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01-24-2008, 02:38:52
"a new point and click adventure game sponsored by Cisco and published at Fox website. Step into Sarah Connor’s shoes. You’ve gone to find your son, but something is wrong. Do your best to track John and Cameron and stay off the radar to avoid the Terminators on your tail! Good luck and have fun!"


it seems to start you need to sign up by giving a email and making a password

Please use spoilers to give hints:
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01-24-2008, 02:54:33
Surprisingly, jumping down the laundry chute is not the way to success.

And yet I tried it anyway.

And then followed it up with a soaring leap from a second story window. Linda Hamilton, I'm not. :)

EDIT: You can make up a fake address and password. You're not signing up for anything - or if you are, bob@bob.bob is going to be surprised.

01-24-2008, 03:02:03
haha! I tried the laundry chute also :P

don't try the elevator

01-24-2008, 05:01:07
..umm LOL I tried the elevator

...& although in the past, I've already been sling shot into the great unknown by my Mistiously spacial sista only to discover bunnies don't fly... I went & tried the window anyway! :haha:

*note to self: read back before trying to commit suicide again* :P

BTW: my email was OneBunny@abasementunder.hood

Nice graphics in this one! :)

01-24-2008, 05:51:11
Made it out through

the laundry chute.

Apparently there is more than one way out

01-24-2008, 10:39:11
I guess jumping out the window of the second floor isn't such a good idea huh? oh well i'll try again later

01-24-2008, 14:46:46
There are two good ways out.

Go out the laundry chute after you've made a safe landing spot

Jump out the window once you've found a way to not have to jump so far

Both ways use the same items.

01-25-2008, 00:25:11
found the way to make a rope and go out the window...haven't been successful with the laundry shoot yet...is that all though, at the end...just getting in the truck and leaving???

01-25-2008, 02:20:02
Yep, that's the end. I'm sure there'll be more to the game as the series progresses.

01-25-2008, 02:26:23
this game kinda sucked.
But it looked good.

katy kay
01-26-2008, 19:17:08
I beat it no Help, suprisingly and I didn't jump out a window, go down a laundry chute, or jump out the window! I feel like the smartest person on earth.

02-27-2008, 13:55:17
help anyone....i have a:-two ripped up sheets that i put together...

i have tried both the chute and the window with my ripped up sheets but to no avail...

02-27-2008, 20:17:15
i dont get it iv got out,, but is there meant 2 b another part or sumthing?

03-12-2008, 04:09:25
i love this show so i loved the game though it was way too short. I hope there's more episodes!! Good graphics!!