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03-07-2006, 22:13:15
point and click stickman game.


Eternal Becky
03-07-2006, 22:25:45
Weird game. He keeps dying.

03-07-2006, 22:32:03
yeah i know. im a weirdo..lol
u have to clear 4 levels and get the treasure at the end.need to be quick timing

03-08-2006, 13:17:06
Omg i had a walkthrough ready to post then i forgot my pass got it mailed to me copyed and pasted it changed my pass and now the walkthrough has been replaced by 98109239. Anyway if you want hints or spoilers just tell me. Nm found the walkthrough in a diff window.

Level 1 - Click on the large open space - Click lever - click again - click under his feet - click on the platform above him to the right

Level 2 - Click far right - click below him - click on the small dint above his head then quickly the ones next to it - click below him twice then after the first part of the floor falls through quickly click over the right side

Level 3 - click the gun click over to the right of the person - unscrew the bottom left, top right, top left, bottom right in that order - click the right arrow till your close to the other man and then click A - click the darker grey panel on the top right

Level 4 - click close above his head to the right - click the lump further across the ceiling - click on the right wall - click below him on the floor - click further across the floor to the left - click the piece of ground directly to the right of him - click above the box

Congratulations you've finished

03-08-2006, 14:50:20
I found another way to get down in level 4... you can click the rock underneath you and then click the rock at the far upper right corner and he'll jump off before he falls.

03-08-2006, 16:26:41
i can't do this! :( I'm stuck on level four, even though I've tried both ways ou've described! I can jump off the ledge onto the second level, but i can't get the box! What do i do? HELP PLEASE!

03-08-2006, 16:28:03
Ok, don't worry, i got it after i put that up! I didn't realise you had to pick the floor up and move it to get the box! U dint say that!

03-08-2006, 18:13:03
lol, strange gaem... but u just gotta luv watchin the sticks die like that:p

03-08-2006, 18:17:04
lol, u don't really need the walkthrough, just be quick n use tab

03-08-2006, 23:58:50
With tab key, everything is possible.

03-09-2006, 15:24:03
does anyone know the song in the background? it really is a funny game!

03-23-2006, 22:00:03
this game is really neat!!!! kinda hard to click without a optical mouse! but doable!!!

03-25-2006, 12:21:19
easiest game ever!

sams the best
04-14-2006, 19:55:37
i finally did it! it took me all of 2 minutes!

04-18-2006, 16:20:46
i need help on stickman odo 2 i cant get pass the level were you are in a room with 3 objects.... can someone post it!

04-18-2006, 16:22:03
my game makes no song.....

04-18-2006, 16:22:20

04-18-2006, 16:24:17
stick odo 2 click knife take to top right corner

04-10-2007, 11:49:35
Yay i did it.
I like this game.

Blood Razor
12-23-2007, 18:37:59
Level 1 - Click on lever twice.
Click just under the ground just beneath you.
Click on the ceiling in the gap. YAY LVL 1 clear
Level 2 - Click in an empty space on the right to make you move to the bridge.
Click near your feet on the bridge. The bridge will fall.
Now you have to do this next bit quite fast.
Click the gap's in the ceiling in order and you should get across.
Now you are at a new scene. You are standing on the edge of a cliff.
Click on the land beneath you. Now click again. You will fall.
Now (madly) click on the empty space on the right. LVL 2 clear
Level 3 - Click on weird shaped thing.
Click on the feint rectangle a few centimeters away.
Use the screwdriver by clicking the screws one by one.
First do the bottom left one.
Next the top right.
Then top left.
And finally the bottom right.
After that click on the rectangle.
Click the right arrow button twenty-four times then press 'A'.
Click the bullet.
Click the dark slanted rectangle bit on the ceiling and tadaa.
LVL 3 clear

You need ultra clicking speed for this one.
Click the first bump on the ceiling then the second.
Then click the kind of rotten bump in the middle of the right wall.
You should be standing against the wall now.
Click the bit of ground nearest to the right wall.
Click the small bump in the ground by the long bit of ground.
Click the long bit and you should pick up the ground.
Click on the chest and you guessed it.

Blood Razor
12-23-2007, 18:44:40
PM me for any more stickman game walkthroughs
I have a stickman odo 2 walkthrough aswelllllllll

07-16-2008, 07:00:58
:lam::lam:why is this game SO FLIPPIN HARD!!!!how the hell do you do the part where he picks up that gun...screwdriver...wadever it is.then what the<<<DELETED>>> do you do next?? :mad::damncpu::pcsmasher