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    Hi! I'm doing one called "The Rice Field".

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      The End of the World As We Know It!

      I recently wrote a story for my highschool applications. I couldn't use it though, so here it is:
      It was painstakingly silent. It was only two o’clock in the morning, but Apollo Omega was wide-awake. Bored to his wits, Apollo reached over to grab his Nintendo DS. He turned the power button on and began to play his favorite RPG. Suddenly, a tremendous earthquake flung him from his bed and onto the floor. He scurried towards his window to see what was happening; a large crack bubbling with molten lava had appeared in place of his back yard. Apollo could hear his parents screaming; they were trying to escape the house. He put his steel-toed boots and leather jacket on and jumped out the window, plummeting towards the massive crevice. He plunged into the lava as if he were at diving practice. The magma burned his skin. The burning sensation was overwhelming. Apollo knew that in only a short amount of time, he would turn into ash and die. Apollo did not know it, but he was swimming towards the center of the Earth. His whole life was flashing before his eyes like a feature length film. All of a sudden, the lava vanished. Apollo could only see an intense light. Eventually, two winged figures emerged from the light. Each figure wore nothing but a spotless white tunic tied with rope at the waist. From the instant he saw them, Apollo knew what the figures were; they were angels. They welcomed Apollo warmly and told him he was home.
      “Am I dead?” he asked the angels.
      “Yes and no. Today at 2:07, Judgment Day began.” the first angel declared.
      “Yes, it is the end of the world as we know it.” the second angel added.
      “Knowing you would dive into it, we created a giant crack in the earth so you would be able to travel here without completely dying.” angel one responded, “Oh! Excuse our horrible manners! My name is David and this is Thomas.”
      “I’m Apollo.” Apollo told them.
      “Apollo, we already know who you are. We have been watching over you since the day you were born.” Thomas replied, “You are probably wondering why you are here. It is because you are one of the people chosen to stay in Heaven for all of eternity.”
      “What about my family?” Apollo queried.
      “Do not worry about them. They are also among the many good people who God chose to stay with Him after the Apocalypse.” David answered.
      “Now you must hurry up and get dressed. There is a washroom down the hall to your left. Wash yourself, dress in the garments we have provided you, and meet us in the dining hall.” Thomas instructed. Apollo realized he was in an enormous castle. He did as Thomas had told him and went to find the dining hall. He found his family and sat with them. They feasted for what seemed like days. After the feast had ended, Apollo and his family moved into God’s palace. There they lived for all of eternity.
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        uh well i'm writing several stories

        "Misty Origins"
        "When the world explodes"

        i have never finished a story i was writing before cause i have so many ideas for stories and i have to write them down so i don't forget them so i'm always starting new stories, hoping to actually finish those three above though