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03-11-2008, 21:34:26
"This is a German point and click type adventure game which has five episodes to play. In this game, select places on the map and use your point and click skills to find items and clues for solving the games. Language may be barrier to figure out this game. Good luck!"


(click on the button "Los" towards the bottom to play)

Please use spoilers to give hints:
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old biker
03-11-2008, 22:02:15
i do understand the german , after a lot of trying you give the guitar player some money ,you get a "knabbernossi" give that to the cassiere ,you get in after a bit clickeing between the porter and the cassiere
found 1 snack after 400 clicks ,everybody is doing something for a snack (knabbernossi !)
i quit ,dont like the game

03-12-2008, 00:38:08
Would love to play these but I will have to wait for the English version. Love the graphics, they remind me of Roberta Williams Sierra King's Quest series.

03-12-2008, 00:53:59
Would love to play these but I will have to wait for the English version. Love the graphics, they remind me of Roberta Williams Sierra King's Quest series.

I like the graphics on these, too, but without knowing German, I was kinda lost. :P

And I LOVE the King's Quest games!!! :D Those were some of my favorite PC games ever. :D

03-12-2008, 05:46:03
Translation for first (Title) page:

Hello, I is Ketchi!
- and I am very sad, because the bad count kidnapped me. Your order is it now to free me. Look that you create with so few Klicks as only possible, then you can win a giant supply of KNABBERNOSSI products.


As the whole functions now:

You have a backpack available, with which you can in-collect the whole articles, which you will find. You see all articles, which are in the backpack, then right down. As you can see, already possesses you a map, a tent, a sleeping bag and a flashlight. With the map you can navigate yourself then by the scenario, by opening her, and then on the desired place click. If you see a new article, then you need it to only click, to gather in order him. If you want to then use once an article, then click him right down on!

Now then - much luck!

Translation for frog

The well is very deep, and the excavator bucket at the rope is missing. QUAAK however my cousin, that at the pond in the forest lives has such a strange cylindrical metal thing.

Apparently this game requires the use of Quick Time.

I'm done with it for now. Good luck all.

03-12-2008, 14:50:44
Heres a walkthrough for those who need it provided by Tosca from escapegames24

click landcarte,then friedhof, take coin. Go to schlob, take coin.
Go to Dorf, take coin and give coins to man to get cellphone.
Go to wald and take coin.
Schlos, take coin and click owl.
Go to wald, put tent, after storm take tent back, talk to frog: answer is 46620. Also a phone number.Take basket. Click cellphone.
Go to friedhof and put basket to get key.To dorf, give man coins to get knabbernossi.
Friedhof to get coin and garlic
Dorf, give garlic.
To schlos and open little door with key.Go in. Click flashlight to open mirrow. go in and give knabbernossi, then schlafsak.
Click girl and out

03-12-2008, 14:57:16
Thanks for translating. I managed to use the tent and sleeping bag but now the frog moved over to the pond and is asking me to do something. No clue.

Edit: Oh a walkthrough just came up as I was typing. Hmm... these German games have odd translations.

03-12-2008, 23:29:53
Haven't any of you people ever heard of Babelfish?
Translated everything it told me there.
completed the game but never rescued whoever it was. Needed 400 more money.