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02-11-2008, 07:36:19
This is a point-and-click game with different endings by the creator of Under One's Wing (http://gamershood.com/forum/showthread.php?t=285).
Help the little animal to get further by clicking the correct spots. Good luck :)

Play Here (http://www.moregames24.com/2008/02/shanabea-spread-its-wings.html)

Please use spoilers to give hints:
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02-11-2008, 07:44:26
The graphics are not that great, but it's still a cute little game. I'm out :)

02-11-2008, 07:55:20
I am not sure if I made it to the end or not.

There was some sort of egg thing, and then a gang of insects made me leave. Now there is a still picture of the guy/girl and you and there doesn't seem to be anything else to click.

02-11-2008, 07:56:37
At the final scene the bat (?) flies away, and some Japanese text is displayed.

02-11-2008, 07:59:28
I must have gotten a bad ending or have not finished yet. This is what I got:


02-11-2008, 08:01:47
Oh! I got something else indeed...
It looked more peaceful. The screen of my screenshot, but without the animal, because it could fly away.

02-11-2008, 08:02:53
Hmmm. I wonder what determines what ending you get.

02-11-2008, 08:05:27
That's a good question, Jack :haha:
I just clicked around as you, too.
Maybe I'm gonna replay it later and see what I get.

02-11-2008, 08:14:42
I played again and clicked only what was needed and I got the ending where you fly away.

02-11-2008, 08:15:46
Great! :D
So you did too much first :? *confused*

02-11-2008, 08:19:26
I pretty much crushed everything I could click on each screen the first time. I want to try one more time though.

Oh I see now. Look at the lower right corner of the screen. Certain actions give you eggs. The number of eggs determines the ending.

02-11-2008, 08:29:27
Thanks, now I've seen it :)
Didn't pay attention on that :haha:

Secret Song
06-13-2008, 09:19:14
I got an ending with just text in japanese, can't read it :)
I'll keep trying for the other endings:)

04-19-2009, 19:05:49
OK stuck now on the one with the fire flys..


For the second one
You click on one of the orange bubbles and get a note which tells you to turn the first three note downwards and then you click the cat thingy... :D