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Thread: Private Message Troubles

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    Default Private Message Troubles

    I'm having trouble recieving PMs. Today, I got the pop-up notification of a new PM, then read and replied to it. My reply is in my "sent" folder, but the original disappeared. Now, my "Welcome, Crimsonthread" window says that I have a new PM, but when I try to read it, I don't have any messages newer than 2 days ago. Any ideas on where my messages are going?

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    First thing you want to try is to log out, then clear your cache and temp. internet folders. Then log back in and see if that works. Maybe even a computer reboot. I will go check your permissions now to be sure that nothing has changed...

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    Awww... I don't like rebooting. Thanks for your advice--I'll try it.

    EDIT: And I'm getting messages again. But you're fully aware of that by now.
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