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12-19-2007, 17:23:02
This is a funny online tool with which you can create your own little game.
Choose tools from the left in order to draw your scenery and add contents. Also here you can start your little game.
On the right, you can choose the topic and vehicle, as well as other controls (delete, save etc.)
Have fun :)

Play Here (http://www.onemorelevel.com/games.php?game=622)


12-19-2007, 21:23:28
Funny! :haha: My dude keeps falling off the line :P

12-19-2007, 21:24:39
Lol :haha:
And my balloon often flew away in the wrong way, or just exploded :P

point click man
01-15-2008, 02:56:20
this is an awsome game i cant believe it doesnt have more posts

01-15-2008, 04:40:47
this is like line rider ;) the popular game that people try to beat each other by using a hypercam and posting there results on www.youtube.com

01-15-2008, 14:54:28
wow this is better then the first. although you forgot something mystery. you forgot to say the difficulty selection Easy Medium Hard and Impossible.

This ones medium cause of gravity. collect star at end.

-18 1i 18 1i,-5c -8r 93 -8r,3o 19 d7 1a,d6 1a vh cn,ra -3b 1in ck,14v fv 24v 169,22e qu 2kl qt,2eb 16d 36j 16a##T 34c 15c,G 2hq q6 5g,G 2hc qa 5i,G 2gi qd 5i,G 228 14c 16,G 21r 142 17,G 21a 13j 19,G 1eq 9j 6v,G 1e8 97 6t,G 1dn 8q 71,G oj 8v 1b,G p3 93 1b,G oc 8e 1c,G 7c -90 5k,G 6t -8r 5k,G 82 -8o 5j,G -a 19 b8,G -13 1d 0,G q 17 b7

Mistery: Can you turn the balloon to the left not the right?

01-15-2008, 16:58:24
I would rate mine...em...maybe......medium?:shy:
-18 1i 18 1i,15 1f 23 1g 30 1g 40 1g 4v 1h 61 1s 73 2e 86 35 9k 3v at 4i c8 53 do 5h f7 5m g7 5t ha 5t ic 5l ja 55 k3 4a km 3b l5 29 li 1a m4 f mr -6 nl -n op -15 qb -18 rq -12 tc -s uv -m 10i -j 127 -h 13p -e 14v -d 15r -9 15n j 15s 1l 161 2s 165 41 168 57 16h 6j 16v 81 17h 95 18g aa 19l b3 1b0 bt 1ce cl 1di d1 1ed cu 1f0 cc 1fs br 1h3 be 1ie bc 1jt bs 1le ch 1mm d2 1nv de 1pe dn 1qu du 1s6 dv 1tc du 1ui ds 1vr e1 21e e9 22s ef 24d ej 260 en 27l eq 29c eu 2b3 f1 2cs f4,2k6 90 2k7 a6 2k8 be 2k9 cq 2kd e5 2ko fl 2l8 h5 2lt ih 2ma jq 2lp l6 2kr mc 2ji nf 2ib oa 2h0 p1 2fc pi 2dg pq 2bi ps 29m pq 27v po 26c pl 24g pm 22f po 20b pr 1u8 q1 1s5 q9 1q2 ql 1nv r1 1lt rg 1jr s0 1hq sj 1fp t7 1do ts 1bn uh 19n v7 17m vo 15j 101 13v 107 12b 10d 10n 10k ui 10s st 10v ra 10u pd 10l,si 15h r5 15f pk 15e nr 15d m3 15b kc 15a ic 15b g8 15f e2 15l cf 15m ah 15l 8v 15h 7v 155 7q 141 84 12m 8k 11d 9a 105 a7 ur b9 tk cj sg e4 rg fk qe h2 p9 ig o2 jf mu j6 ll i2 kq ge km ec kl cg kr al la,sj 15i tc 15n ud 168 vf 16s 10h 17c 11k 17v 10s 18k 10t 19l 119 1ap 11s 1bq 12j 1d1 13a 1eb 13q 1fk,10s 1o2 129 1o9 13k 1oc 155 1oe 16t 1oh 18u 1oo 1ak 1ou 1ca 1p6 1e0 1pd 1fm 1pe 1hc 1pa 1iq 1p5 1k8 1p2 1lb 1p1 1m9 1os,1m7 1oq 1mk 1pl 1mt 1qp 1n7 1ru 1nl 1t9 1o5 1uj 1o1 1tl 1ns 1sn 1np 1rn 1nj 1qm 1nd 1pn 1n9 1ot 1of 1ot 1pv 1p7 1rl 1pg 1t8 1pl 1uu 1po 20m 1pp 22e 1pq,22f 1pp 23d 1po 24g 1pj 25k 1p9 274 1os 28k 1o4 29o 1mp 2a9 1ld 29l 1js 28n 1ic 275 1gt 25p 1fr 248 1en 22p 1di 214 1cf 1vd 1bf 1tl 1af 1s7 19b 1r8 17l 1r9 165 1rp 150 1sb 13q 1sg 12j 1rt 119 1r7 106 1ql vn 1q3 v0 1pi u5 1p0 tb 1og sk 1nu ru 1nc rc##T 1t2 1p7,T 1ej 1om,T in 14r,T 13t vm,T 2ab os,T 1k7 bj,T 126 -u,T 2a 14

It actually depends on the vehicle your using!:P (The black cube thing is pretty easy!:P)

I would say this one is...IMPOSSIBLE!:o (or IS it?!:hmm:)
-18 1i 18 1i,1s 3e 5k a,5k 0 26 -34 -5k -k 1i 3o,-18 5k au 6i bi 2g##T 2g 5a


This one depends on the vehicle!:P And there are alot of stars ...at the end!:D Oh and "Note to self" Writing with lines is HAARD!!!
-18 1i 18 1i 20 1l 2p 1o 3e 22 43 2i 4n 34 5b 3r 5v 4h 6k 5b 79 68 7s 76 8d 87 91 9c 9q ak al c0 bc d5 c6 ec d2 fk du gt er i7 fp jj go l0 hn mg io o2 jr pk l2 r7 mc sq ni u2 ou vc qh 10n s7 121 u0 13c vq 14m 11l 161 13j 17b 15h 18k 17f 19u 19h 1b7 1bi 1ch 1dk 1dq 1fp 1f2 1hv 1g8 1k8 1hb 1mj 1ib 1ot 1j8 1r6 1k2 1te 1km 1vi 1l1 21e 1l2 236 1ks 24t 1kl 26i 1kc 289 1k3 2a1 1js 2bu 1jo 2dr 1jl 2fn 1ji 2hk 1ji 2ji 1jj 2lg 1jo 2ne 1jv 2pb 1kb 2r8 1kn 2t4 1l5 2v1 1lo 30r 1me 32c 1nb 33a 1on 323 1pu 30h 1qr 2uq 1rq 2t2 1t3 2rd 1um 2pu 20i 2ol 22f 2nh 24e 2mg 26c 2lg 28b 2kh 2aa 2jq 2ca 2jc 2ef 2j5 2gl 2j5 2ir 2jb 2l1 2jo 2n6 2ka 2pc 2l6 2rj 2m7 2tr 2nc 303 2on 32b 2q7 34j 2ro 36r 2tb 392 2v1 3ba 30t 3df 331 3fg 35b 3ha 37j 3iu 39o 3k4 3bn 3kr 3di 3lb 3fb 3lm 3h0 3lo 3in 3ln 3kh 3ll 3me 3lj 3ob 3lg 3q7 3lc 3s3 3l7 3tu 3l1 3vp 3ks 41j 3kn 43d 3ki 45a 3kd 476 3k9 491 3k6 4at 3k1 4co 3jt 4em 3jq 4gp 3jn 4j0 3jk 4la 3jm 4nj 3jo 4pr 3jq 4s1 3jp 4tv 3jj 4vn 3j6 51c 3ij 52t 3ht 54a 3gt 55e 3fi 568 3du 570 3ca 57q 3an 58k 394 59h 37j 5ad 361 5bb 34h 5c9 330 5dd 31i 5ei 304 5fo 2um 5h2 2t9 5ih 2rv 5k2 2qm 5lm 2pf 5na 2o7 5ot 2n0 5qh 2lp,5t2 2lk 5u6 2mc 5vc 2nb 60j 2oc 61q 2pa 633 2qc 648 2rf 65a 2sh 66a 2tk 672 2ul 67o 2vm 68a 30k 690 31o 69u 32o 6b2 33q 6cc 34t 6dq 361 6fe 373 6h8 383 6j7 38p 6ld 390 6n2 38u 6on 38l 6qc 388 6s1 37o 6tl 378 6v7 36m 70r 364 72g 35i 745 351 75q 34h 77g 341 795 33h 7ar 332 7ch 32j 7e8 325 7fu 31m 7hk 318 7ja 30q 7l1 30d 7mn 2vv 7oc 2vi 7q2 2v5,7ee 39k 7fv 39k 7hf 39g 7j1 39c 7ki 399 7m0 396 7na 394 7ot 39b 7q5 39u 7re 3an 7so 3bk 7u7 3cf 7vt 3d6 81j 3du 83a 3ej 84u 3es 86d 3et 87l 3et,8fs 3ek 8f9 3fk 8eh 3gr 8dq 3i1 8d0 3jc 8c7 3kk 8b7 3lt 8a0 3n5 88n 3o7 875 3p2 85g 3pr 83j 3ql 81i 3rg 802 3s5 7uj 3sp 7sl 3tc 7qs 3tk 7pa 3tp 7o0 3tt 7ml 3u1 7lg 3u3 7ka 3tr,7ci 3qg 7cr 3ri 7db 3sm 7dm 3ts 7di 3v3 7dm 40e 7ec 41q 7fb 42u 7ge 440 7hj 459 7ih 46m 7ji 487 7km 49r 7m0 4bh 7n7 4cr 7od 4e5 7pu 4fg 7rq 4gq 7tv 4hu 807 4j0 82c 4jo 84d 4k9 86a 4kg 884 4kj 89s 4kn 8bi 4kr 8d8 4l1,8o0 4is 8nj 4kb 8n5 4ll 8mp 4n2 8mc 4oc 8m2 4po 8ln 4r6 8ks 4sk 8jg 4tt 8hk 4uq 8fv 4vd 8e5 500 8c8 50k 8a8 517 888 51o 868 528 849 52l 82c 52u 80i 532 7up 532 7t1 52u 7ra 52p,7d6 4tg 7dl 4um 7e7 508 7eo 51i 7fj 531 7h0 54i 7ia 55k 7jn 56j 7l3 57f 7mk 58e 7oa 59h 7q2 5an 7s0 5bu 7u2 5d2 806 5e1 82a 5en 84e 5f7 86e 5fl 88c 5g0 8a7 5g9 8bv 5ge 8di 5gf 8fb 5gb 8gq 5g6,8ka 5f8 8kq 5e3 8l2 5cj 8km 5b4 8k0 59g 8iv 57m 8i4 56a 8h6 555 8gc 54i 8fj 542 8el 53m 8do 538 8cv 52p 8ca 52d 8bp 521 8bb 51l,8gg 5g8 8h9 5g8 8i3 5g1 8ir 5fn 8jh 5ff 8k7 5f5 8km 5ek 8ku 5dt,5cq 3dc 6ck 3d3#99 -7 99 6p,99 2i bs 2i,bp -o bu 6n,fp -9 cg -2 cg 6i fr 6i,cd 2s fu 2q,h8 -10 h8 6f l8 6f,la -2n ln 6n q8 6p,va -23 r6 -25 rg 6f vh 6f v7 -28,f2 f7 mi pu,oc n4 o4 se kr q5,169 148 1ai 17m,18c 161 166 17m,1bo 185 187 19s,1dc 19f 1a8 1b6,1ab 190 1bq 1ad,1f3 1an 1cj 1bv,1h2 1cc 1g4 1be 1es 1bv 1fl 1cj 1ek 1da 1df 1c9,1ho 1cj 1hj 1f1 1if 1ek 1ik 1fg 1kl 1d5,1ji 1fv 1mc 1dm 1lb 1gg,1lo 1f6 1ki 1eu,1ps 1f8 1ll 1he,1nf 1g6 1n2 1e3,31i 1vt 376 1op,373 1op 376 1vo,36u 1sk 32v 1rt,397 1vt 3cd 1oa 3e9 20j,3d9 1t0 39e 1t0,3gn 20r 3fl 1sm,3gk 20a 3io 1pl,3io 1pl 3kk 210,3kf 1ub 3fc 1u3,2rp 2el 339 249,339 249 313 2f2,326 2b0 2qt 281,32i 2ej 39e 257 38o 2g5,3b8 2ci 33v 2ae,3b8 2ft 3j4 257 3jt 2hd,3m8 2d3 3au 2ah,2uv 35u 357 2l2 35u 36g,39m 2vp 2r5 2uc,49p 3j2 49d 3gg 47e 3er,49f 3gb 4ab 3ef,4cr 3hv 4bb 3hq 4bb 3it 4cj 3it 4ch 3ht,4dc 3gs 4dc 3j2 4en 3j2 4ek 3gn,4h7 3gq 4fd 3gq 4fl 3j2,4hh 3hv 4ik 3hv,4im 3hv 4if 3gn 4hj 3gn 4hh 3it 4im 3ir,4l9 3ij 4n5 3bi 4ou 3j2,4pv 3gg 4kl 3fk,4ps 3ai 4q4 3ie 4sp 3ij,4u6 3ij 4tk 3ak,4v1 3bs 504 3hq 515 3bg,55c 3b3 52k 3bs 52s 3g1 54v 3er,536 3dt 54l 3d2,7pm 33c 7pm 37o,7pm 33c 7s6 33c 7t4 34u 7t4 37e 7sg 38c 7q0 38c 7q0 37e,7uc 32o 7uc 38c,82e 33c 7vu 33c 7vu 36g 832 36g 832 3a8 7uc 3a8,7pc 3ks 7q0 3re,7to 3k8 7r8 3ki 7rs 3nc 7v0 3mo 7vu 3pi 7sg 3qg,7je 41m 7k2 462 7l0 454 7lu 470 7ng 42k,7q0 454 7n6 45o 7nq 49q 7q0 49q,7nq 47u 7pm 47u,7s6 45o 7s6 4ao,7te 4eq 7u2 47k 80s 47k 80s 4ao 7u2 4ao 808 4f4,82e 46m 82o 4gc,82e 470 84u 470 86g 48i 86q 4eg 85i 4gc 82o 4gm,84u 55u 7vu 5cg,824 59c 7vu 55k,83c 5de 874 56s 882 5e2,882 5b8 84a 5b8,8g6 584 8ce 5do,8ea 5au 89k 576,8h4 584 8h4 5bs,8h4 5d4 8h4 5de,5ie 30s 5fu 30s 5fu 34a 5i4 34a 5i4 30s,5l8 30s 5jc 30s 5jm 34k 5l8 34k 5l8 316,5m6 30s 5m6 34k,5mg 30s 5o2 30s 5o2 32o 5mg 32o,5qs 30s 5p0 30s 5p0 32o 5r6 32o 5r6 34k 5om 34a,5n4 358 5li 358 5li 38c 5ne 38c 5ne 36q 5ls 36q,5q8 35i 5p0 35i 5pa 38c 5q8 38c 5pu 35i,5se 35i 5qs 35i,5rg 35i 5rg 38c,5tc 35i 5vs 35i,5uk 35i 5uu 38m,606 390 61e 358 622 38c,622 374 614 374,5hq 3ce 5hq 39k 5jc 39k 5jc 3as 5ie 3as 5jc 3c4,5ls 39u 5k0 39u 5k0 3ce,5ka 3ce 5l8 3ce,5k0 3b6 5l8 3bg,5o2 39k 5mg 39k 5mg 3b6 5oc 3b6 5om 3ce 5n4 3co,5p0 39u 5rg 3a8,5q8 3a8 5pu 3c4,5r6 3c4 5se 39u 5so 3c4,5t2 3bg 5rg 3bg,5u0 3a8 5u0 3bq,5u0 3a8 5v8 3a8 5v8 3b6 5uk 3b6 5v8 3c4,60g 3a8 622 3ai,61e 3a8 61e 3c4#T 8ea 5g8,T 8ea 5g8,T 8ea 5g8,T 8eu 5g8,T 8fs 5g8,T 8gq 5fk,T 8h4 5fk,T 8he 5fk,T 8h4 5f0,T 8gq 5fk,T 8h4 5fk,T 8gg 5fa,T 8gg 5fa,T 8he 5fk,T 8he 5fk,T 8gg 5fk,T 8f8 5fk,T 8ek 5fk,T 8f8 5fa,T 8f8 5fa,T 8fs 5fa,T 8fs 5fa,T 8gg 5fa,T 8gg 5fa,T 8gg 5fk,T 8gq 5fu,T 8gg 5fu,T 8gg 5fu,T 8fs 5fu,T 8fs 5fu,T 8f8 5fk,T 8f8 5fk,T 8f8 5fk,T 8g6 5fk,T 8fs 5fk,T 8eu 5fk,T 8eu 5fu,T 8f8 5fu,T 8fi 5fu,T 8fi 5fu,T 8fi 5fu,T 8eu 5fu

