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Thread: Your Thing-Thing Characters

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    Smile Your Thing-Thing Characters

    Have you played Thing-Thing, Thing-Thing 2, Thing-Thing 3 and the all-new Thing-Thing 4? well if you played them all did you make a character of yourself on them? do you remember them? well now its time to show yourself from the Thing-Thing series!

    what to do:
    1. Play all the Thing-Thing games
    2. Customize all the Thing-Things in the games to look like you
    3. Click the Print Screen and go to Paint and paste and repeat with another Paint til you got all pics from the games
    4. Crop the pictures to where the Thing-Thing is and have some room for the next step (5.) (above or below)
    5. Put your user name in the spaces dark red color
    6. Save the pictures as a JPEG or another picture format
    7. Put the pictures here and enjoy the hole thing

    Here's Mine:
    Thing-ThingName:  Thing Thing.jpg
Views: 1373
Size:  2.5 KBThing-Thing 2Name:  Thing Thing 2.jpg
Views: 1375
Size:  3.3 KBThing-Thing 3Name:  Thing Thing 3.jpg
Views: 1398
Size:  2.6 KBThing-Thing 4Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Thing Thing 4.jpg 
Views:	540 
Size:	4.5 KB 
ID:	7950

    Have Fun!

    P.S. To play the games click these links: Thing-ThingThing-Thing 2Thing-Thing 3Thing-Thing 4

    P.S.S. No Thing-Thing Arena and Thing-Thing Arena 2 pics. Thanx.

    Updated: must i forget that i have a polls now to see which game is the best. have fun with the polls. the polls will end in a month so hurry before times up.

    Updated2: Must i forget. You must be 13 or older to play Thing-Thing. No sign for this except ill put it on the links.
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    Well maybe you should ask Santa for a new family.


    Heh, I Really Has only played 1 and two, i'll try ta make my characters again
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    Australia but thats all you need to know.


    5 days left guys! Thing-Thing 4 is winning so hurry up if you want on of the others to win.
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    Default Question???

    [What do you mean by a PRINT SCREEN??! What? Do you right click or something? Post a YouTube video please!! I'm so confused! I want to post my tt4 character on my WordPress website, but it just doesn't show up when i right-click! It just shows Settings, Adobe Flash Settings, and Update! HELP ME!

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    @TT4DangerZone67, just pres the PRINT SCREEN key on your keyboard and follow the other steps.

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