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Veggie Advenchie

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  • Veggie Advenchie

    Post Your Fave Veggie. Brussel Sprouts Are Here And Are Allowed To Be Said Without Criticism. Woo!!! This'll Be Fun! Post Your Fave Veggies Here!

  • #2
    My fave veggie is corn (maze)... for a couple of reasons:

    1. It tastes great steamed w/ butter...mmmmmmmm Yummy!!!!
    2. It is native to my people (Native Americans)
    3. It comes in more than one color.
    4. It can be used beyond just cooking it in a pot...which not all veggies can do... (such as popcorn , fall decoration, paint, & cornmeal or starch... just to name a few uses).
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      My favourite is asparagus cause its lovely when in season especially with the sunday roast and you know what they say its meant to be an aphrodisiac yeah.
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        thanx for posting mine is corn yay

        p.s my laptop cant post pics so imagine onebuns


        • #5
          P.S. This is secret.

          But still mine are Brinjals. I hope thats the correct spelling lol.


          • #6
            thats a tuff question cos i like most veg, exept sprouts and cauliflower.

            i like carrot alot actually, i guess you could call me a bunny coz of that onebun lol!
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              I like carrots, tomatoes and broccoli!

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                  I like all vegetables except kidney beans and brown beans. But I go with Onebun and Megadoomer, steamed corn with butter and some salt is definitive my favorite.
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                    I actually like no vegetable except those little peas (doperwten), steamed vegetables i hate most, but when they're in things like lasagna, macaroni, spaghetti i like them cuz they're covered in saus
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                      i can't beleve a thread i made about posting veggie pics wasn't binned


                      • #12
                        Hehe, yes sometimes you're lucky


                        • #13
                          YAY go me


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                            Originally posted by bread
                            YAY go me
                            lol, "Bread" is not a veggie. Nor that potato (which is technically a root) in your avatar. But definately corn... which is my fave too... as I stated earlier!
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                              yay lol