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12-25-2007, 16:13:06
Mesiria 3 is out now! :ura:

Got the link from newgrounds.com:



This game is not suitable for children.

12-26-2007, 05:32:56
`The game keeps freezing for me when im fighting the squid! Once the squid lights up a ball under his tentacle im frozen!

aww... so annoying

12-26-2007, 06:38:48
hmm... what happened to boost? wasnt there a healing effect in chapter 2??

12-26-2007, 22:23:41
Its not lettin me hitch the switch on Chapter 1???

12-27-2007, 11:30:05
me thinks i'm going in circles.

I'm at an ICY part supposedely looking for some stupid professeur that keeps moving??.. and anyway i got to a save point with a house, but is there where I proceed :?

12-27-2007, 18:01:50
How do you open doors and look in barrels?

12-27-2007, 20:18:10
@chocoRiver: I dont think you can in the third one.

is there anyway to sell whaty you have? ive been to many shops and i dont see anything...if i remember right couldnt you do that in the others?

edit: when you get to the part where you need to find the man in the snowy place is that the end of the chapter? i cant seem to get any further.

12-27-2007, 21:25:20
once you find the man, you go to the town on the water, and go to where the boats are... thats where you will run into the squid that i cant beat!

12-28-2007, 00:04:18
I know where the guy is and went i played the version that was on Gamershood he wasnt there. I went to his house multiple times and he never showed...it was a glitch. I played the version they have on: http://www.snailsanimation.com/Mesiria_chp3/Mesiria_chp3.html which is the actual site which made the game. I played the game thru there and the man showed..and i then went and slaughtered the squid...only one of my people died but i revived him and in the end everyone was alive.

12-28-2007, 02:47:01
umm... I can't find the rogue guy,... with the knives,... anywhere... where do you find him? I'm in that place called ortema I think...

EDIT: well, the power of posting worked, so nevermind... =)

12-28-2007, 06:27:42
so again.. does anyone know where to go in the snowy place??

12-28-2007, 20:51:59
How do you open doors and look in barrels?

I must say that I am not enjoying the modifications to the combat and other menus. I prefer the combat system from the previous games.

12-30-2007, 06:24:20
maybe... i should play the OTHER games instead?

01-01-2008, 01:10:54
so again.. does anyone know where to go in the snowy place??

Alright, if you haven't found the house in the woods yet, then here are some directions... (sorry, I played this on the other computer, so my save file isn't there, so I'm doing this by memory...)

first things first, head directly left upon entering the forest. Keep going left until you hit a line of trees that you can't go through. Afterwards, head up. Take a right at the first intersection. Keep moving forward past the next intersection (it leads to nothingness) and go up on the next intersection(I think). then I think there aren't anymore intersections till you get to the guys house...:poze:

12-18-2008, 20:49:26
can someone please help me i cant pick anything up or even talk to the people i meet

10-25-2009, 17:22:43