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03-03-2006, 20:47:07
did a search and couldnt find anything with this name on it.its a scary game.
if its already been posted sorry.but i didnt find it while searching.




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03-03-2006, 21:35:12

03-03-2006, 21:36:13
slightly odd game, and i keep dying! what do we have to do with the game? the hyperlinks from clicking are kind of small, and the graphics aren't that great, but it LOOKS like a fairly good game...

03-03-2006, 21:38:52
this might sound stupid but i cant go anywhere i clicked everywhere

03-03-2006, 21:40:07
I finished....pretty easy! I really liked this one!

03-03-2006, 21:41:49
finished!about first one I didn't need help for

03-03-2006, 21:54:53
this might sound stupid but i cant go anywhere i clicked everywhere

Use the TAB key, also use the MAP at the right top corner

03-03-2006, 21:55:22
YUPfinished...not bad...

Jenny uk
03-04-2006, 01:27:34
i thought that was gonna be scary and ddifficult...confused

03-04-2006, 01:44:05
Done!! That was easier than I thought it would be at first.

elvis prestley
03-04-2006, 10:31:21
That was very stupid dumm game.

03-04-2006, 12:26:27
omg lol my clock on the computer didnt even click over a minute for me to finish this game maybe i was really lucky? lol silly

03-04-2006, 22:02:31
Didnt really find this game scary just weird, you basically go through the entire game just through trial and error with the codes rather than have a certain code. if that makes any sense lol.

i got really bored so made a walkthrough.

go to hospital
go to hallway (door on left)
use lockpick
enter first door
click picture of girl ( enter code 317)
then Z F
you will see sheet of blank paper, use your lighter on it,
you will see code sun moon wind star ( you'll need this later)
now, go on your map and visit the graveyard
ignore the riddle on right (have no idea wot this is, may have something to do with secrets you find in the game, but i just could not be arsed to figure it out lol)
anyway, click on the gate- code is 2310
click statue code- sun moon wind stars
click yes to keep the drug in the cooler
go to your map, and visit the church
click the altar code- exodus, ruth, ezra, malachi
you get no.28
go to the basketball court on your map, and click the right bin,
you get the no.19
i have no idea what the date 1928 is for ? anyone else?
go to your map, and click the furthest unnamed red cross on you right
youll find a car, ( the book in the garage should tell you how to start the car) but ill tel you anyway,
connect battery to oscillator
connect coil to rotor
connect rotor and spark plugs
and ...... you win!!!!
confused???? yea me too!

03-05-2006, 02:07:23
Finished for the 1st time with no help. :fly:

03-05-2006, 02:11:54
lol this is the walkthrough that got me thru it in like 20secs.

go to map
go to jameston memorial park
click plaque and read it
click door
click 2310 (the plaque says tells you pretty much)
click statue
click sun moon wind star (you know this because if you click a piece and it gets you out of it its wrong.)
then go to the cross on the map that has no name, far right
click car
then click the 3rd, 2nd then 5th option (you know this because if you click a piece and it gets you out of its wrong)
and taadaa u finished lol

09-25-2006, 03:10:02
I Didn't Really Like This One....some Reason
It Got On My Nerves.....dunno Why..