point click man
01-16-2008, 03:58:54
-18 1i 18 1i 24i 1j0,9l -8l 9s -8p,25c 1jf 269 1ju 279 1kb 28c 1ki 29c 1ka 2a9 1jq 2b2 1j2 2bl 1i9 2c4 1he 2cb 1gc,25c 1je 24j 1j0,2h5 1gg 2ha 1h2 2he 1hl 2ho 1ia 2hv 1j0 2i9 1jl 2ir 1k8 2ji 1kp 2kb 1l3 2lb 1la 2ma 1lf 2na 1li 2oa 1lk 2p6 1lk 2q5 1lk 2r6 1lm,2r4 1lm 2rp 1m3 2sf 1mg 2t8 1mq 2u4 1nd 2v5 1o5 307 1ot 31e 1pp 32o 1qn 33r 1re 350 1s2 35v 1sf 372 1sn 381 1sq 397 1sv 3ad 1t3 3be 1t4 3cb 1su 3db 1sh 3ek 1s7 3fs 1s5 3h9 1s9 3io 1sh 3ju 1so 3l4 1t1 3m7 1t3 3nd 1t5,3ne 1t6 4m4 1tg,4m4 1tc 4m1 1lg,4m2 1qq 4lu 1rh 4lk 1s8 4l6 1st 4kj 1te,4m4 1rn 4ln 1se 4l7 1t3,4m1 1ro 4lj 1sh 4l4 1t4,4lv 1sc 4li 1ss,4lv 1sr 4lc 1t4,4lj 1sc 4ks 1tf,4lq 1st 4l9 1t9,4lo 1t0 4ku 1t4,4lt 1t2 4le 1t0,4m2 1t0 4l9 1t7,4ll 1t7 4kq 1ta,4lb 1ta 4lv 1t9,4m1 1tc 4lb 1ta,4l9 1ta 4l1 1ta,4l1 1tc 4le 1tc,4lg 1tc 4ln 1tc,4lo 1ta 4l9 1t7,4l4 1t5 4ku 1t7,4le 1t5 4ln 1sv,4lq 1sq 4ls 1sl,4ls 1se 4lt 1s2,4lt 1s1 4m2 1rn,4m2 1rl 4m2 1sc 4lq 1t0 4lq 1t7,4lq 1t2 4ls 1sq,4lq 1sm 4ll 1se 4li 1t0 4ll 1sq,4ll 1sj 4ln 1sc,4ln 1s6 4ls 1ro,4m6 1t7 4m1 1t5,4lt 1sm 4lt 1sb,4lt 1s9 4lv 1se 4lv 1sr,4fd 1jc 4u0 1ga,4u3 1gd 567 1gq,56a 1gs 56c 1ic,4q4 1r4 56r 1rb,4q6 1r2 4q7 1ps,56s 1rc 5l4 1s8,5l3 1s7 5lp 1s7 5md 1s5 5mv 1rp 5nc 1r8 5nk 1qk 5nn 1pv 5nj 1p8 5n8 1oh 5mn 1nt 5m0 1nf 5l8 1n7,5l8 1n7 5kf 1n7##T 5li 1nn,T 5mc 1oe,T 5n4 1p7,T 5n4 1q9,T 5ml 1rg,T 5ks 1rq,G 51q 1gs 5k,G 4kj 1pl b5,T 4lj 1lo,T 4l4 1s5 bmx only its uhh hard i guess

02-06-2008, 07:32:07
been a long time since people are not playing this game now. they are not even posting.

well heres mine its how you can trick people into thinking the scenery is a path:
-18 1i 18 1i 1a7 1i,1a5 1k 1a5 ck,20b cn 2df 6v,2uk 6q 23k it,2ui 6q 3hb 6q,209 cj 1a1 cl,4fs 11a 4fv 1ep 3cp 1er,3cf 1f0 3ck 11n,3cc 1er 3cu 1eo#1a7 1h 1no 1k 1nl -9u,2dc 6v 2uh -e,23k ir 20g e0,3hb 6o 4f5 6o 4f5 jg 3ci je 3ci 11p 4fu 117#T 3u6 1e4,O 21e ha,O 217 ha,O 21t hh,O 21r hc,O 21o h5,O 21c gr,O 219 gr,O 20v gj,O 20l g9,O 20g fv,O 20g fb,O 209 ev,O 1vv f1,O 1vl eg,O 1vl ed,O 1vn e8,O 1vs eg,O 1vs e3,O 204 e6,O 1vv e3,O 1vl du,O 1v6 e1,O 1uu e6,O 1v1 dn,O 1v1 dn,O 1v1 dn,O 238 iu,O 233 j1,O 230 ik,O 230 if,O 22m id,O 22f ia,O 22c ia,O 227 i8,O 222 hu,O 21o hp,O 21m hm,O 21j hm,O 21h hk,O 21c hf,O 214 hf,O 214 hf,O 212 h0,O 212 gt,O 212 gr,O 20t go,O 20o gm,O 20o gj,O 20l gh,O 20j g9,O 20j g7,O 20g g4,O 20g g4,O 20b ft,O 20b fq,O 20b fl,O 209 fl,O 204 fj,O 204 fg,O 204 fb,O 201 f6,O 1vs f6,O 1vq f1,O 1vl eq,O 1vl eq,O 1vd eg,O 1v8 ed,O 1vb e3,O 1v6 di

Its a tutorial on Path Scenery. Have Fun! any vehicle will do except blob. this is the order with what vehicle:
Easy: Blob Only
Medium: Truck and BMX and Mountain Bike
Hard: Helicopter Only
Impossible: Balloon and Unicycle

Edit: This is one that only the blob can do.
-18 1i 18 1i,18 1h 18 qf,19 qa 10g qb,10e n9 ta n7 ta p3,t8 p3 4h p6 3t 1h,10d na 10d oe,10c od 130 od 133 va,10g qa 10i v8,10h v7 10i 106 19g 108,19g 107 19f u1 17i tv 17i v7 131 v9##T 18l v5,B 12f tt 5t,B 11f ts 4p,B 10p tq 5d,B 10q t2 5n,B 11l t5 5n,B 12h t6 5i,B 12i sd 5k,B 11k sd 5i,B 10t s7 5j,T vr pq,B 1n 60 5m,B 1l 3s 5i,B 2t mv 5k,B 3r ne 6c,B 3j n3 61,B 2c n8 5h,B 1j nj 4s,B 3f j6 5m,B 30 j6 5e,B 2g j4 5k,B 1l je 5q,B 3k gm 5k,B 34 gp 5k,B 2j gp 5m,B 1q gp 5k,B 34 5t 5k,B 2h 5t 5k,B 35 3q 5j,B 2h 3v 5k

The Difficulty For This Is Medium. You Must Have The Blob Turn Into A Line So You Can Fit Through The Small Tunnels. Good Luck!

Edit2: Last One. You Must Only Use The Blob For This One. Others Will Never Work In This. Time To Learn How To Get On Walls As A Blob. With Gravity!
-18 1i 18 1i,18 1j b1 1j,73 -4t d7 -4t,hq -4t hp 56,15 2l 12 ej fc ej,ql 9o ql i4,fq gi fq mb,ql km qm t0,qs 11r r0 1r3,fh 1qs qr 1qv,f5 11r fd 1qn,eq r5 f1 121##O -1t 22,O -v 2a,O -4 2k,O -4 3u,O -1 5e,O -9 6j,O -4 7m,O -1 8n,O -1 9p,O -1 aq,O 0 bt,O 0 d5,O 0 ed,O d f8,O 1n fi,O 39 fn,O 4h fv,O 5n fs,O 7b g1,O 8r fv,O ad g1,O bs fv,O cv g4,O e0 g4,O e3 gt,O e0 i5,O d7 is,O c9 k1,O c2 l7,O c9 mf,O c9 ni,O cj oq,O ch pv,O cm ra,O cj sd,O cj tl,O cr v2,O ct 105,O d5 11k,O d5 12q,O d0 160,O d2 15c,O d5 14c,O d9 174,O d9 182,O d9 19a,O d9 1aq,O d9 1ce,O db 1dp,O dj 1eu,O dl 1ge,O dj 1hh,O dl 1ik,O dv 1jp,O dq 1kg,O dq 1le,O e2 1m9,O dv 1n7,O dv 1o0,O e7 1pb,O e7 1q9,O eh 1r4,O fa 1ro,O gd 1rt,O hd 1rt,O ib 1s2,O k7 1s5,O j9 1s2,O l0 1s0,O p7 1s0,O nb 1rt,O m3 1ro,O oc 1ro,O qn 1s7,O rn 1r9,O sj 1qb,O t7 1p6,O t9 1o5,O t9 1nf,O t9 1mj,O t9 1lo,O tc 1kq,O tc 1jk,O tc 1ia,O te 1gq,O te 1fg,O te 1e3,O te 1co,O te 1bq,O te 1av,O te 1a6,O te 19f,O te 18f,O t9 179,O t7 15v,O t7 14p,O t4 13p,O t4 129,O t9 11b,O t4 10i,O t4 uf,O t7 vf,O t4 tj,O tc sj,O tc r6,O tc pu,O tc p0,O tc o2,O t7 nb,O t9 m6,O t9 la,O te kk,O tm gu,O th i1,O th jc,O tj g3,O te em,O te d1,O te bs,O tc a7,O t4 86,O sq 6f,O s9 55,O qu 3o,O p7 2v,O nl 34,O m3 2n,O k2 2d,O jj 1d,O jm -2,O jo -15,O k0 -2i,O k2 -41,O k0 -5j,O j2 -6p,O i4 -6r,O h1 -6r,O g8 -70,O eh -73,O cs -73,O am -70,O 9j -73,O 89 -73,O 6s -7k,O 5h -78,O 3o -7a,O 21 -73,O p -6r,O -15 -6p,O -2k -67,O -2n -3i,O -2n -4j,O -2k -2a,O -2k -12,O -2k 5,O -2i 1a,G fb 16i 2p,G qf 1jj 8c,G fa 1cb 2s,G fj 1m1 3s,G qh 18a 7n,G qc 14l 8e,G fo 12m 2r,G q0 s3 8d,G gd le 2q,G q8 hf 8e,G f0 e8 2q,T lk 1q0,G 1c bj 5b,G hb 4k 8e,G ch -4g 35,G 8c 1a b7

This Is Hard Because:
1. You Need To Move In The Right Speed (No Slower No Faster)
2. You Cant Go Out Because Mines Are In The Way Completly. So Dont Make A Mistake If You Dont Wanna Lose.

Have Fun!

02-07-2008, 19:05:04
Here's a funny way to gain a big jump high score!:P
-18 1i 18 1i,1b 1i 2l 24s 2q4 25g##B 2au 25q 2o,B 87 24a 7p,B 93 245 90,B 98 242 am,B ab 24u 90,B aq 24a b8,B a8 240 1d,B 9s 24k h,B 9i 24u r,B 9f 24c 9,B 93 24f r,B 8m 24c 6,B 8h 24h b,B 6b 24a 1l,B 7e 24h ag,B 7t 245 b0,B 8a 24r 9,B 7o 247 18,B 69 245 b8,B 6t 24c ad,B 79 24m b1,B 77 250 3,B 6j 24a 2c,B 64 245 a6,B 6j 24a ap,B 5q 24c 13,B 58 24h 6,B 4s 24c b0,B 3v 245 b8,B 47 240 at,B 4c 24a b8,B 42 245 9,B 3l 24c b8,B 3v 24c ap,B 4h 24h aq,B 49 24a b8,B 3v 24c b8,S 20 lc,S 20 k9,S 20 f9,S 23 9v,S 1r 9l,S 1r b0,S 23 cp,S 2d dv,S 2f et,S 2f gr,S 2f jg,S 2f k4,S 2a id,S 28 h5,S 23 fj,S 23 e9,S 1u cs,S 1u at,S 1u a9,S 1m 7d,S 1m 60,S 20 8n,S 2k 9l,S 2u 99,S 2d 6p,S 2a 5e,S 28 4e,S 2d 3s,S 2n 46,S 2u 59,S 23 5j,S 23 4v,S 25 46,S 28 33,S 2s 33

This one's possible with only 2 of the vehicles!:P

-18 1i 18 1i,1s7 4t 2cn 4d##T 21m 45,T 214 45,T 20g 45

02-07-2008, 22:49:56
Depends on what you are useing, and if you know the controls, I say, Very medium!
Nah, easy
-18 1i 18 1i,1s 2g 18 1i,1s 2g 5k 2g 76 26 92 2g h6 2g#26 -4m 4c -a 84 -3o aa -k cq -34,ec -1i gi -42 hg -u ec -1i,j2 -u j2 -18,j2 -u li -3e mg -u,ls -2g kk -2g,o2 -42 o2 -u,o2 -2g qi -2g,qi -42 qi -u,so -k so -1i u0 -1i u0 -k t2 -u so -k,so -5a so -2g,so -5a uk -5a uk -2g so -2g#T fk 1s,T fk 1s,T fa 1s,T fa 1s,T fa 1s,T fa 1s,T fa 1s,T fa 1s,T fa 26,T em 26,T em 26,T em 26,T e2 26,T de 26,T de 1s,T de 1s,T d4 1s,T de 1s,T bi 26

02-09-2008, 14:16:50
not much but can you land when you get the star? just try.
-18 1i 18 1i,15 1i dn dk,dn dn ec ed f5 f9 fv g5 gr gq hr h7 io h9 jk h1 kc gf l5 ff lo eb m5 d3 mg bn##T lk 94
This Is Impossible Because Landing Will Be Really Really Really Tricky

This one is a slow motion action one. helicopter and balloon will not work because of mines.
-18 1i 18 1i,16 1h o1 1h,v0 bo 177 bo##T 12k b8,O 14v ft,O 150 8s,O 17s 5e,O rj db,O v2 eg,O vq 62,O 10t 25,O qj 5r,O nm -v,O mj -12,O kp -r,O ja -r,O hs -14,O gi -14,O nt 2l,O n0 2n,O m6 2j,O la 2n,O kd 2q,O iq 2l,O he 2j,O gg 2g,O ep 2j,O fh 2j,O dv 2n,O d1 2g,O c3 2e,O as 2n,O 9h 2n,O 8h 2l,O 7o 2j,O 6g 2g,O 58 2i,O 40 2g,O 2j 2e,O 1l 2g,O fu -12,O em -14,O dt -14,O ce -14,O ai -15,O 95 -14,O 76 -19,O 5r -17,O 4c -15,O 28 -1j,O n -22,O -m -23,O -2d -1f,O -30 -g,O -31 h,O -2h 1p,O -1t 2l,O -t 2q,O -1 2n,O p 2j,S ng 13
This Is Hard Because:
1. Balloon And Helicopter Cannot Be In It
2. Theres Mines Where The Landing Zone Will Be But You Will Use Slow Motion. Blob Cannot Use Slow Motion.

