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11-21-2007, 05:27:53
Hi everyone. I would like to introduce a game to GH Forum that you may have seen or played. For GH Forum I will call it Name in Common. You begin with a famous person whose last name is the first name of the next. For example Elton John Lennon. That is a score of 2. You can fudge a little with the spelling for example Jim Carey Grant is allowable because it sounds fine when you say it out loud. I can continue that chain to Jim Carey Grant Wood for a score of 3.

I suspect there will be some questions and challenges so check back for rules amends.

Hope you enjoy and have fun with it and let's see how long of a chain can be achieved.

Players post their Names in Common chain from beginning to end. The next poster would come up with a completely different list. So if I posted this...

Sinclair Lewis Carroll Alt

Alt would in effect kill the chain since it is not a common first name.

The next poster might get a longer one..

Denise Richard(s) Thomas Paine(Payne) Stewart

Plurals can be dropped if needed.

Now, let's see who can get the longest chain!!!

11-22-2007, 10:58:45
Lorne Michael(s) Douglas Fairbanks

(Okay...so I don't know that many famous people's names. :P)

11-22-2007, 17:06:02
Lenny Bruce Lee Grant Wood

11-23-2007, 01:39:06
Wade William(s) Joseph Barbera Streisand

11-23-2007, 11:21:03
Jon Stewart (Stuart) Little John Wayne Brady

I cheated a little since I used a cartoon mouse and a stage name

11-23-2007, 17:43:06
Thats the spirit Jack, get creative.

Bernadette Peter(s) Lorre(Laurie) Metcalf.

11-30-2008, 15:39:35
Ok i will get this going again

Meg Ryan Phillip Leslie Marsh(ell) Bruce Lee Ryan Reynolds Jones


11-30-2008, 17:03:45
Joan Collin(s) (colin) hank(s) William(s) Taylor Rain

11-30-2008, 18:33:28
Wow this is an old thread. I thought this one was funny...

Billy Jack Benny Hill Billy Jack Benny Hill Billy Jack....infinity!

12-01-2008, 16:33:33
Joe Black Jack hill billy joe.... Infinity

11-03-2009, 00:16:23
can we do last names?
also does it have to be a person? (place, thing?)

Some short chains

George Harrison Ford
George Michael Jack (son) Sparrow
Anne Frank Sinatra