videos so...yaaa..sorry i dont rememebr that one from that description.

Honesty keep watching..watch from the beginning and keep going..i took me a couple of days/weeks/about 2 months:P to get through them!! But I lovee it!!!!

01-23-2008, 12:17:49
407? :o So, I have to watch 406 videos? That's way too much for me. :haha:

01-23-2008, 19:41:31
Trust me, Its worth it. Plus they are only about a minute to 4 minutes each, mosrt are about 2 mins. Some people say it takes them a day or two..it took me a while because I would read comments and get sidetracked...as I usually do:$ lol.

There was just a live event! I was so cool people got to go out and meet the boys. They were being chased by the bad people! It was intense!!

07-05-2008, 06:28:53
Hey I have started watching Lonely girl because they way you were going on and on about how good it is,i got interested.
I don't yet know whether i like it or not but will tell later.

07-06-2008, 01:32:48
oh cool! Right now its kinda getting slow..but it will pick up..hopefully lol

07-06-2008, 16:25:53
Man honestly LH15 sucks.
I watched a couple of videos and did some research.
And I couldn't watch them anymore.
Ok yeah Bree is very cute and has a great personality and as long as she was alive I wouldn't mind watching it but I found out she is gonna die very soon.
And I checked out a couple of videos randomly after that and they all just suck.
The plot isn't pretty good either.
Plus the fact this is fake just twisted my mind enough.

07-06-2008, 17:51:39
way to give the entire plot away..

07-06-2008, 23:49:07
Oops, Do you want me to remove it?
I can edit it out....

07-07-2008, 02:43:15
i would be nice but i dont think anyone comes into this thread so..whatever..this whole thing could probably be deleted