This one is a mountain one. can you get to the star in time through a mountain?
-18 1i 18 1i 1v 1l 2s 1v 3q 2e 4l 32 5h 3l 6l 4f 7o 59 8u 66 a7 76 b9 83 cd 90 di 9v en b0 ft c3 h3 d6 i9 eb je fi kk gp lr i1 n1 jb o8 kl pg m1 qo nd s1 oq ta q7 ul rk 102 t0 11f uc 12u vo 14d 113 15s 12d 17c 13m 18t 14t 1ae 162 1bv 175 1dh 186 1f2 197 1gk 1a8 1i6 1b5 1jp 1bv 1lc 1co 1mt 1dd 1o9 1du 1pe 1ea 1qn 1ei 1rp 1el 1ss 1eh 1u1 1ea 1vc 1e2 20t 1do 226 1df 23i 1d5 250 1cs 26g 1ci 280 1c7 29k 1bp 2ba 1b9 2d0 1am 2ep 19q 2gi 18t 2ic 17u 2k5 16s 2lu 15n 2na 14q 2ol 13t 2q1 12u 2rd 11v 2sp 110 2u5 vv 2vh uv 30t tu 329 st 33l rr 352 qq 36e pp 37q on 397 nm 3aj mk 3c0 lj 3dc kh 3ep jg 3g6 ih 3hi hj 3iv gn 3kc fr 3lp f0 3n6 e6 3oj dc 3qf ca 3sb b9 3u7 a9 404 99 420 8a 43s 7b 45o 6e 47k 5i 49g 4q 4bc 42 4d8 3c 4f5 2o 4h1 26 4it 1l 4kp 16 4ml o 4oh d 4qe 3 4sa -5 4u7 -a 503 -e 520 -e 53s -c 55o -8 57l -3 59h 5 5be f 5da q 5f6 18 5h3 1o 5iv 29 5ks 2t 5mo 3k 5ok 4f 5qh 5c 5sd 6c 5ua 7e 5vn 89 614 95 62h a3 63u b2 65b c2 66o d3 685 e5 69i f7 6av ga 6cc hc 6dp if 6f5 jh 6gi kk 6hv lm 6jc mn 6kp no 6m6 op 6nj pp 6p0 qo 6qd rn 6rq sk 6t7 tg 6uk uc 700 v6 71d 100 739 111 755 121 771 130 78t 13u 7ap 14r 7cl 15n 7eh 16j 7gc 17e 7i8 188 7k4 191 7m0 19q 7ns 1ai 7po 1b8 7rk 1bu 7tg 1cj 7vc 1d7 818 1dn 833 1e7 84v 1el 86r 1ev 88n 1f8 8aj 1ff 8cf 1fk 8eb 1fn 8g7 1fp 8i3 1fq 8ju 1fo 8lq 1fl 8nm 1fg 8pi 1f9 8re 1f1 8ta 1en 8v6 1ec 912 1dv 92u 1dh 94p 1d2 96l 1cj 98h 1c2 9ad 1bg 9c9 1au 9e5 1aa 9g1 19m 9ht 191 9jp 18c 9lk 17l 9ng 16u 9pc 166 9r6 15a 9t1 14d 9us 13d a0o 12b a24 11g a3h 10j a4t vm a6a uo a7n to a93 sm aag rl abs qi ad9 pe ael oa ag2 n4 ahe lu aiq kn ak6 jf ali i7 amu gt aoa fk,aoa fk apm ea ar1 d0 asd bm atp ac av5 92 b0g 7o b1s 6d b38 53 b4k 3p b5v 2e b7b 14 b8n -7 ba3 -1h bbe -2s bcq -46 be6 -5h bfi -6r bgt -86 bi9 -9h bjl -ar bl1 -c6 bmc -dg bno -er bp4 -g6 bqg -hg brs -ir bt7 -k6 buj -lg bvv -mr c1b -o6 c2m -ph c42 -qr c5e -s6 c6q -th c85 -ur c9h -106 cat -11h cc9 -12r cdk -146 cf0 -15h cgc -16s cho -186 cj4 -19h ckf -1as clr -1c6 cn7 -1dh coj -1es cpu -1g7 cra -1hh csm -1is cu2 -1k7 cvd -1lh d0p -1ms d25 -1o7 d3h -1pi d4t -1qs d68 -1s7 d7k -1ti d90 -1ut dac -207 dbn -21i dd3 -22t def -247 dfr -25i dh6 -26t dii -288 dju -29i dla -2at dml -2c8 do1 -2di dom -2ds dph -2e1 dqd -2e4 drb -2e6 ds7 -2e7 dt1 -2e8 dto -2e8,dtl -2e9 e83 -2e7,e7v -2e7 e86 -2qb#b66 -8o b0g -ef b45 -i2 ba3 -cg b61 -8r,c2k -12u c0j -1d8 c6e -164 c48 -1f6 ca6 -19b,d0m -281 cs5 -244 d2d -1v9 d73 -242 d55 -263 d0c -213,d3b -2bi d8e -27l,d9j -26n da2 -26f,-3h -1e -3h -4p,-3f -3a -1g -37 -1g -1t,-1j -35 -1j -4d,-i -45 -i -2c d -2c 8 -4a,14 -2h 11 -4k 24 -4k 24 -3c 11 -3c 27 -2c,2m -2h 2m -51 3r -51 3p -3p 2h -3p 3m -2h,4f -29 61 -45,5g -3k 51 -4n,6v -4k 6v -2j,72 -1j 72 -v,1m8 186 1m8 13i,1p2 17u 1qa 136 1s3 17f,1s6 17f 1u2 136 1vc 16r,205 13g 205 14g,20a 159 20d 17n,21d 173 21g 131 23j 16r,23j 170 23m 12d,8cp 157 8fo 157 8fo 178 8d8 175,8fo 175 8fq 194 8df 196,8hp 18s 8iu 18s 8in 14v 8gr 14q 8gr 18q 8i3 18q,8n3 14t 8l7 14q 8l2 16f 8o6 16f 8m5 18s,8lt 18n 8kg 18i,8p4 18d 8pl 14g 8qt 14l,8pg 16r 8qj 16r,8p1 18b 8qj 18b,8t6 159 8rp 16m 8td 18b,921 14e 8vh 14j,8ve 14j 8vj 165 926 165 923 186,923 188 8vc 188,ae8 ab abj ct adf ef afv cc ahc ed aen fn,ai2 7r afv a1 aho b6 ajp 8h alg 9n ajk c2,amo 90 ajs 6o alg 56,al6 80 amj 5v,amm 8k aou 6e,aou 2h ap1 4u arj 48,ash -16 ar2 i,aqv i as7 1o atk b aul 16 at0 2t,dqf -2nm dsb -2q8,dri -2p8 dpt -2r9,dte -2nm dte -2q6 dvh -2q8 dvh -2nr dtb -2nr,e0u -2qb e0s -2o7 e29 -2oa e29 -2qb,dqc -2ku drd -2mv drs -2lg dsn -2mq dt4 -2ll,du9 -2mq dtg -2ks,duc -2mj dut -2l8,duj -2m1 dtt -2m4,dvc -2lb dvc -2mq e08 -2m4 dvh -2li,e0s -2ld e0s -2mq e21 -2mv,e11 -2m6 e2l -2m6,e0s -2ll e1v -2ll,drd -2k3 drd -2j5,drf -2i4 drf -2g3,dt9 -2jh e0a -2jh,dv2 -2jf dvc -2h4,e1l -2kd e1l -2hq,e1s -2gn e1s -2g3,e2o -2k3 e5n -2gb,e4u -2g3 e5u -2fn e5s -2h9#T e78 -2ep
This Is Hard Because Of Mountains.

Edit: This is a little trick one with only the blob. can you find the trick to make it through?
-18 1i 18 1i bs -a bs a bs k bs jm jc jm t2 g8 t2 m6 mq m6 mg m6 l8 n4,-18 1g -18 -10 5s -10,5u -u e2 -u e2 fa jc fa ua fa ua o2 jc o2 jc jm,5u -u 5k -u,jc n4 k0 n4 l8 o2#mg m6 ku m6#T s4 l8
This is easy if you know the trick, Hard if you dont.

04-08-2008, 14:27:55
its been a week or something so i can post again. i think.

Anyway This Is A Track That Will Be On YouTube.

-18 1i 18 1i 9c 1i,-18 1i -92 1i -9r 1i -an 1i -bn 1i -co 1i -du 1m -f6 1t -gn 28 -i3 2j -jj 30 -l5 3f -mp 41 -og 4j -q7 57 -s0 5u -tr 6n -vm 7k -11h 8j -13d 9k -159 ao -16m bl -181 ck -19c dk -1an em -1c1 fq -1dc gv -1el i4 -1fs ja -1h0 kh -1i2 lp -1j7 nh -1k6 p9 -1ku r3 -1li st -1m8 un -1ml 10l -1mr 12j -1mt 14h -1ms 16e -1mq 18b -1mn 1a7 -1mk 1c3 -1mi 1e0 -1mh 1fs -1mh 1ho -1mi 1jk -1mk 1lg -1mn 1nc -1mo 1p7 -1mp 1r3 -1mq 1su -1mq 1uq -1mq 20l -1mp 22g -1mp 24b -1mo 266 -1mm 281 -1mk 29r -1mh 2bm -1mf 2dg -1md 2fb -1mb 2h6 -1ma 2j0 -1m9 2kr -1m8 2ml -1m7 2og -1m6 2qa -1m5 2s5 -1m5 2u0 -1m4 2vq -1m4 31l -1m4 33f -1m4 35a -1m3 374 -1m3 38v -1m3 3aq -1m3 3cl -1m3 3eg -1m3 3gb -1m2 3i7 -1m2 3k2 -1m2 3lt -1m2 3no -1m2 3pj -1m2 3rf -1m2 3ta -1m2 3v5 -1m2 410 -1m2 42r -1m2 44n -1m2 46i -1m2 48d -1m2 4a9 -1m2 4c3 -1m2 4dv -1m2 4fs -1lv 4hq -1lm 4jo -1l8 4lm -1kk 4nk -1jm 4pi -1is 4r1 -1hv 4sf -1gt 4tt -1fn 4vb -1ec 50m -1ct 51v -1bb 535 -19o 547 -184 554 -16d 55r -14n 56e -131 56u -11c 57d -vo 57s -u5 58b -sk 58q -qi 599 -of 59h -mb 59c -ko 594 -im 58j -gq 57n -ev 56r -d5 55t -bd 54n -9q 539 -8d 51n -76 502 -65 4ua -5a 4sj -4k 4qt -46 4p9 -43 4nt -44 4me -46 4l8 -49 4k5 -4a 4iv -47 4hg -41 4fs -3s 4eg -3m 4d1 -3f 4bh -37 49v -30 48c -2q 46o -2m 453 -2i 43e -2e 41o -2a 401 -25 3ua -21 3si -1t 3qq -1q 3p1 -1m 3n9 -1i 3lg -1h 3jn -1g 3hv -1f 3g9 -1e 3en -1d 3de -1c 3c4 -1b 3b0 -1a 39n -18 384 -16 36p -13 35b -11 33q -v 328 -t 30k -s 2v0 -p 2ta -n 2rk -l 2ps -j 2o4 -i 2mc -h 2kj -f 2ip -d 2gv -b 2f5 -9 2db -7 2bh -5 29n -4 27s -3 261 -3 246 -2 22b -2 20g -1 1uk 1 1sp 2 1qu 3 1p3 4 1n8 5 1lc 6 1jh 7 1hm 9 1fq a 1du c 1c3 d 1a7 e 18c f 16h g 14m h 12q j 10v k v3 m t7 n rc o pg p nk q lo r jt r i2 l g8 a ef -8 cn -11 b3 -1n 9e -l 87 t 7f 2d 76 3t 7b 5c 7n 6r 7t 8b 7n 9q 76 b2 6d c4 5f cd 4d bp 3e b3 2m a9 23 9e 1j,-k bs k ak 1i bs 2q ak 3o bi 50 ak 68 b8,68 au 7q a0 8e bi b8 a0 cq bs e2 9c fk c6 i4 92 jm bs l8 8o m6 bi ls 4c 84 -2q 3o -1s,68 au 68 b8,-278 qi -262 rl -253 sc -241 t4 -234 to -220 u8 -20p uf -1vg ug -1u7 uc,-1u6 ua -1ta ua -1sd u7 -1re u1 -1qd th -1pm sn -1p6 rm -1op qj -1oa p6,-278 qi -278 pm -278 om -277 nl -273 me -26t l6 -263 js -251 ip -23p hu -22e h7 -218 go -1vo ga -1u3 fu -1sj fi#3o -1s 7g 1i,3o 1i 7q -1s,g8 3o fu 68,fk 7g fk 8e,h6 3o io 6i,hg 3e jm 7g,i4 3o io 68,hg 42 io 6s,io 4c k0 6i,l8 4m ka 7g,ku 6i kk 6s,li 50 l8 6s,li 4m ku 6i,l8 5a kk 7g ka 84,ku 5a kk 7g,i4 7g ie 84,io a0 j2 92 jm 92 k0 9m#T -1v4 u0

This Is Easy.

YOU DESURVE A TROUHIE!(yea its misspelled so?) OMG ITS BIG! How you going to collect all those pieces? there are 267 Pieces! Thats 267 Stars! With gravity can you collect them all?

-18 1i 18 1i 28 1i 3c 1i 4d 1i 5f 1g 6g 1a 7g v,a2 -1b al -2o b8 -43 bt -5h cf -75 cs -8s d4 -aj da -cb,-18 1i -2g 1b -3j r -4p 4,-75 -1q -7q -3m -89 -5l -8o -7m -9b -9m -9m -bq -9u -de -a7 -f2,d4 -c6 d2 -d5 d0 -e6 cv -f7,17 -83 2b -86 3k -8e 4n -91 5n -9p 6j -b1 77 -ca,81 -f2 89 -gf 8g -hu 8n -jj 8c -ld 7e -n1 61 -od 4c -pj 2r -qc 14 -r2 -k -rn -2e -s6 -47 -s3 -5p -re -75 -qh -8e -op -93 -n4 -9h -la -9f -jg -8t -hm -7u -ft,-7q -fu -7k -f2 -79 -dv,-60 -af -5e -9f -4n -8g -3o -7r -2p -7g -1q -7g,-aa -f0 -7g -f0,d4 -fa 84 -fa#-4m a -76 -1s,76 u a0 -1s#G 0 k b8,T -a -em,T -a -ec,T -a -d4,T -a -e2,T -a -do,T -a -de,T -a -cq,G 3e -n4 6i,G 1i -mg 47,G -u -mq 3o,G -4c -mq 4u,G -a -ls 7i,G -18 -m6 5u,G a -mq 6f,G 3e -mg 62,G 26 -o2 5g,G a -ne 52,G -1s -no 4p,G -2q -no 62,G -4c -no 66,G 3e -8o 8,G 1i -8o v,G k -8o 9,G -u -92 m,G -26 -84 n,G -34 -84 n,G -3e -7q b0,T 3o -ku,T 3o -ku,T 3o -kk,T 3o -kk,T 3o -kk,T 3o -ka,T 3o -k0,T 26 -jm,T 26 -jm,T 2g -jm,T 2g -jm,T 34 -jm,T 3e -jm,T 3o -jm,T 42 -jm,T 42 -k0,T 42 -k0,T 3o -ka,T 42 -ka,T 42 -kk,T 42 -ku,T 42 -l8,T 3o -l8,T 3o -l8,T 3e -l8,T 34 -l8,T 2q -l8,T -5a -l8,T -5a -ku,T -5a -ku,T -5a -ku,T -5a -kk,T -5a -ka,T -5a -k0,T -42 -k0,T -42 -k0,T -4c -k0,T -50 -k0,T -5a -k0,T -50 -ka,T -50 -kk,T -50 -ku,T -50 -l8,T -4m -l8,T -42 -l8,T -k -j2,T -u -io,T -18 -jc,T -18 -ka,T -1i -ka,T -1i -kk,T a -kk,T 18 -kk,T 18 -ka,T k -jm,T -a -io,T -a -j2,T 0 -jc,T a -ka,T 0 -ka,T 0 -ka,T -u -k0,T -18 -jm,T -18 -jm,T -18 -io,T -u -i4,T -k -i4,T a -ie,T a -ie,T k -j2,T 18 -jm,T 26 -kk,T k -l8,T 1s -k0,T 1s -k0,T 1s -k0,T k -jc,T k -io,T k -io,T -k -hq,T -u -hg,T -u -hg,T -18 -i4,T -18 -ie,T -26 -ie,T -2g -jc,T -26 -ka,T -26 -ka,T -1i -jc,T -2g -jm,T -34 -ka,T -2g -ku,T -26 -k0,T -3e -jc,T -1s -hg,T -26 -hq,T 2q -ka,T 2g -ka,T 26 -k0,T 1s -jc,T u -ie,T u -hq,T k -hg,T 0 -h6,T -a -gs,T -a -gs,T u -hq,T 18 -ie,T 1i -io,T 1s -jc,T 2q -kk,T 2g -ku,T 2g -l8,T 2g -l8,T 2g -l8,T 1s -l8,T 18 -l8,T u -l8,T 0 -l8,T -k -l8,T -u -l8,T -1s -l8,T -2q -li,T -2g -li,T -18 -l8,T -18 -l8,T -34 -l8,T -3o -l8,T -3o -ku,T -3o -ku,T -3o -kk,T -3o -ka,T -3o -k0,T -3e -k0,T -34 -jc,T -34 -io,T -2g -ku,T -2q -io,T -2q -ie,T -2g -i4,T -2g -i4,T -1i -h6,T -18 -gs,T -u -gs,T -a -g8,T -a -g8,T -a -fu,T -a -fu,T -a -fk,T -a -fa,T -a -fa,T -a -fa,T -a -f0,T -a -ec,T -a -cg,T -a -cg,T -a -bs,T -a -bs,T -k -bs,T -a -bs,T a -bi,T -k -bi,T -u -bi,T -18 -b8,T 0 -b8,T 0 -b8,T k -b8,T 26 -ak,T 1s -ak,T 1s -ak,T 1s -ak,T 1i -ak,T u -ak,T k -ak,T a -au,T -18 -b8,T -1s -au,T -18 -ak,T -a -au,T -k -au,T -18 -b8,T -1s -au,T -26 -au,T -3e -ak,T -3e -ak,T -3e -ak,T -2q -au,T -2q -au,T -1s -ak,T -k -ak,T -u -aa,T -1i -a0,T -a -aa,T 0 -ak,T -a -ak,T -k -ak,T -2q -ak,T -1s -ak,T -18 -ak,T -k -au,T -k -au,T a -au,T 1s -ak,T 2q -ak,T 1s -ak,T 1s -ak,T 2g -aa,T 2g -aa,T 2q -a0,T 2q -a0,T 2g -a0,T 26 -a0,T 1s -a0,T 1s -a0,T 18 -a0,T u -a0,T u -a0,T 1i -a0,T 1i -aa,T 18 -aa,T u -aa,T k -aa,T a -aa,T 0 -aa,T -a -aa,T -1s -aa,T -2q -aa,T -3o -aa,T -42 -a0,T 0 -aa,T -a -aa,T -1i -aa,T -2g -aa,T -42 -aa,T -42 -aa,T -34 -ak,T -1s -aa,T -k -a0,T a -a0,T k -a0,T k -a0,T a -ak,T 0 -a0,T -a -a0,T -3e -a0,T -k -a0,T -k -a0,T -u -a0,T -18 -a0,T -18 -a0,T -1i -a0,T -1s -a0,T -1s -a0,T -1s -a0,T -26 -a0,T -26 -a0,T -2g -a0,T -2q -a0,T -34 -a0,T -3o -a0

