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Help with the downloadable games

If a downloadable game is an .exe file, just click the link, and choose open. The game will usually be installed among your other programs (otherwise you can choose where you would like to install it during the installation process).

If the game is a .zip or .rar file, choose save, and save it to your pc.
Extract it in a new folder using WinRar for example (if you don't have it, get it from here:
Then click the installation file (in most cases .exe file) or the file that starts the game, and your pc will install it, or launch it respectively.
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Game Loading Problems

First Check to make sure you have all the latest Plugins. They are free updates to your computer that allows you to play the games. They will not hurt your computer. They just allow you to play our games.

Here's what you need:

For Java:

For Flash:

For Shockwave:

We highly recommend you are up to date on all of them so you can play all the games here.

If you are still having problems please post what the problem is HERE
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"Out" File Games

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  • "Out" File Games

    "Out" file#01

    Originally Posted by Eternal Becky

    ~ Click on the pink trolley and click under it and get a green screwdriver.
    ~ Click on the blue cabinet, then click on the right side (shadow part) and use the green screwdriver on the bracket.
    ~ When you unscrew the bracket a drawer is opened. To open it. Click on the part where the bracket was there and the drawer will open.
    ~ Get the wheel from inside.
    ~ Now click on the bottom left side of the open drawer and get the blue key.
    ~ Close the drawer and come out of the screen.
    ~ Now click on the locked blue cabinet and use the blue key on it to get the tape.
    ~ Now click on the top left side of the cabinet and get the red key.
    ~ Come out of the screen and go the the area of the couch. Click on the couch. Get the battery from underneath the couch by clicking on the left side.
    ~ Come out of the screen. Get the paper from underneath the third cushion from the left.
    ~ Click on the dustbin, when it is up in the air click on the inner side of the bin and the bin will turn upside down. Now use the bracket that you got from the blue cabinet on the bottom of the bin. Tap it for a while and the blue CD will fall from it.
    ~ In the same screen you will see a little part of the couch. Click there to get the yellow screwdriver.
    ~ Now click on the kitty frame. Click on the lower left then top right then top left. The frame will fall.
    ~ Click on the frame again so that it will turn. Now use the yellow screwdriver on the screw to open it and put the battery in it. Close it again .When done click on the frame again so that it will back on the wall.
    ~ Come out of the screen and click on the plant. When you have a closer view click on one of the left leaf and get the second paper.
    ~ Now come to the screen where you face the guitar. Click on the top left of the carpet. It will roll.
    ~ When the carpet is rolled, click on the bottom of the rolled carpet. You will see the shadow, click there. Somewhere in the middle. You will get a different view and see something red under the carpet. Thats the DVD. Get it.
    ~ Now click on the trap door.
    ~ Use the bracket from your inventory to open the trap door. Click on the middle right side of the trap door and it will open.
    ~ Click on the wires. Use the tape on the blue wire. Close the trap door. Put the carpet back.
