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Thread: Riddles

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    Default Solve this riddle!

    "The answer to this is closer than you think. If you decide to give it a spin, just try not to blink.

    You may get to see many a state. If you look after nineteen ninety eight.

    You may have seen the answer today in fact. Begin with one and start to subtract.

    Enshrined is his picture by historic first vote. Your answer is displayed right in front of the throat."

    Answer: _ _ _ _ _ _ _

    (You have a better chance of figuring it out if you live in the USA)
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    Default i have 3 riddles

    1. steals an event
    or even a mood
    reveals the truth
    or shattes it

    2. the stack just might
    be sent all over
    full of what's new
    yet it's nearly obsolete

    3. though i should be unique
    you've made most of as the same
    i would be stronger
    if my characters were stranger

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    Stop! Can you solve this??


    I got a nice riddle for ya'll. Seems easy at first, but actually it isn't!

    Moved it here as this perfect for it.

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