This is Impossible cause theres 267 stars. over 250 stars.

Do You Dare Collect The Star? (This Map Is Also On NewGrounds)

-18 1i 18 1i 6pg 1i 6pg -5a#9c -1i do -bs,bi -6s 9c -cg,f0 -1i n4 -1i n4 -bi f0 -b8 f0 -1i,pk -b8 pk -1s 106 -1s 106 -b8,1fg -1s 1k6 -fu 1na -1s,1i0 -9c 1mm -9c,1pq -26 1p6 -fk 1ve -b8 1pg -8e 1ug -2q,228 -2g 228 -f0 26u -f0,228 -8o 25c -8o,228 -2g 26u -2g,3lq -1i 3lq -fa 3r4 -6s 3lq -1s,3ta -1s 3ta -em 42k -f0,3t0 -8o 446 -8e,3ta -2g 446 -2q,46c -2g 49q -e2 4cu -42,47u -76 4ca -84,4eq -2q 4f4 -fa 4j6 -8o,4eq -2q 4j6 -8o,4lm -fu 4lm -7q,4lm -5u 4lm -3o,6m2 26 6l4 26 6l4 2q 6lo 2q 6lo 3e 6l4 3e,6mc 2g 6mc 3e 6n0 3e 6n0 2g,6nu 2g 6nk 2g 6nk 34 6nu 34,6oi 3e 6oi 2g,6oi 34 6p6 3o,6oi 34 6p6 2q,6pq 3o 6pq 2g 6qe 2g,6pq 34 6qe 34,6pq 3o 6qe 3o,6r2 3o 6r2 2g 6rm 2g 6r2 34 6rm 3o,6s0 2g 6s0 34,6s0 3e 6s0 3o,6qo 26 6q4 1s 6qe 1s,6q4 1s 6qe 26,-2q -1s -2q -2g -2g -26 -2q -1s,-26 -1s -26 -2g -1s -2g -1s -1s -26 -1s,-18 -1s -18 -2g -u -1s -u -2g,-k -1s -a -1s -a -2g -k -2g -k -1s,0 -2g a -2g k -2g,a -2g a -1s,1i -2g 18 -2g 18 -1s 1i -1s 1i -26 18 -26,1s -26 26 -26,1s -1s 1s -2g 26 -2g,1s -1s 26 -1s,2g -2g 2q -2g 2q -1s,2q -2g 34 -2g,1i -18 1i -k 1s -u,1i -k 18 -u,3e -2q 3e -26,3e -1s 3e -1i#T 1i k,B 6n0 k 2q,B 6iu k 2q,B 6f6 u 2n,B 6cm k 2q,B 69s k 2q,B 664 k 2q,B 62c k 2q,B 5v8 k 2q,B 5se k 2q,B 5om k 2q,B 5jm k 2q,B 5gs k 31,B 5c6 k 2q,B 568 k 2n,B 52g k 2q,B 4ru k 2q,B 4ma k 2q,B 4jg k 2q,B 4ca k 2q,B 45o k 2q,B 404 k 2q,B 3r4 k 2q,B 3mo k 2q,B 3ju k 2q,B 3dc k 2q,B 382 a 2q,B 30i a 2q,B 2t4 a 2q,B 2la k 2o,B 2je k 2q,B 2e4 k 2q,B 294 k 2q,B 210 k 2s,B 1rc k 2q,B 1kg k 2q,B 1ia k 2q,B 1ei k 2q,B 19s k 2q,B 15q k 2q,B 12m k 2q,B vi k 2q,B u0 k 2q,B s4 k 2q,B pu k 2q,B no k 2q,B ku k 2q,B hq k 2q,B fk k 2q,B d4 k 2q,B b8 k 2q,B 92 k 2q,B 7q k 2q,B 6i k 2q,B 5a k 2q,B 4m k 2q,B 42 k 2q,B 34 k 2q,B 26 k 2q

No Difficulty. You'll Die When You Get The Star Anyway.

04-08-2008, 19:06:19
-18 1i 18 1i 9c 1i,-18 1i -92 1i -9r 1i -an 1i -bn 1i -co 1i -du 1m -f6 1t -gn 28 -i3 2j -jj 30 -l5 3f -mp 41 -og 4j -q7 57 -s0 5u -tr 6n -vm 7k -11h 8j -13d 9k -159 ao -16m bl -181 ck -19c dk -1an em -1c1 fq -1dc gv -1el i4 -1fs ja -1h0 kh -1i2 lp -1j7 nh -1k6 p9 -1ku r3 -1li st -1m8 un -1ml 10l -1mr 12j -1mt 14h -1ms 16e -1mq 18b -1mn 1a7 -1mk 1c3 -1mi 1e0 -1mh 1fs -1mh 1ho -1mi 1jk -1mk 1lg -1mn 1nc -1mo 1p7 -1mp 1r3 -1mq 1su -1mq 1uq -1mq 20l -1mp 22g -1mp 24b -1mo 266 -1mm 281 -1mk 29r -1mh 2bm -1mf 2dg -1md 2fb -1mb 2h6 -1ma 2j0 -1m9 2kr -1m8 2ml -1m7 2og -1m6 2qa -1m5 2s5 -1m5 2u0 -1m4 2vq -1m4 31l -1m4 33f -1m4 35a -1m3 374 -1m3 38v -1m3 3aq -1m3 3cl -1m3 3eg -1m3 3gb -1m2 3i7 -1m2 3k2 -1m2 3lt -1m2 3no -1m2 3pj -1m2 3rf -1m2 3ta -1m2 3v5 -1m2 410 -1m2 42r -1m2 44n -1m2 46i -1m2 48d -1m2 4a9 -1m2 4c3 -1m2 4dv -1m2 4fs -1lv 4hq -1lm 4jo -1l8 4lm -1kk 4nk -1jm 4pi -1is 4r1 -1hv 4sf -1gt 4tt -1fn 4vb -1ec 50m -1ct 51v -1bb 535 -19o 547 -184 554 -16d 55r -14n 56e -131 56u -11c 57d -vo 57s -u5 58b -sk 58q -qi 599 -of 59h -mb 59c -ko 594 -im 58j -gq 57n -ev 56r -d5 55t -bd 54n -9q 539 -8d 51n -76 502 -65 4ua -5a 4sj -4k 4qt -46 4p9 -43 4nt -44 4me -46 4l8 -49 4k5 -4a 4iv -47 4hg -41 4fs -3s 4eg -3m 4d1 -3f 4bh -37 49v -30 48c -2q 46o -2m 453 -2i 43e -2e 41o -2a 401 -25 3ua -21 3si -1t 3qq -1q 3p1 -1m 3n9 -1i 3lg -1h 3jn -1g 3hv -1f 3g9 -1e 3en -1d 3de -1c 3c4 -1b 3b0 -1a 39n -18 384 -16 36p -13 35b -11 33q -v 328 -t 30k -s 2v0 -p 2ta -n 2rk -l 2ps -j 2o4 -i 2mc -h 2kj -f 2ip -d 2gv -b 2f5 -9 2db -7 2bh -5 29n -4 27s -3 261 -3 246 -2 22b -2 20g -1 1uk 1 1sp 2 1qu 3 1p3 4 1n8 5 1lc 6 1jh 7 1hm 9 1fq a 1du c 1c3 d 1a7 e 18c f 16h g 14m h 12q j 10v k v3 m t7 n rc o pg p nk q lo r jt r i2 l g8 a ef -8 cn -11 b3 -1n 9e -l 87 t 7f 2d 76 3t 7b 5c 7n 6r 7t 8b 7n 9q 76 b2 6d c4 5f cd 4d bp 3e b3 2m a9 23 9e 1j,-k bs k ak 1i bs 2q ak 3o bi 50 ak 68 b8,68 au 7q a0 8e bi b8 a0 cq bs e2 9c fk c6 i4 92 jm bs l8 8o m6 bi ls 4c 84 -2q 3o -1s,68 au 68 b8,-278 qi -262 rl -253 sc -241 t4 -234 to -220 u8 -20p uf -1vg ug -1u7 uc,-1u6 ua -1ta ua -1sd u7 -1re u1 -1qd th -1pm sn -1p6 rm -1op qj -1oa p6,-278 qi -278 pm -278 om -277 nl -273 me -26t l6 -263 js -251 ip -23p hu -22e h7 -218 go -1vo ga -1u3 fu -1sj fi#3o -1s 7g 1i,3o 1i 7q -1s,g8 3o fu 68,fk 7g fk 8e,h6 3o io 6i,hg 3e jm 7g,i4 3o io 68,hg 42 io 6s,io 4c k0 6i,l8 4m ka 7g,ku 6i kk 6s,li 50 l8 6s,li 4m ku 6i,l8 5a kk 7g ka 84,ku 5a kk 7g,i4 7g ie 84,io a0 j2 92 jm 92 k0 9m#T -1v4 u0

Easy if you think like me, immpossible if you don't

-18 1i 18 1i,15 1i 1p 15 2d n 2s 8 3a -5 3m -j 47 -18 4o -21 55 -2p 5m -3k 6p -47 86 -4l 9g -4r at -52##T 37 -o,T -2 2,T -2 3,T -2 3,T -2 3,T -2 3,T -2 3,T -2 3,T -2 3,T -2 3,T -1 3,T -1 3,T 2 3,T 2 3,T 8 0,T c -2,T d -6,T n -6


06-16-2008, 13:24:30
I made more!:)

This one will test your speed and control. are you good enough for the challange?
-18 1i 18 1i,16 1h 21 1i 2v 1d 3s 10 4p d 5h -8 6d -q 78 -18 87 -15 99 -m ad -3 bk n cs 1m ds 2j et 3j fu 4m h1 5r i6 72 jc 88 kk 9f lu al n9 bp ol cr q2 dq rg en sq fe tu fv v3 gd 107 gl 117 gl 123 gd 12r fs 13l fa 14r es 164 ek 17j eh 198 em 1ak ev 1c3 f9 1dk fk 1f7 fs 1gr g1 1ig g4 1k6 g4 1lt g0 1nl fq 1pd fg 1r6 f5 1sv ep 1up eb 20j dq 22d d7 247 cj 262 br 27t b2 29n a8 2bi 9e 2dd 8l 2f9 7u 2h4 79 2iv 6p 2kq 6c 2mm 64 2oh 60 2qd 60 2s8 64 2u4 6d 2vv 6r 31r 7d 33m 82 35i 8p 37e 9h 399 a6 3b5 ao 3d0 b7 3es bh 3go bl 3ij bl 3kf bj 3ma bh 3o6 be 3q2 bf 3rt bh 3tp bl 3vl bn 41g bn 43c bn 457 bn 473 bm 48v bl 4aq bl 4cm bk 4ei bj 4gd bj 4i9 bj 4k4 bj 4m0 bk 4ns bl 4pn bl 4rj bm 4tf bm 4va bn 516 bo 532 bo 54t bo 56p bo 58k bo 5ag bo 5cc bn 5e7 bn 5g3 bn 5hv bn 5jq bm 5lm bm 5ni bm 5pd bl 5r9 bl 5t4 bl 5v0 bl,5ui 2v 5vb 2v 609 2v 61f 2l 62i 21 643 1b 65j n 678 6 691 -9 6aq -m 6cj -u 6ec -14 6g5 -17 6hu -14 6jn -s 6le -d 6n6 6 6ot 10 6qk 23 6sb 3a 6tk 4b 6uu 5c 707 6e 71g 7g 72q 8k 743 9p 75a av 76f c7 77g dg 78n f8 79j h2 7a4 is 7aa kn 7aa mi 79u od 797 q8 785 s3 773 te 75u um 74l vt 73b 111 71v 124 70i 135 6v4 144 6tk 152 6s4 15t 6qk 16n 6p4 17g 6nk 186,6nk 186 6m4 18r 6k4 19l 6i5 1ad 6g5 1b3 6e6 1bl 6c7 1c6 6a7 1cj 688 1cv 669 1d8 64a 1df 62b 1dk 60c 1do 5ue 1dr 5sf 1dr 5qg 1dq 5oi 1dn 5mj 1dj 5kl 1dd 5in 1d5 5gp 1cs 5er 1ch 5ct 1c7 5av 1bs 591 1bh 573 1b7 555 1at 537 1aj 519 1a9 4vc 19u,4vc 19u 4te 19j 4rg 198 4pj 18s 4nl 18g 4ln 182 4jq 17j 4hs 173 4fu 16h 4e1 15u 4c4 15a 4a6 14l 489 141 46b 13c 44e 12n 42g 122 40j 11d 3ul 10o 3so 103 3qr ve 3ot uo 3n0 u3 3l2 te 3j5 so 3h7 s3 3fa re 3dd qo 3bf q3 39i pe 37k oo 35n o1 33p n8 31s me 2vu li 2u1 kk 2s4 jn 2q6 ip 2o9 hs 2mb h0 2ke g8 2ig g2 2gj g6 2em gc 2cp gl 2as h1 28u hg 271 i1 254 ii 237 j4 21a jl 1vd k4 1tf kj 1ri l0 1pl la 1no lk 1lr lr 1jt m0 1i0 m4 1g3 m6 1e6 m7 1c9 m7 1ac m8 18e mb 16h me 14k me 12n mb 10q m8 us m4 sv m0 r2 lp p4 lh n7 l7 lb kq je kb hi jq fm j9 dp io bt i7 a0 ho 84 h9 68 gs,68 gs 4b gg 2f g6 i ft -1a fl -36 ff -53 fb -6v f8 -8s f6 -ao f5 -ck f5 -d9 eq -du e5 -ee da -eo cf -f0 bm -f7 as -fb a2 -fe 98 -fg 8c -fk 77 -fq 5r -fv 4g -g1 2u -g3 1j -g5 6 -g8 -1a -gb -2r -gc -4d -gd -61 -ge -7m -gf -9b,-gg -9d -as -9e##G 78q p0 5k,T -bi em,G 5uj ba b8

Medium if you are good enough for it. Hard if not.