    ~ Click on the locked switch board that is on the wall. Use the red key to open it. Only one is turned on (the left most one) Turn on the other two as well by flicking the last two up. Close the lid and come out.
    ~ Now go to the pink trolly and click on the left back side of it. You will see a power plug. Plug in the wire.
    ~Turn on the player (it's the one in the middle).
    ~ Play the CD in the player and listen to the music, now you have to play the same tune on the guitar strings.
    ~ This is the order in which you have to play it. 1 6 4 5 4 1 6 4 5 4 6 6 6 5 5 5 6 6 6 5 4 ( from left to right) you'll get an orange key from the guitar.
    ~ Use that to open the door.
    ~ You will see a cement wall. Click on the middle right side of the wall to get the third paper.
    ~ Combine all the three papers.
    ~ Now get the CD out and put the DVD in. Play it. It will play some music.
    ~ Let the DVD be inside. Go to the frame. Click on the kitty's face (where the nose should have been).
    ~ You will see two arrows.
    ~ Click on the bottom one and the projector will lower down.
    ~ Now click on the couch. Click on the left armrest of the couch. Click on the left side of the armrest to turn the lights off.
    You will see a play button. Click it and watch the DVD.
    ~ Click on the armrest again to turn on the lights.
    ~ Now click on the top arrow of the frame, so that the projector will go back up.
    ~ Go to the couch and click on it to have a closer look. Click the front part of the couch's left and right armrest in this way. Left , left , right , right, left, right, left. While clicking in this manner the lights will turn on and off and play a sound too.
    ~ The bottom part of the couch will open.
    ~ For the code of the safe.
    Match up the letters of the paper with the way the books are arranged. Combine the three papers and read them vertically you will see that they spell out the first three letters of a colour. The books are arranged in this way ~ Blue, Red, Green, Violet. See at which place these colours are in the paper. That is the code for the safe. Add * before the number and # at the end of the number and the safe will open.
    For example if the BLU is in the 6th place then the first number of the code is 6. In the same way see where are red green and violet .
    ~ This is just an example. Look at the order of the books and compare to the order of the message colors.
    vio = 1
    red = 2
    ora = 3
    yel = 4
    gre = 5
    blu = 6
    bro = 7
    So the code according to the books is= *6 2 5 1 #
    ~ These are few of the codes that I have used so far...
    1 ~ *1257#
    2 ~ *6437#
    3 ~ *6251#
    4 ~ *6257#
    ~ You can also read POST #320 for the code.
    ~ When you open the safe you will get a timer. Take it.
    ~ Go to the guitar.
    ~ Use the disc in the hidden passage that is behind the guitar. Click on the top of the guitar to reveal this passage.
    ~ Turn it's nob. To turn it on click on the little part on the top. Come out.
    ~ Now there is a powerplug behind the player. You need to get the plug out and put the timer in and put the plug to the timer.
    ~ Before plugging the timer in, set the timer. Set the timer according to how fast you can do.
    ~ Then lower the projector, and put the wheel on the pipes.
    ~ When there is 30 seconds (or whatever you want) left turn the wheel to the right 4 times.Get the wheel out. And quickly go to the trap door under the carpet and close the cover and wait until you hear an explosion.
    ~ Come out of the trap door.
    ~ Click on the tunnel that has appeared and you are out. Actually TO BE CONTINUED.
    Codes for the safe
    B R O Y G B V
    R E R G R L I
    O D A L E U O


