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Spaceport pics

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  • Spaceport pics

    A couple of weeks ago my wife & I went to El Paso,not for fun,we were there to attend a memorial service (who goes to El Paso for fun?) & on the way back I did something I've been wanting to do,see the spaceport that Richard Branson is building in the New Mexico desert.

    Unfortunately we weren't allowed to get any closer than the guard shack,a couple of miles away,but I got these pics:

    As you can see,it's in the middle of freakin' nowhere ,25 miles down a dirt road on the east side of I-25.Directly east is White Sands Missile Range,famous of course for Trinity Site,where the first atomic bomb was tested,I've been there too,but sadly none of the pics I took turned out (only had a cheap 35mm at the time),we'll have to go back sometime.

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    Wow, Freddie! Thank you for sharing these pics with us. I'm not all that familiar with this. So, this is basically a location where people from the "public sector" can pay to take trips to space and this will be their new launch location? (That's what I gather from the description...


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      I'm sorry,I should've included the link to Spaceport America.

      Yes,EscapeGirl,it's a private space enterprise,unlike NASA or ESA.Richard Branson is taking a huge (I think he can afford it ) gamble on Burt_Rutan's crazy designs that really work.

      Their goal is to offer rides into lower space,not orbit,for US$200,000,there'll be no shortage of buyers.If I had the money I'd sign up right now


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        Very cool, Freddie!!! And yeah, you're right, I think he can afford that risk. LOL