This one is impossible if your not good at Free Rider 2 but if you are its hard.
-18 1i 18 1i 27 2b 37 39 4a 4f 5b 5l 6l 70 82 8e 9k 9t as b0 c7 c5 dl d9 f5 ec gn fd i8 gc jp h9 la i3 mr ir ob ji pr k7 rq l1 to ln vn mb 11l ms 13j nb 15j nn 17i o2 19h o9 1bg of 1df oi 1fe og 1hd oa 1jb nv 1la nh 1n9 n3 1p8 mj 1r6 m1 1t4 lf 1v2 kt 211 kb 22v jr 24t jc 26r j0 28p io,28p io 2an il 2cl ip 2ej j2 2gi jj 2ig kb 2kf l8 2lt m1 2nc mt 2or ns 2qa ov 2ro q5 2t7 rc 2um sl 304 tv 31i vb 331 10o 34f 127 35t 13n 37b 157 38p 16n 3a7 187 3bm 19n 3d4 1b7 3ei 1cm 3g0 1e6 3hf 1fl 3it 1h4 3kb 1ij 3lp 1k2 3n8 1lg 3om 1mu 3q4 1oc 3ri 1pq 3t1 1r8 3uf 1sm 3vt 1u3 41b 1vh 42q 20v 448 22d 45m 23r 474 259 48j 26m 4a1 284 4bf 29i 4ct 2av 4ec 2cc 4fq 2dp 4h8 2f4 4im 2gd 4k5 2hl 4lj 2iq 4n1 2jv 4of 2l3 4pu 2m5 4rc 2n5 4sq 2o2 4u8 2ou 4vn 2pn 515 2qf 533 2re 550 2sb 56u 2t8 58s 2u1 5ap 2un 5cn 2va 5el 2vr 5gj 309 5ig 30m 5ke 30v 5mc 316 5o9 31b 5q7 31e 5s5 31d 5u2 31a 600 314 61u 30s,61u 30s 63r 30i 65p 308 67n 2vr 69k 2va 6bi 2ul 6dg 2tu 6fe 2t1 6gs 2s7 6ia 2r7 6jo 2q5 6l5 2p0 6mi 2nq 6nv 2mh,7dq 2ig 7ek 2je 7fv 2k9 7he 2kt 7j3 2ld 7kv 2ld 7mo 2ku 7ob 2k1 7pn 2iu 7qp 2hn 7rd 2gb 7rd 2eu 7r3 2dm 7q9 2cb 7p5 2bd 7nq 2af 7mc 29f 7ku 28f 7jd 27m 7hv 279,7hs 278 72s 22i 6oi 1ts,6r2 24o 6mc 24o 6l9 24o 6k3 24o 6ik 24t 6h2 25d 6fo 262 6ed 26s 6d5 27p 6br 28q 6ag 2a2 695 2bd 67r 2cp 66g 2e6 657 2fk 63u 2h3 62m 2ij 61e 2k3 606 2lk 5un 2mr 5sv 2nj 5r3 2nv 5p4 2o5 5n5 2o5 5l7 2o1 5jb 2np 5hf 2ne 5fj 2n0 5do 2mg 5bu 2lt 5a4 2la 58a 2km 56g 2k1 54n 2ja 52u 2ii 516 2hn 4vh 2gq 4tu 2fp 4sg 2ek 4r4 2dc 4po 2c3 4oc 2aq 4n0 29j 4lk 28c 4k8 274 4is 25r 4hh 24j 4g6 23b 4eq 224 4df 20r 4c5 1vi 4ar 1u9 49i 1t1 48a 1rp 472 1qg 45p 1p8 44h 1o1 439 1mq 420 1lj 40m 1kc 3vd 1j5 3u4 1ht 3sr 1gm 3ri 1fe 3q8 1e6 3ou 1cu 3nl 1bn 3mb 1af 3l2 197 3jp 17v 3if 16n 3h5 15g 3fr 14a 3ei 133 3d9 11s 3bv 10l 3al ve 39b u6 381 sv 36o rn 35f qg 345 p8 32r o0 31h mp 307 lh 2uu k9 2tl j1 2sa hr 2r0 gk 2pk fd 2o8 e7 2mr d2 2ld bv 2k0 av 2io a4 2hm 9g 2gi 8u 2fe 8j 2eb 8j 2db 8t 2ce 9b 2bb 9m 29u 9o 28h 9l 26v 9h 25l 9c,25l 9c 248 98 22p 94 219 91 1vn 8u 1u4 8s 1sg 8p,1sk 8o 1j8 8o oc 6i,ob 6e mn 6c l3 67 jd 60 ho 5n g1 5e ea 55 cm 4p b3 47 9g 3g 7t 2n 6b 1s 4q s 3b -5 1r -15 a -25 -1b -32 -31 -3r -4r -4g -6m -52 -8i -5f -ad -5r -c9 -63 -e6 -69 -g2 -6d -hv -6e -jr -6f -ln -6f -ni -6e -pe -6c -ra -6a,-r6 -68 -rr -6c -sf -6o -t4 -79 -tm -7s -u7 -8k -ul -9e -v0 -a9 -v8 -b3 -vh -bs -vo -cl -vt -de -100 -e8 -102 -f0,-106 -f0 -ua -f0,75c 294 6u6 294,6qo 24o 6qo 21k#1ji 8o 1ji -26#T -rg -6s,T 1kg 84,T 6js 24e,G 6ve 294 b8,G 72s 22s 5k,G 6oi 1u6 5k,G 7pm 2i6 b8,T 7la 2km
Another challange. Can You Take It?

07-30-2008, 23:17:27
-18 1i 18 1i,16 1g 20 1g 2v 1g 43 1f 50 1e 5q 1d 6l 1d 7m 1d 97 19 aq 17 ch 16 eb 15 g9 16 i9 18 kb 1a mf 1c ok 1e q8 1f rt 1h th 1h v5 1e 10q 19 12f 14 146 10 15t s 17l o 19e l 1b6 i 1cv f,1cv i 1d9 1i 1dr 2o 1ek 3o 1fr 4q 1hf 5n 1jh 6i 1lc 6t,1nc 6u 1ph 6l 1rp 65 1u0 5k 208 53 22h 4i 24p 42 273 3h 29i 35 2c3 2r 2en 2l 2hb 2g 2jv 2b 2mj 27 2p7 23 2rr 1v 2uf 1r 313 1s 33o 2e 36f 3c 397 4j 3bv 5r 3eo 75 3hg 8f 3k8 9q 3n0 b5 3po ch 3sg dt 3v8 f9 420 gm 44o i3 47g jg 4a8 ku 4d0 mc 4fo nq 4ig p8 4l8 qm 4o0 s4 4qo tj 4tg v1 508 10g 52v 11v 55n 13e 58f 14s 5b7 16b 5dv 17q 5gn 199 5jf 1ao 5m7 1c7 5ov 1dm 5rn 1f5 5uf 1gk 617 1i4 63v 1jj 66n 1l2 69f 1mh 6c7 1o0 6eu 1pg 6hm 1qv 6ke 1se 6n7 1tk 6q0 1u8 6sp 1ur 6vi 1ve 72c 200 755 20h 77u 20q 7an 20u 7dg 20q 7g9 20j 7j2 20a 7lr 1vv 7ok 1vk 7rd 1v8 7u6 1us 810 1ug,810 1ug 83p 1u3 86i 1tm 89b 1t8 8c4 1sr 8et 1sd 8hm 1rv 8ke 1rd 8n3 1qj 8pn 1pp 8sc 1ov 8v1 1o4 91m 1n9 94b 1me 970 1lj 99l 1kn 9ca 1js 9ev 1j0 9hk 1i4 9k9 1h8 9mu 1gc 9pj 1fg 9s8 1ek 9ut 1dn a1i 1cr a47 1bu a6s 1b2 a9h 1a5 ac6 199 aer 18c ahg 17g ak5 16j amq 15n,amp 15o ao5 15q apn 165 arl 16l atk 178 avk 17s b1l 18h b3m 197 b58 19o b6p 1a9,b6n 1a9 b7s 1al b9i 1au bb7 1b8 bcr 1bj bej 1c3,bk8 1dd bm1 1dl bnt 1dt bpq 1e5 brn 1ed,bob 1ds bpd 1da bqa 1ch br1 1bo br7 1an bql 19n bpi 18o bod 17s bmv 178 blo 178 bl4 187 bld 19f blr 1an bm8 1bo bml 1cm bn8 1de,bn6 1dd bnm 1dp,bdq 1bt bee 1cp bf2 1di bfo 1ed bgp 1f9 bi5 1g9 bka 1h5 bm5 1hp bo3 1ia bq1 1io bru 1it bto 1in bvf 1i7 c15 1hm c2q 1hc,bv5 1f4 bue 1fo btn 1gc bt2 1gt bse 1hf brs 1hv bra 1ie,br9 1id bqr 1in,c2m 1hf c3i 1h3 c4e 1gm,bv5 1f7 c04 1fb c1d 1fl c2h 1ft c3m 1g1 c4o 1g3,c46 1gk c4m 1g4,c4l 1g2 c68 1g2 c7r 1g4 c9o 1g6 cbb 1g8 ccp 1ga cec 1gc cg2 1gd cht 1ge cjr 1gf cma 1ge cog 1gd cqn 1gc ct0 1gb cv9 1ga d1k 1g8 d3v 1g7 d6a 1g5 d8n 1g3 db3 1g2 ddg 1g0 dft 1fu dib 1ft dkp 1fr dn7 1fp,dn2 1fr f0c 1us,f08 1us f11 1uv f2a 1v4 f3n 1v7 f5e 1v7 f7b 1v7 f99 1v8 fb7 1vb fd5 1vf ff4 1vj fh2 1vo fj2 1vr fl9 1vj fn5 1v1 fp1 1ub fqu 1tk fsr 1st fuo 1s5 g0k 1rd g2h 1ql g4e 1pt g6b 1p9 g87 1on ga3 1o6 gbv 1nk gdr 1n3 gfn 1mi ghi 1m1 gje 1lg gla 1kv gn6 1kd gp2 1js gqu 1jb gsq 1iq gum 1i9 h0i 1ho h2d 1h7 h49 1gm h65 1g5 h81 1fk h9t 1f2 hbp 1eh hdk 1e2 hf9 1dq hh9 1dm hj5 1dn hkq 1e2 hmc 1eg hnl 1eu hop 1fe hpr 1g1 hr2 1gq hsd 1hn htj 1ig huq 1j7 i03 1js i1e 1kh i2q 1l7 i49 1lp i5r 1m7 i7h 1mi i98 1mn ib1 1mn icq 1mk iek 1mg ige 1mc ii8 1m7 ik1 1m1 ilp 1lp inh 1li ip3 1lh ipt 1lk iqm 1lv ir6 1mj irp 1nd isc 1o2 it0 1om itl 1p6 ium 1pq ivn 1qc j0q 1qk j1o 1qa j2n 1q1 j3k 1pp j4m 1pf j5t 1p2 j7e 1ok j8p 1o7 ja8 1nq jbp 1nd jdd 1n1 jf2 1mk jgp 1m8 jik 1lq jkf 1lc jmb 1kt jo9 1kj jq8 1ke js7 1kc ju7 1kb k07 1k9 k28 1k8 k48 1k7 k69 1k6 k8a 1k5 kab 1k5 kcd 1k4 kee 1k3 kgf 1k3 kih 1k2 kkj 1k2 kmk 1k2 kom 1k1 kqo 1k1 ksq 1k1 kus 1k0 l0u 1k0 l30 1k0 l52 1k0 l74 1k0 l96 1k0 lb8 1k0 lda 1k0 lfc 1jv lhe 1jv ljg 1jv lli 1jv lnk 1jv lpn 1jv lrp 1jv ltr 1jv lvt 1jv m1v 1jv m42 1jv m64 1jv m86 1jv ma8 1jv mca 1jv med 1jv mgf 1jv,mge 1jv mi6 1k3 mjv 1k7 mln 1k9 mnb 1k9 mp8 1kb mri 1kd mtk 1kd mvt 1kc n28 1kc n4j 1kd n70 1kf n9d 1kh nbq 1kk ne9 1ko ngo 1kt nj7 1l2 nln 1l7 no7 1ld nqn 1lj nt8 1lp nvp 1lv o2b 1m6 o4s 1md o7e 1mk oa0 1mr oci 1n3 of5 1na oho 1ni okc 1np on0 1o1 opl 1o9 ose 1ol ov6 1pd p1v 1q8 p4o 1r3 p7h 1rv paa 1sq pd3 1tn pfs 1uj pil 1vg ple 20c po7 219 pr0 226 ptp 234 q0i 241 q3b 24u q64 25s q8t 26p qbm 27n qef 28l qh8 29j,qh7 29j qid 29p qje 29u qkg 2a2 qld 2a6 qll 28t qln 27k qlr 26a qln 255 qku 24c qjo 243 qin 23u qi3 24u qhu 264 qhp 278 qhl 28e qhi 29k,-18 1h -1k -1h,1cq c 1ks a,1ku a 1mg 13 1o0 1s 1pk 1r 1r8 2n 1s6 2n 1u4 2b 1vo 35,1vr 35 213 2r 256 4f,1nd 6t 1lb 6s,brb 1he bpn 1hb,bdv 15v bck 15c bbd 14p b99 13u b73 132 b5t 12l b4m 12e b36 11s b1f 113 avq 10a aun vq ath v8 as3 uk aqr u2 apb tj ao3 tg an0 tp alt u2 akb uk ait v4 ahc vk afp 104 ae4 10k acc 115 aak 11m a8q 126 a6v 12n a53 138 a37 13p a19 14a 9vg 150 9tp 15r 9s0 16n 9q7 17j 9oe 18f 9mi 19b 9kj 1a5 9j1 1an 9hg 1b9 9fi 1c3 9dl 1cu 9bp 1do 99s 1ei 97v 1fc 960 1g5 940 1gs 91u 1hi 90b 1i2 8uo 1ig 8tb 1iq 8rv 1j5 8qo 1jf 8p0 1k4 8nb 1ko 8lj 1lc 8jq 1m1 8i0 1mm 8g3 1na 8e5 1nt 8c4 1of 8a1 1p0 88e 1pd 86q 1po 855 1q1 83f 1q7 81p 1qd 803 1qi 7uc 1qo 7sm 1qt 7qv 1r3 7p4 1r9 7n9 1rf 7lc 1rm 7jc 1s1 7h9 1sc 7f0 1sl 7cl 1sr 7aa 1su 780 1sr 75r 1si 744 1s1,744 1s1 72e 1rf 70g 1qv 6uf 1qh 6sd 1q3 6qa 1pg 6o8 1or 6m6 1o4 6k7 1na 6i9 1md 6gb 1lh 6ec 1kk 6ce 1jm 6ah 1in 68m 1hm 66r 1gl 650 1fj 635 1eh 619 1df 5ve 1cd 5tj 1bb 5rn 1a9 5pr 196 5nu 184 5m1 171 5k4 15u 5i7 14s 5ga 13p 5ed 12m 5cg 11j 5aj 10g 58m vd 56p ua 54p t6 52j s1 50d qs 4u6 pm 4rv og 4pp na 4ni m5 4lb kv 4j5 jp 4gu ij 4en hd 4ch g7 4aa f1 484 dr 45t cl 43n bf 41g a9 3va 93 3t3 7t 3qt 6n 3om 5h 3mg 4b 3k9 34 3i3 1u 3fs o 3dm -e 3bf -1k 399 -2q 36v -3l 34v -2v 339 -2h 31h -2b 2vn -28 2tt -26 2s4 -24 2qa -21 2og -1v 2mm -1r 2ks -1o 2j3 -1k 2h9 -1g 2fe -1d 2dj -19 2bo -14 29s -11 281 -v 266 -11 24b -13 22h -16 20m -19 1ur -1d 1t1 -1j 1r6 -1q 1pb -23 1ng -2b 1lm -2k 1jr -2u 1i0 -39 1g5 -3k 1e6 -3t 1c5 -44 1a3 -4c 181 -4j 160 -4q 13u -51 11s -58 vm -5g st -5q q5 -63 nd -6d kk -6m hq -6u f0 -74 c7 -7a 9d -7g 6j -7n 3s -7o 4b -6l 34 -6k 18 -6o 3 -6n -p -60 -16 -4s -1g -3f -19 -2h -1d -1f -1l -l#amh 15m aj7 13i amh 10c,amg 10e aq3 12m ao2 15o,alq 123 als 135,alo 135 amm 138,amv 12d an2 136 anu 13a anp 12a amv 12a,aoa 12c aoh 138 ap8 135,dba 1ai dbe 1df,dbc 1bq ddg 1aq,dbc 1bo dd1 1d2,dgm 1ai df4 1ai df9 1d0,df6 1bn dgm 1bn,df7 1ce df6 1c9,df7 1d2 dgm 1cv,djb 1ak di0 1ai di3 1cq dj8 1cq,di3 1bg dj9 1bi,dkj 1cr dko 1af dm0 1ag dlu 1bg dkm 1be,dph 1a5 drk 1a5 drn 1be dpg 1b8 dpl 1a5,drr 1bb drn 1dp dp4 1df,dvt 1d2 duc 1d0 duh 1b6,duj 1b8 dvr 1b4 dvr 1d2,e1g 1dh e1g 1bs,e16 1bt e26 1bv,e0u 1dj e23 1df,e37 1dh e4p 1c2 e5n 1dr,e5n 1dp e6t 1bv,eak 1bq ed2 1c1 ect 1dj,ecq 1dj eaf 1da eak 1bo,eco 1df ed4 1gd,ed1 1g8 ea5 1gb,m9b 1d9 m70 1d7 m6p 1f7 m96 1fd m98 1he m6a 1hg,mbe 1d2 mbh 1gf md5 1gk,mf4 1dv mgt 1eh mg7 1gs men 1gp mf6 1dv,mid 1e7 mjn 1h1 ml7 1ej mm5 1hb,mm5 1h9 mn6 1er,mrs 1eh mru 1hs muo 1h4 mru 1eh,n0n 1g6 n1u 1g6 n1v 1hg n0p 1h9,n0r 1h9 n0r 1g5,n36 1ff n4c 1hb n5k 1fp n68 1i2,n68 1i1 n74 1fm,n81 1ib n9f 1gp,n9f 1gp nak 1ib nc6 1h3,ndg 1i2 nef 1ho nek 1im,nej 1im ndm 1iq ndg 1i2,nd4 1de ndl 1gl nef 1gi ne4 1db nd2 1de#S q9n 265,T qgo 28q,T qgo 28q,T qgo 28q,T qgo 28q,T qgo 28q,T qgo 28q,T qgo 28q