    B R O Y G B V
    L E R E R R I
    U D A L E O O


    B Y G R O B V
    R E R E R L I
    O L E D A U O


    V R O Y G B B
    I E R E R L R
    O D A L E U O

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  • #2
    "Out2" Out of File

    Originally written by Eternal Becky

    Watch the beginning as this continues from the first part.
    ~ Go right once.
    ~ Click on the black patch of the screen. Right side and you will see the security card.
    ~ You can click on the right side of the space near the security card. Click 5 times and get the security card. Do not click more than 5 times or you will fall and die.
    ~ Now turn back and use the security card on the door.
    ~ Now go inside.
    ~ Turn right and there will be an earthquake.
    ~ Face the door and open it with the security card.
    ~ Click on the bottom left side of the door and get the rock.
    ~ Face the elevator and you will see two lockers. You can open the right locker with the security card you have.
    ~ Open the locker and get the rope.
    ~ Face the four computers.
    Note: Click on each computer from left and note the desktop colour of each computer. [Blue, Purple, Green, Orange]
    ~ Click on the right most computer. Click on the bottom right side of the desk and get a red key.
    ~ Zoom out. And click on the same computer again.
    ~ In the gap of the two computers there is a space. Click it and you will see something. As you can't reach it from the bottom. Go to the top space between the two computers. (two rightmost computers)
    ~ Combine the rope, rock and the metal bracket which you already have in yur inventory from the first episode.
    ~ Now remove the rock. Drag the string and metal bracket to the object. Now hold down your mouse until you reach the bottom and the object gets stuck to the bracket. Make sure you don't move your mouse.
    ~ Once it is stuck to the bracket leave it so that it will come up and you will get the stylus.
    ~ Click on the cap of the stylus and get a paper. Open the paper.
    ~ Come out of the screen.
    ~ Click on the right most computer. Then click on the screen. Now use the stylus to open "POWER MANAGER"
    ~ Note: You need to use the stylus in order to work on the computers.
    ~ Click on 20% (middleone, it is for the locker). Then click on 40% to turn on the elevator. Close the program and come out of the screen.
    ~ Click on the elevator. Use the red key to unlock the elevator.
    ~ Go down.
    ~ Go left once. Click on the left side of the machine. Now click behind the machine and get a blue key.
    ~ Come out of the screen. There is another computer in the room with three buttons.
    ~ Click the computer. Click on the bottom middle side of the gap and get a blue CD.
    ~ Come out of the screen so that you face the elevator. Go right twice.
    ~ Click on the floor and then click the hidden door on the floor to open it. A red box will be revealed.
    ~ Click on the right side of the space and get a pink CD.
    ~ Go back upstairs.
    ~ Click on the second computer from the right and insert the pink CD. Click on the screen of the computer
    ~ Click on install, click on Install.exe
    ~ Get the pink CD out and now insert the blue CD.
    ~ Click on the untitled CD. Click on code.wav and play the music.
    ~ Now you will have
    ~ Click on it to see the notes.
    ~ The picture below the walkthrough will help you read the notes.
    NOTE : The music notes change for every game. These are the three notes found in the game so far.
    ~ Go down again and click on the machine where you found the blue CD.
    ~ Click on the space below the three circles and now enter the music codes you have. Click on the arrow.
    ~ After entering the music notes you will be able to pull the lever of the two big machines. Flip down the lever of both gear machines.
    ~ Go back upstairs.
    ~ Click on the right most computer. Turn off the lights by clicking 30% and the elevator by clicking 40%. Now turn on the gear machine by clicking 60%
    ~ Come out of the screen and go to the left most computer. Click on the computer and then click "X". (X is next to the flashing error).
    ~ Close the program and now flip the switch up that is on the right side of the computer.
    ~ The emergency mode will be on. Watch the scene.
    ~ Go to the right most computer and turn on the elevator and locker.
    ~ Go downstairs. You can click under both the gear of the gear machines. Under one gear you will get a piece of paper and under the other gear you will get a green box. Open the green box to get the USB drive.
    ~ Go back upstairs. Click on the second computer from the left. Insert the USB drive and the security card and click on the screen.
    ~ Click on yes to download the file from the USB to the card. Get the card and the USB back.
    ~ Now use the card on the left locker and you will see a Power suit. Click on it to get it. You will have the power suit in your inventory and you will be wearing it as well.
    ~ Click on the paper you found under the gear. It will read
    * Birds on pyre grumble.
    *Giants own Political bones
    *Officers gives bonuse patiently.

    The clue in the paper changes with every game.
    ~ Count the alphabets in each word to get your four digit code. And the sequence is as the colours.
    ~ The three possible codes are.
    Birds on pyre grumble--5472
    Giants own Political bones--5963
    Officers gives bonuse patiently--7948

    ~ Go downstairs and click the hidden door to get the red box. Type in your four digit code and open the box. Get the rocket launcher and manual from the box. Close the box and go back upstairs.
    ~ The manual says "The rocket launcher can shoot things within the range of 100mm"
    ~ Click on the emergency box which is next to the ladder and take the axe.
    ~ Climb up the ladder and use the blue key to open the hatch.
    ~ Go inside. Click on right once and face the elevator wire and click on the up arrow to look up.
    ~ Click on the suit in you inventory and the hand of the suit will appear on the screen. Click on the T on bar. ~ Click on Infrared CAM -OFF.
    ~ Click on yes to setup the lock on and then click on W to come back down.
    ~ Face the elevator wire again.
    ~ Click on the wire to hold it with one hand and use the axe to cut the wire. You will need to click five times to cut the wire.
    ~ Now you will head on top. Click on the rocket launcher and shoot when you are at -100mm within the target.
    ~ To be continued....
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