There is another one :)

EDIT: depends

08-12-2008, 09:07:30
more tracks! theres no easy on mine now! get ready for medium, hard and impossible tracks from me.

2 stars in 2 different ways. both on hard.
-18 1i 18 1i 21 1t 2s 2c 3k 2u 4c 3n 54 4o 5q 5s 6j 76 79 8b 80 9j 8p au 9k ca ae dn ba f5 c7 gl d4 i6 e2 jn ev la fs mt gp og hm q5 ij rq jf tf kc v5 l9 10r m7 12h n4 148 o3 15u p1 17k q1 19b r1 1b1 s2 1cn t4 1eb u8 1g0 vc 1hj 10i 1j6 11p 1kn 132 1m7 14c 1nm 15n 1p3 174 1qf 18h 1rs 19v 1t9 1be 1uo 1cs 208 1eb 21q 1fp 23c 1h5 251 1i6 269 1jg 27v 1ko 29m 1lu 2bf 1n1 2d9 1o5 2f3 1p9 2gs 1qf 2ik 1ro 2kc 1t1 2m3 1uc 2nm 1vo 2p8 215 2qm 22i 2s5 23u 2tk 258 2v5 26e 30p 27h 32e 28h 345 29g 35s 2aj 37f 2bo 38u 2d0 3a7 2e9 3bc 2fc 3cb 2ga 3de 2h7 3em 2i4 3g3 2j1 3hk 2jv 3j6 2l1 3km 2m9 3m5 2nm 3ng 2p4 3op 2qk 3q0 2s4 3r7 2tl 3sf 2v6 3to 30m 3v5 325 40l 33j 428 350 43s 362 454 375 46b 389 47g 39e 48k 3b2 49v 3cm 4b6 3ec 4ca 3g2 4db 3ho 4ea 3jf 4f8 3l6 4g4 3ms 4h1 3oj 4i1 3qa 4j5 3rv 4kc 3tk 4lo 3up 4mu 3vt 4o6 410 4pg 423 4qs 435 4s8 447 4tk 45a 4v0 46e 508 47k 51d 48r 52f 4ai 53o 4ca 54q 4e2 55q 4fq 56q 4hi 57p 4j7 58u 4kp 5a9 4m8 5bq 4nl 5dg 4om 5ep 4pn 5g3 4qo 5hc 4s6 5iu 4tp 5k9 4vf 5ld 517 5mc 530 5n6 54p 5o0 56i 5op 589 5pm 59t 5qp 5bd 5s6 5cp 5tp 5e3 5vg 5f3 60q 5g3 625 5hf 63p 5j0 653 5km 664 5me 66v 5o7 67o 5q0 68f 5ro 696 5tg 69v 5v5 6at 60o 6c2 629 6dc 63m 6eu 652 6gj 664 6hq 676 6j2 68k 6kk 6a7 6lt 6bt 6mu 6dl 6no 6fd 6od 6h6 6ou 6iu 6p9 6km 6pf 6mf 6pi 6o7 6pj 6q1 6pi 6rq 6ph 6tj 6pf 6vc 6pd 715 6pa 72u 6p8 74n 6p5 76h 6p2 78a 6ov 7a4 6ot 7bt 6or 7do 6oq 7fi 6op 7hc 6oo 7j6 6on 7l0 6om 7mq 6om 7ol 6on 7qf 6oo 7s9 6oo 7u3 6op 7vt 6op 81n 6oq 83h 6os 85b 6ou 876 6ov 88v 6p2 8aq 6p4 8ck 6p6 8ee 6p7 8g8 6p6 8i2 6p6 8js 6p6 8ln 6p6 8nh 6p6 8pb 6p6 8r5 6p6 8sv 6p6 8up 6p8 90j 6p9 92d 6pa 947 6pb 961 6pc 97s 6pc 99m 6pd 9bg 6pd 9da 6pd 9f4 6pc 9gu 6pb 9io 6pa 9ki 6p9 9mc 6p9 9o6 6p8 9q0 6p8 9rr 6p8 9tl 6p8 9vf 6p7 a19 6p7 a33 6p7 a4t 6p7 a6n 6p7 a8h 6p7 aab 6p6 ac5 6p6,ac6 6p6 acr 6p1 adi 6ot ae8 6oj aer 6o6 afd 6no afp 6n9 aft 6mi afm 6lr af9 6l5 aem 6kj adv 6k5 ad6 6jq ac8 6ji abb 6je aaf 6je a9j 6jg a8q 6js a86 6kd a7m 6l6 a7c 6m0,-18 1i -23 1i -31 1i -40 1i -53 1i -65 1i -78 1l -8a 1r -9g 2c -ag 32 -bn 49 -cq 5i -dv 6v -f8 8e -gi 9t -hu bd -jd cs -ku eb -m6 fd -nf ge -or hc -q9 i7 -ro j0 -t9 jm -up ka -10a kt -11r li -13c m6 -14t mq -16d nf -17u o4 -19e op,-1a1 p8 -1ap pn -1bo q7 -1cv qn -1e8 r3 -1fl rb -1hc rg -1it rg -1ke rd -1m0 r7 -1nf qt -1ot qe -1q6 ps -1rc p7,-1rc p7 -1se og,-19v p7 -19g oq,-23g oc -245 p1 -251 pl -25v q7 -276 qn -28c r3 -29p rb -2b2 rh -2c7 rk -2db rl -2ei rl -2fr rf -2gu r2 -2hu qf -2ir pm -2jl on -2ka ng -2kr m5 -2l6 kn -2lc jb -2le i5 -2la gv -2kv fs -2kf es -2jr dv -2j1 d6 -2hs ci -2ge c3 -2ev br -2dd bp -2bs bu -2ac ca -28s cu -27o do -26m en -25m fq -24r h0,-24e t2 -1fq 1du -1f1 1ej -1e8 1fh -1db 1gj -1cf 1hk -1be 1io -1a9 1k0 -18v 1la -17g 1mm -15u 1o4 -14l 1p6 -13b 1q7 -11v 1r6 -10i 1s3 -v4 1t0 -tl 1tq -s6 1uj -q8 1vf -oa 207 -mc 20q -kf 21a -ii 21m -gk 21t -en 223 -cp 223 -aq 21v -8r 21o -6t 21e -4u 212 -30 20g -12 1vu s 1va 2p 1um 4n 1tv 6k 1t6 8h 1sc ae 1ri cc 1qp e9 1pv g6 1p6 i3 1od jv 1nf lr 1mi nm 1lk pb 1ld qm 1md rl 1nt si 1pe tg 1qu ug 1sd vh 1tq 10j 1v7 11m 20j 12q 21u 13u 238 153 24h 169 25q 17f 273 18l 28c 19q 29k 1at 2av 1bu 2cc 1ct 2dq 1dp 2fb 1ej 2gr 1fb 2id 1g1 2k0 1gn 2lj 1hd 2n6 1i2 2oq 1il 2qf 1j8 2s3 1js 2to 1kg 2vd 1l5 311 1lq 32l 1mh 34a 1na 35v 1o7 37l 1p6 39a 1q7 3b0 1ra 3cn 1sc 3ee 1tf 3g5 1uk 3hs 1vs 3ji 217 3l8 22a 3mg 23f 3no 24k 3ov 25q 3q6 270 3re 286 3sl 29e 3ts 2an 3v3 2bv 40a 2d8 41h 2eg 42o 2fp 43t 2h2 453 2ic 468 2jl 47c 2l0 48h 2ma 49l 2nm 4ao 2p1 4br 2qe 4ct 2rr 4du 2t8 4ev 2um 4fv 304 4gu 31i 4hu 330 4is 34e 4jq 35t 4km 37c 4lh 38q 4mb 3a8 4n4 3bn 4ns 3d5 4ok 3f2 4pi 3h0 4qg 3iu 4re 3ks 4sb 3mq 4ta 3ob 4u8 3pr 4v8 3rb 50a 3sq 51f 3u6 52m 3vi 53v 40t 559 428 56j 43j 57t 44v 597 46a 5ah 47l 5bq 491 5d3 4ad 5ec 4bo 5fk 4d4 5gt 4eg 5i5 4fs 5jd 4h8 5kl 4ik 5lu 4k1 5n5 4le 5ob 4mt 5pe 4o9 5qa 4pv 5r4 4rc 5rf 4sg 5r9 4sv 5qf 4su 5pf 4so 5oh 4sf 5nh 4s4 5mk 4ri 5lm 4qt 5ku 4q3 5ka##T 4pe 5pu,T a76 6oi
Hard because it will be hard to get up to get to the last one.

This is a challenge of everything you got. This is the Easy Cup. if you win you get the cup:
-18 1i 18 1i,-au fa a0 fa,-au fa -bj fs -ca gk -d8 hj -e9 ih -fd ji -gd ke -hf lc -ij mc -jo nc -ku od -m7 pe -nh qf -ot rg -qa sh -ro th -t6 uh -un vg -107 10e -11o 11c -13b 129 -14u 135 -16i 140 -186 14q -19r 15k -1bh 16c -1d6 174 -1et 17r -1gk 18g -1id 194 -1k6 19m -1lv 1a7 -1np 1am -1pj 1b3 -1re 1bf -1ta 1bp -1v5 1c2 -210 1c9 -22r 1ce -24n 1ch -26j 1ck -28f 1ck -2ac 1cj -2ca 1cg -2e8 1cc -2g5 1c7 -2i2 1c0 -2jv 1bo -2ls 1bf -2no 1b5 -2pl 1aq -2rj 1ad -2tg 19u -2vd 19e -319 18s -335 189 -351 17k -36s 16u -38m 165 -3ag 15b -3ca 14f -3e3 13h -3fs 12h -3hk 11g -3jc 10d -3l3 v7 -3mq tv -3og sm,-420 13a -39u 1hm -395 1i3 -386 1iv -37a 1jv -367 1l5 -35a 1ma -34c 1nh -33c 1or -32c 1q8 -31c 1rp -30d 1tc -2vg 1v2 -2um 20r -2tv 22l -2t7 24f -2sg 26a -2rt 285 -2rc 2a0 -2qu 2br -2qg 2do -2q2 2fk -2pm 2hh -2pe 2jd -2p8 2l8 -2p3 2n4 -2ov 2p0 -2os 2qs -2oq 2so -2oq 2uj -2os 30e -2ou 32a -2p1 346 -2p6 361 -2pf 37r -2ps 39l -2qe 3bd -2r5 3d5 -2rv 3et -2sp 3gm -2tj 3if -2u9 3k9 -2ut 3m3 -2vd 3nt -2vl 3po -2vp 3rk -2vq 3tf -2vj 3vb -2v2 417 -2ua 432 -2tc 44t -2s6 46n -2r6 482 -2q1 49a -2oo 4ah -2nd 4bm -2m0 4cr -2kl 4e0 -2jb 4f4 -2i1 4g9 -2gn 4hd -2fe 4ih -2e6 4jl -2cv 4kp -2bo 4lt -2ai 4n1 -29c 4o5 -288 4pa -273 4qf -25v 4rk -24p 4sp -23g 4tt -227 4v1 -20t 504 -1vi 516 -1u6 527 -1sp 539 -1rc 549 -1pu 559 -1og 568 -1n1 576 -1lj 583 -1k4 58v -1im 59p -1h7 5aj -1fp 5bb -1dr 5c7 -1bt 5d0 -19u 5do -17v 5ef -160 5f5 -141 5fq -121 5gb -102 5gq -u3 5ha -s3 5ho -q4 5i4 -o5 5if -m6 5io -k6 5iv -i7 5j6 -g8 5jd -e9 5jj -ca 5jm -ab 5jp -8d 5jo -6e 5jm -4f 5jh -2h 5jc -i 5j6 1c 5iu 3b 5ij 59 5i8 78 5hs 96 5hg b5 5h4 d3 5gm f1 5g9 h0 5fs iu 5ff ks 5f2 mq 5eo oo 5eg qm 5ea sk 5e6 ui 5e2 10g 5dv 12e 5ds 14b 5dr 168 5dr 185 5ds 1a1 5du 1bu 5e0 1dr 5dv 1fp 5dh 1hh 5cl 1iv 5bd 1k1 59s 1kl 587 1kr 56o 1kj 55g 1ju 548 1j5 53b,-420 13a -4rk 13a -4rk -u -3bq -u -3bq 9m,1j8 53e 1ii 537 1hj 533 1gh 530 1fe 52t 1e8 52q 1d1 52o 1bu 52o 1am 52p 19i 52p 18d 52p 176 52r 15v 52s 14j 52m 130 528 11j 51p 104 517 uk 50h t4 4vp rj 4ut q3 4tv oj 4sv n2 4ru lg 4qs js 4pq i6 4op ge 4nq en 4mt cv 4m2 b7 4la 9g 4kl 7p 4k2 62 4jh 4b 4j3 2l 4io v 4ig -f 4ib -1u 4i8 -36 4i6 -4f 4i3 -5p 4hr -75 4hh -8l 4h4 -a6 4gk -bo 4g3 -db 4fe -es 4eo -gc 4dv -hq 4d4 -j6 4c8 -ke 4b9 -lh 4ab -md 498 -ms 489 -ms 477 -mb 46b -ld 45n -k9 45f -iu 45f -hk 45k -gd 45q,-qi 4ae -r1 49m -r9 48i -ri 47e -s0 465 -rj 44u -qm 43u -pi 431 -ob 429 -mu 41l -lm 417 -ke 40t -j3 40o -hm 40o -g8 40s -eo 414 -d9 41f -bq 41v -ae 42k -94 43b -7u 443 -6n 44u -5d 45p -40 46k -2m 47m -19 48o 4 49r 1j 4au 33 4c0 4n 4d0 6f 4du,ak 4l2 ak 4ao ak 3t0 ab 3s8 9t 3r7 98 3q6 8a 3ph 72 3p6 5r 3p3 4k 3p4 3d 3pc 2a 3pq 19 3qh e 3rh -2 3sf -e 3tl,68 4jg 70 4j7 7n 4is 8f 4ic 93 4hn 9j 4h2 9v 4g7 a8 4fd ae 4ek am 4dr,-a 3tk 2 3u8 n 3uq 1g 3v9 2e 3vm 3c 3vu 4a 405,5a 40e 5u 40e 6j 405 71 3vg 76 3up 73 3u0 6t 3t8,4c 404 4s 40b 5c 40d#5k 3v6 5k 3u8 68 3tk 50 3tk 5k 3u8,5k 3v6 50 3vq 68 3vq 5k 3v6#T 5k 3vg,G -3oa so lv,G -3r4 jm gs,T 1e8 5d4,G 1j8 55a mg,G 4m 4di gs,T -cg 4f4,G 9c 4h0 e2,G 92 3r4 mg,G 1i 3re jm,G 2g 3us gs
BMX or Mountain Bike only. Med.

08-16-2008, 05:10:11
this is a pretty fun game!

08-16-2008, 08:40:08
Great game...

This level is completly for fun, BLOB ONLY:
-18 1i 18 1i,-1i -a -1s 0 -1i 0 -2g 0 -26 a -1i -a -1s -a -1s -k -26 -k -26 a,-18 a -18 0 -1i a -1i 0 -1i -a,-18 0 -1i 0,5g k 6j k 7v t 9b 1b at 1t c7 2j dk 3h f2 4h gc 5n hj 6v io 8a jj 9l k9 ar ku c1 lf cv lv dt mh f7 n0 gi nh i2 nu je o8 kj oi lq or n2 p5 oh pg q4 pp rg q4 su qh uf r2 vv rk 11a sa 12e sv 138 tm 13v ui 14f vc 14r 10c 156 11m 15i 132 15t 14j 165 15u 16a 17d 16a 18u 167 1ag 162 1c3 15o 1dl 157 1f7 14k 1go 13t 1i3 12v 1j9 11r 1ke 10l 1lf vb 1me u0,-1i 1s -1i 42,18 1s -18 1s -18 4c 18 4c -18 1s,-18 4m 18 4m,18 1s -18 4c,18 4c 18 1s,-1i 4c -1i 42,1i 4c 1i 1s,-u 1s -u 4c 18 26 u 1s -18 42 -u 4c,18 26 -18 26 u 4c u 1s,-18 42 18 42 u 4c,18 42 -u 1s -18 26,18 3o -18 3o k 1s 18 2g -k 4c -18 3o,k 1s k 4c 18 3o,k 4c -18 2g -k 1s 18 3o,-18 2g 18 2g,-k 4c -k 1s,18 3e -18 3e a 1s a 4c 18 3e -a 1s -a 4c -18 3e,a 1s 18 2q -18 2q a 4c,18 2q -a 4c,-a 1s -18 2q,0 4c 18 34 0 1s -18 34 18 34,-18 34 0 4c 0 1s,-u 2g -a 26 -u 2q 0 26 -u 34 k 42 u 34 a 26,-u 2g 0 26 u 34 -a 26,-u 2g a 26,-u 2g k 26 -u 34 0 42 u 34 -u 26,-u 2g u 26,u 2g a 26,u 2g 0 26 u 42 -u 34 -k 42 u 34 a 42 -u 34 -a 26,u 2g -a 26,u 2g -k 26 -u 34 a 26,u 2g -u 26,-k 26 -u 2q,-k 26 -u 34 u 26,-k 26 -u 3e 0 26 -u 3o 0 42 u 3e,-k 26 -u 3o -k 42 u 3o 0 42 u 2q,-k 26 -u 3o 0 42 u 26,-k 26 -u 42 0 26 u 3e,-k 42 -u 26,-k 42 -u 2g 0 42 -u 3e,-k 42 -u 2q,-k 42 -u 34 0 42 -u 2q,-k 42 -u 3e,-k 42 -u 3o u 42,k 42 -u 3o,-a 42 -u 3o,u 3o -u 42,u 3o -a 42 -u 34 -u 3e,0 42 u 3o 0 26 -u 2g,u 3o a 42,k 42 u 26,u 2g k 42 u 3e,k 42 u 2q,u 34 k 42,k 26 u 42,u 3o k 26 u 34 -a 42,k 26 u 3e,u 34 k 26 u 2q,0 26 u 2q,u 2g 0 26,0 42 -u 26,u 2g 0 42,u 34 0 42,u 34 -u 42,-k 26 u 34,0 2q -a 3e a 34 -a 2q,a 3e 0 2q,0 3e -a 2q,0 3e a 2q,a 3e -a 34 a 2q,a 2g -a 3o,a 3o -a 2g,-k 3e k 2q,k 3e -k 2q,2ne sq 2o6 u9 2ot vq 2pj 11d 2q9 131 2qt 14n 2rj 16e 2s8 185 2sv 19t 2to 1bl 2up 1d5 301 1eg 31a 1fr 32p 1gm 343 1h1 35f 1ha 36r 1h3 38c 1gi 39m 1g0 3av 1fc 3bv 1eg 3cm 1dp 3d9 1d1,5k k -2g a 6i k,-2g a -2g -18 -u a -2g a -1s -a,-1s -k -2g 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2c5 559 2de 56h 2el 57t 2fq 59a 2gt 5ao 2ht 5c8 2ir 5do 2jn 5f3 2kf 5g6 2l2 5ha 2ll 5i8 2m5 5j5 2mk 5jv 2n1 5kk 2nd 5l8 2nn 5lp 2nv 5m7 2o5 5ml 2o9 5n7 2oc 5nn 2oe 5o6 2of,5m9 2o6 5mn 2o9,50d 275 50q 27o,7fj 23m 7fp 24n 7fu 25m 7g3 26j 7g7 27c 7g9 288 7gd 295 7gl 2a8 7gt 2bi 7h4 2cs 7hb 2ec 7hg 2fm 7hn 2h2 7hv 2ii 7i8 2k5 7ih 2lp 7is 2nf 7j7 2p6 7ji 2qv 7jt 2so 7k8 2uj 7kj 30d 7kv 329 7lc 344 7lr 361 7ma 37u 7mq 39s 7nd 3bq 7o1 3dp 7ol 3fo 7p9 3hn 7pu 3jm 7qk 3ll 7rb 3nl 7s3 3pk 7ss 3rk 7tm 3tj 7ub 3v3 7v0 40i 7vl 422 80a 43i 80v 451 81u 46u 835 48m 84j 4a8 862 4bp 87i 4da 88p 4ee 8a2 4ff 8bf 4gd 8ct 4h9 8ec 4i5 8fr 4iv 8hd 4jl 8iv 4k8 8kh 4kp 8m2 4la 8o4 4lp 8q6 4lu 8s7 4lv 8u7 4lt 903 4lh 91s 4l0 93k 4kg 953 4jq 964 4j3 96v 4i7 97i 4h7 97q 4ga,7fh 1u5 7fh 1ut 7fh 1vs 7fh 20p 7fh 21q 7fk 22t,7fo 242 7fs 250 7fv 25s 7g2 26k,7fj 23q 7fi 237,7fg 23f 7fg 22s 7ff 229,9tp 44a 9tp 4cn,9o5 4aq 9su 4fd,9ut 4fd a2u 4b7,9hu 43h 9hv 4p5 a9v 4p5,9hv 417 9hv 445 9hv 43r,aa0 4p4 aa0 41c##G a9m 44g 71,G 9ii 45e 47,G 9i8 4ni 2q,T 9ii 4o6,G a9m 4ni 8e,T 9si 412,B 9uo 4fe 71,B 9v2 4f4 71,B 9vc 4eq 71,B 9vm 4eg 71,B a00 4e6 71,B a0a 4ds 71,B a0k 4di 71,B a0u 4d8 71,B a18 4cu 71,B a1i 4ck 71,B a1s 4ca 71,B a26 4c0 71,B a2g 4bm 71,B a2q 4bc 71,B a34 4b2 71,B a3e 4ao 71,B 9ss 4fe 47,B 9si 4f4 47,B 9s8 4eq 47,B 9ru 4eg 47,B 9rk 4e6 47,B 9ra 4ds 47,B 9r0 4di 47,B 9qm 4d8 47,B 9qc 4cu 47,B 9q2 4ck 47,B 9po 4ca 47,B 9pe 4c0 47,B 9p4 4bm 47,B 9oq 4bc 47,B 9og 4b2 47,B 9o6 4ao 47,B 9tq 4ck 5k,B 9tq 4ca 5k,B 9tq 4c0 5k,B 9tq 4bm 5k,B 9tq 4bc 5k,B 9tq 4b2 5k,B 9tq 4ao 5k,B 9tq 4ae 5k,B 9tq 4a4 5k,B 9tq 49q 5k,B 9tq 49g 5k,B 9tq 496 5k,B 9tq 48s 5k,B 9tq 48i 5k,B 9tq 488 5k,B 9tq 47u 5k,B 9tq 47k 5k,B 9tq 47a 5k,B 9tq 470 5k,B 9tq 46m 5k,B 9tq 46c 5k,B 9tq 462 5k,B 9tq 45o 5k,B 9tq 45e 5k,B 9tq 454 5k,B 9tq 44q 5k,B 9tq 44g 5k,T 9ra 3vg,T 9p4 3s2,T 9qc 3tk,T 9ni 3qq,T 9lc 3r4,T 9jg 3s2,T 9hk 3tk,T 9g2 3vg,T 9eg 420,T 9vc 4o6,T 9d8 454,T 9c0 47u,T 9ao 4b2,T 996 4ds,T 9tg 42u,T a9m 4oq,T a9m 4og,T a9m 4o6,T a9c 4o6,T a9c 4og,T a9c 4oq,T a92 4oq,T a92 4og,T a92 4o6,T a8o 4o6,T a8o 4og,T a8o 4oq,T a8e 4oq,T a8e 4og,T a8e 4o6,T a84 4o6,T a84 4og,T a84 4oq,T a7q 4oq,T a7q 4og,T a7q 4o6,T a7g 4o6,T a7g 4og,T a7g 4oq,T a76 4oq,T a76 4og,T a76 4o6,T a6s 4o6,T a6s 4og,T a6s 4oq,T a6i 4oq,T a6i 4og,T a6i 4o6,T a68 4o6,T a68 4og,T a68 4oq,T a5u 4oq,T a5u 4og,T a5u 4o6,T a5k 4o6,T a5k 4og,T a5k 4oq,T a5a 4oq,T a5a 4og,T a5a 4o6,T a50 4o6,T a50 4og,T a50 4oq,T a4m 4oq,T a4m 4og,T a4m 4o6,T a4c 4o6,T a4c 4og,T a4c 4oq,T a42 4oq,T a42 4og,T a42 4o6,T a3o 4o6,T a3o 4og,T a3o 4oq,T a3e 4oq,T a3e 4og,T a3e 4o6,T a34 4o6,T a34 4og,T a34 4oq,T a2q 4oq,T a2q 4og,T a2q 4o6,T a2g 4o6,T a2g 4og,T a2g 4oq,T a26 4oq,T a26 4og,T a26 4o6,T a1s 4o6,T a1s 4og,T a1s 4oq,T a1i 4oq,T a1i 4og,T a1i 4o6,T a18 4o6,T a18 4og,T a18 4oq,T a0u 4oq,T a0u 4og,T a0u 4o6,T a0k 4o6,T a0k 4og,T a0k 4oq,T a0a 4oq,T a0a 4og,T a0a 4o6,T a00 4o6,T a00 4og,T a00 4oq,T 9vm 4oq,T 9vm 4og,T 9vm 4o6,T 9vc 4og,T 9vc 4oq,T 9v2 4oq,T 9v2 4og,T 9v2 4o6,T 9uo 4o6,T 9uo 4og,T 9uo 4oq,T 9ue 4oq,T 9ue 4og,T 9ue 4o6,T 9u4 4o6,T 9u4 4og,T 9u4 4oq,T 9tq 4oq,T 9tq 4og,T 9tq 4o6,T 9tg 4o6,T 9tg 4og,T 9tg 4oq,T 9t6 4oq,T 9t6 4og,T 9t6 4o6,T 9ss 4o6,T 9ss 4og,T 9ss 4oq,T 9si 4oq,T 9si 4og,T 9si 4o6,T 9s8 4o6,T 9s8 4og,T 9s8 4oq,T 9ru 4oq,T 9ru 4og,T 9ru 4o6,T 9rk 4o6,T 9rk 4og,T 9rk 4oq,T 9ra 4oq,T 9ra 4og,T 9ra 4o6,T 9r0 4o6,T 9r0 4og,T 9r0 4oq,T 9qm 4oq,T 9qm 4og,T 9qm 4o6,T 9qc 4o6,T 9qc 4og,T 9qc 4oq,T 9q2 4oq,T 9q2 4og,T 9q2 4o6,T 9po 4o6,T 9po 4og,T 9po 4oq,T 9pe 4oq,T 9pe 4og,T 9pe 4o6,T 9p4 4o6,T 9p4 4og,T 9p4 4oq,T 9oq 4oq,T 9oq 4og,T 9oq 4o6,T 9og 4o6,T 9og 4og,T 9og 4oq,T 9o6 4oq,T 9o6 4og,T 9o6 4o6,T 9ns 4o6,T 9ns 4og,T 9ns 4oq,T 9ni 4oq,T 9ni 4og,T 9ni 4o6,T 9n8 4o6,T 9n8 4og,T 9n8 4oq,T 9mu 4oq,T 9mu 4og,T 9mu 4o6,T 9mk 4o6,T 9mk 4og,T 9mk 4oq,T 9ma 4oq,T 9ma 4og,T 9ma 4o6,T 9m0 4o6,T 9m0 4og,T 9m0 4oq,T 9lm 4oq,T 9lm 4og,T 9lm 4o6,T 9lc 4o6,T 9lc 4og,T 9lc 4oq,T 9l2 4oq,T 9l2 4og,T 9l2 4o6,T 9ko 4o6,T 9ko 4og,T 9ko 4oq,T 9ke 4oq,T 9ke 4og,T 9ke 4o6,T 9k4 4o6,T 9k4 4og,T 9k4 4oq,T 9jq 4oq,T 9jq 4og,T 9jq 4o6,T 9jg 4o6,T 9jg 4og,T 9jg 4oq,T 9j6 4oq,T 9j6 4og,T 9j6 4o6,T 9is 4o6,T 9is 4og,T 9is 4oq,T 9ii 4oq,T 9ii 4og,T 9i8 4o6,T 9i8 4og,T 9i8 4oq,S 97q 4g9,T 71v 1m2,T 700 1n5,T 6u4 1pn,T 6si 1s2,T 6qm 1uj,T 9tp 449,T 748 1lb,T 6oq 211,T 6n8 23m,T 6lu 26c,T 6kg 28n,T 771 1ls,T 4si 1s5,T 4s5 1tv,T 4rk 207,T 4r0 22i,T 4qc 255,T 4pv 27g,T 4pg 29e,T 4p1 2bu,T 4og 2eh,T 4o3 2hd,T 4nk 2kp,T 4n3 2o2,T 4n0 2qk,T 4vt 25b,T 4vp 23j,T 4vm 21p,T 4vf 1vu,T 4v3 1u1,T 4v0 1rr,T 4uh 1qa,T 4tn 1pb,T 4sp 1qi,T 4md 2uv,T 4md 2t0,T 40c 141,T 3u7 13j,T 3s0 13d,T 3pl 13h,T 3n9 143,T 3ku 155,T 3it 16p,T 3gn 18r,T 3eq 1au,T 1qm p4,T 1o1 s1,T 23i fk,T 217 hl,T 1va k5,T 1t3 ml,T 26k dj,T 794 1mv,T 7ap 1o2,T 7dh 1r3,T 7eo 1sv,T 7cc 1pa,S 6k0 2ah,S 4mb 308,B 4bt 2tr 4u,B 4ck 2vm 4l,B 4dh 318 48,S 3d7 1ct,S 1mf tq,B 4m9 312 9,B 4lv 31t l,B 4lf 32n 10,B 4km 33a 1l,B 4ie 341 28,B 4h2 344 2n,B 4fp 33h 3j,B 4ej 32c 46,B 42 u 2q,B 42 0 2q,B 3e 0 2q,B 3e u 2q,B 1i u 2q,B 1i 0 2q,B 26 0 2q,B 26 u 2q,B 2q 0 2q,B 2q u 2q

300 Stars, but it is easy!

08-16-2008, 09:17:50
wow cool game :D

08-16-2008, 18:57:32
This is the ultimate test of your unicycle skills!!!

Unicycle: Impossibly hard
Blob: Easy, if you know his secret move
All others: Impossible

-18 1i 18 1i,-18 1i 1i -18,-18 1i 50 1i,68 1i 9m 1i li 3o,9m 1i g8 34 l8 4c a0 u 68 1i,a0 u gi 2g,a0 u tm 5k,a0 u 9m 1i,l8 4c li 3o,m6 2q u0 4m,fk 2k fn 29 fh 2u,9t 17 lb 42,9r 16 68 1i##G 5u -4m 5k,G 6i -50 5k,G 76 -5a 5k,G 7q -5k 5k,G 8e -5u 5k,B uu 42 47,B uk 3o 47,B ua 3e 47,B 106 42 5k,B 106 3o 5k,B 106 3e 5k,B 11e 42 71,B 11o 3o 71,B 122 3e 71,B 11e 5a 8e,B 11o 5a 8e,B 122 5a 8e,B 11e 6i 9r,B 11o 6s 9r,B 122 76 9r,B 106 6i b8,B 106 6s b8,B 106 76 b8,B uu 6i 1d,B uk 6s 1d,B ua 76 1d,B t2 8e 1d,B so 8o 1d,B se 92 1d,B 106 8e b8,B 106 8o b8,B 106 92 b8,B 13a 8e 9r,B 13k 8o 9r,B 13u 92 9r,B 13a 5a 8e,B 13k 5a 8e,B 13u 5a 8e,G 14i 5a 8e,B 13a 26 71,B 13k 1s 71,B 13u 1i 71,B 106 26 5k,B 106 1s 5k,B 106 1i 5k,B t2 26 47,B so 1s 47,B se 1i 47,G rq u 47,G tm 2q 47,G rq 9m 1d,G tm 7q 1d,G 106 9m b8,G 106 7q b8,G 14i 9m 9r,G 12m 7q 9r,G 12m 5a 8e,G 14i u 71,G 12m 2q 71,G 106 u 5k,G 106 2q 5k,T 106 5a,G 10q 5u 9r,G 106 5u b8,G vi 5u 1d,G vi 4m 47,G 106 4m 5k,G 10q 4m 71,G 10q 5a 8e,G vs 5k 1d,G 106 5k b8,G 10g 5k 9r,G 10g 5a 8e,G 10g 50 71,G 106 50 5k,G vs 50 47,G vs 5a 2q,G vi 5a 2q,G v8 5a 2q,G uu 5a 2q,G uk 5a 2q,G ua 5a 2q,G 5k 1i b8

This is the ultimate test of your flying skills:
Balloon: Very Hard
Helicopter: Impossibly hard
All others: Impossible.
-18 1i 18 1i 6os 1i,-18 -so 4l2 -so 4l2 1i,no -fa no -so,10q -so 10q -i4,10q -cg 10q 1i,12m -gs 12m -so,14i -so 14i -g8 10q -hg,14i -de 14i 1i,1bo 1i 1bo -fk,1le -so 1le -ne,1le -fa 1le 1i,1ug 1i 1ug -4m,68 1i 68 -2q,aa 1i aa -50,ec 1i ec -7g ec -76,1ug -9m 1ug -42,1ug -fa 1ug -so,278 1i 278 -26 278 -5a,278 -92 278 -so,1le -l8 1le -o2,1bo -hg 1bo -f0,14i -de 10q -cg,10q -ie 10q -hg,12m -cq 12m 1i,42a -cg 42a 1i,-1i -1i -1i -so -18 -so,-1i -1i -1i 1i -18 1i,6i -bs 6i -so,e2 -hg e2 -so,aa -em aa -so,2gk 1i 2gk -3o,2gk -no 2gk -so,3me -ec 2oe -ec 2o4 -ec 2o4 -fk,3ui -f0 3ui -so,2sq -mq 2sq -so,324 -ec 324 -k0,382 -se 382 -mq,3dm -ec 3dm -j2,3ks -so 3ks -mg,2o4 1i 2o4 -b8,2pc -aa 2pc 1i,2qk 1i 2qk -8e,2s6 1i 2s6 -5u,2to 1i 2to -3o,2va 1i 2va -1i,30i 1i 30i 0,33m -50 33m 1i,32o 1i 32o -5k,31q 1i 31q -68,30i 18 30i -6s,2va -k 2va -7g,2to -2q 2to -8e,2s6 -5a 2s6 -92,2qk -84 2qk -a0,2pc -aa 2pc -ak,2pc -e2 2pc -ec,39k -5k 39k -ec,38c -68 38c -ec,36q -ec 36q -76,35i -7q 35i -ec,34a -ec 34a -8e,32o -92 32o -ec,31g -ec 31g -9m,2vk -ak 2vk -ec,2um -ec 2um -b8,2to -bi 2to -ec,2sg -ec 2sg -c6,2qu -d4 2qu -ec,2qa -ec 2qa -de,3ai -18 3ai 1i,3ce 1i 3ce -1i,3ea 1i 3ea -26,3fs 1i 3fs -34,3h4 1i 3h4 -3o,3j0 1i 3j0 -50,3ki 1i 3ki -5u,3lg 1i 3lg -6i,3mo 1i 3mo -7g,3me -ec 3me -au,3lg -ak 3lg -ec,3ki -ec 3ki -9m,3jk -92 3jk -ec,3ic -ec 3ic -8o,3he -84 3he -ec,3gg -ec 3gg -7g,3fi -6s 3fi -ec,3ek -ec 3ek -6i,3dm -5u 3dm -ec,3ce -ec 3ce -5k,3b6 -5k 3b6 -ec,3b6 -5a 3b6 -5u,39a 1i 39a -18,382 1i 382 -1s,36q 1i 36q -2g,35i 1i 35i -34,34k -42 34k 1i#4bm -ls 4c0 -l8 4c0 -jm,4c0 -l8 4ca -li,4cu -jm 4d8 -ls 4e6 -jm,4di -ku 4d8 -ku,4eg -ls 4eq -ku 4eq -k0,4eq -ku 4fe -ls,470 -bs 47u -au 47u -84,47u -au 496 -bs,4ae -7q 49g -8e 49g -au 4ae -bs 4bm -au 4bm -8o 4ae -7q,4ca -bs 4ca -8o 4cu -84 4di -84 4e6 -8o 4e6 -bs 4e6 -84,4ae -6s 4bm -34 4ck -4m 4d8 -34 4eq -6s,4fe -6s 4gm -6s,4g2 -6s 4g2 -34,4fe -34 4gm -34,4ha -34 4ha -6s 4is -34 4is -6s,4jq -6s 4jq -42,4jg -3e 4k4 -3e 4jg -34 4k4 -34 4jq -3e 4jq -2q 4jg -34 4jq -2q 4k4 -34,4k4 -3e 4k4 -2q 4jq -34,4k4 -2q 4jg -2q 4jq -3e,4jg -2q 4jg -3e 4k4 -34,4jg -3e 4k4 -2q 4jq -3e,4jg -2q 4k4 -3e 4jq -2q,4jg -34 4jq -3e,4jg -3e 4jq -2q,4k4 -2q 4jg -34,4jg -2q 4k4 -34#O 68 -ls,O 50 -ls,O 3o -ls,O 2g -ls,O 18 -ls,O 0 -ls,O -18 -ls,O -k -mg,O k -mg,O 1s -mg,O 34 -mg,O 4c -mg,O 3o -n4,O 3o -n4,O 68 -ls,O 5k -mg,O 50 -n4,O 3o -n4,O 2g -n4,O 18 -n4,O 0 -n4,O k -no,O 1s -no,O 34 -no,O 4c -no,O 3o -oc,O 18 -oc,O 2g -oc,O 34 -p0,O 1s -p0,O 2g -pk,T 4d8 -de

08-24-2008, 15:39:08
Justeasy: have you seen my blob video in YouTube (im TheStickKid)? cause thats where the "secret move" is for that blob. sorry.:)

Anyway that games neverend for me:
-18 1i 18 1i 25 1r 2s 2d 3f 37 40 47 4c 57 4q 6d 5a 7o 5s 99 6d ai 6v bt 7h da 85 eo 8q g8 9f hp a5 ja au kr c4 m4 di n3 f3 nl gm nr id nr k9 np m6 no o0 o4 ph p2 qj q8 r6 ri r7 t1 qs u8 q5 ve pa 10q oq 123 og 13h ol 14v p8 16b q8 17e rg 181 st 181 uh 17n 109 179 122 16r 13s 16e 15k 169 176 16i 18h 17a 19i 18d 19v 19t 19t 1bh 19e 1d7 18o 1ev 17q 1gp 16s 1ij 162 1ke 15o 1m8 163 1o0 174 1pj 18k 1qr 1a7 1rv 1c0 1sr 1ds 1tf 1fo 1tu 1hj 1u4 1je 1u0 1l9 1tj 1n3 1su 1ot 1s2 1qi 1qt 1s6 1pj 1tq 1o8 1ve 1mt 213 1lh 22a 1kg 242 1ja 25s 1id 27l 1ht 298 1hr 2af 1i4 2bj 1ir 2ck 1k0 2db 1l7 2du 1ml 2ei 1o5 2f7 1pm 2fo 1rb 2g1 1t0 2g9 1un 2gg 20e 2gs 225 2hh 23q 2ib 25f 2j9 274 2ka 28p 2le 2ae 2mj 2c2 2nr 2dm 2p7 2f6 2qj 2gn 2s1 2i4 2tg 2jh 2uv 2ku 30f 2m9 320 2nh 33i 2oo 353 2pp 36k 2qk 380 2r7 398 2ri 3ai 2rm 3c2 2rm 3dj 2rf 3f5 2r3 3gn 2qj 3ib 2pt 3jv 2p5 3lk 2ob 3nb 2nl 3p2 2n3 3qq 2ml 3si 2me 3ub 2me 404 2mj 41s 2n3 43k 2no 45d 2oi 476 2pd 48v 2q7 4ap 2qt 4ci 2rd 4ec 2ri 4g4 2r8 4hr 2qk,4hr 2qk 4jh 2pm 4l8 2ok 4mu 2ng,4mu 2ng 4om 2md 4qf 2le 4sa 2kl 4u5 2k6 501 2k4 51u 2kh 53q 2lb 55l 2mg 572 2ni 58d 2ol 59q 2po 5b6 2qq 5ci 2rp 5ed 2sm 5g6 2t2 5hv 2sn 5jo 2rp 5lf 2qd 5mp 2p9 5o2 2o2 5pc 2mq 5qm 2lh 5s0 2k7 5tb 2it 5um 2hk 602 2gh 61e 2fn 639 2f2 656 2f7 674 2g1 68i 2gq 6a0 2hq 6be 2ir 6cs 2jv 6eb 2l6 6fp 2md 6h7 2nk 6ij 2or 6js 2pu 6lc 2qr 6mm 2qp 6no 2q5 6or 2p5 6po 2o1 6ql 2mp 6rh 2le 6se 2k0 6tb 2ip 6ug 2j3 6v5 2k5 6vn 2lf 70c 2mv 70t 2o9 71e 2pl 721 2r1 72o 2sb 73j 2tc 74k 2t2 750 2s0 75a 2qu 75k 2pp 765 2oh 76s 2n8 77i 2m3 78a 2lb 79c 2m3 79t 2nc 7ab 2on 7aq 2q5 7ba 2rj 7br 2t4 7ce 2u7 7d3 2v4 7ds 2vs 7es 30a 7g9 30n 7hp 314 7j3 31d 7kf 31j 7lt 31q 7nd 321 7ou 326 7qh 32d 7s5 32i 7tq 32m 7vg 32q 817 32u 82u 331 84l 335 86d 338 886 33a 89v 33a 8bp 33a 8dl 339 8fi 333 8hf 32n 8jc 325 8l7 31d 8n1 30g 8oo 2ve 8qa 2u8 8rk 2su 8sh 2rh 8t4 2q5 8tc 2oo 8t4 2nh 8se 2mh 8rg 2ll 8qb 2kk 8pa 2jo 8o7 2iv 8ms 2id 8ll 2i7 8ke 2ig 8jc 2j3 8ig 2jv 8hp 2ks 8gv 2m1 8g1 2nc 8f6 2of 8e3 2pa 8cs 2po 8bg 2pk 8a6 2p1 893 2o5 882 2n2 87a 2ln 870 2kb 875 2ir 87k 2hk 88b 2gk 898 2ft 8ae 2fe 8bs 2f3 8d7 2en 8em 2e7 8g8 2dl 8hq 2d0 8jd 2ce 8l0 2c3 8me 2br 8nt 2bh 8pg 2av 8qt 29t 8s0 28j 8sr 275 8te 25m 8th 247 8t8 230 8sk 21p 8r8 20o 8pq 1vv 8oa 1va 8mn 1ur 8lb 1uh 8js 1ud 8ik 1ug 8hh 1uo 8gf 1v8 8fb 1vv 8e4 212 8db 227 8dc 23l 8eb 24l 8fi 25b 8gt 25m 8i7 25m 8jd 25e 8k9 24t 8kk 23u 8k6 233,736 2sq 73q 2r8 74o 2sq#702 2h8 702 2f2 71k 2f2,702 2g0 71k 2g0,78q 2hs 78q 2je,72s 2ga 72s 2i6 744 2i6,75m 2je 76u 2hi,76a 2ig 75m 2hi,71u 2q0 71u 2p2 72i 2pc 72i 2pm 728 2q0 71u 2q0,72s 2q0 736 2q0 736 2pc 72s 2pc 72s 2q0,73g 2pc 73q 2p2,744 2q0 744 2p2,744 2pm 74e 2pm 74e 2q0,752 2p2 752 2pm,752 2q0 752 2qa,752 2p2 752 2oo,7d6 2sg 7dg 2te 7dq 2t4 7e4 2te 7ee 2sq,7f2 2te 7f2 2sq 7fc 2sq 7fc 2te 7f2 2te,7fm 2te 7fm 2sq 7g0 2sq 7g0 2te 7fm 2te,7ga 2te 7ga 2sq,7ga 2t4 7gk 2t4 7gk 2te,7gu 2te 7gu 2sq 7h8 2sq 7h8 2te 7gu 2te,7hi 2te 7hi 2sq 7hs 2sq 7hs 2te 7hi 2t4,7ig 2sq 7ig 2te,7ig 2to 7ig 2u2,7ig 2sq 7ig 2sg,8e0 2to 8ek 30i 8f8 2vk,8d2 2vk 8ek 30i#G 8e0 228 5k,G 8ju 1ve 8e,G 8t0 25c b8,G 8o0 2ac 2q,G 87e 2fc 5k,G 87e 2ng 2q,G 8ea 2q0 b8,G 8lq 2j4 8e,G 8ro 2n6 b8,T 8eu 32o,G 8eu 32o 2q,B 6sa 2je 12,T 78q 2kc,T 8ja 24o
NO BLOB! Bikes Only. Hard.