Room Fake

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~ Click under the brown cabinet and get a battery.
~ Zoom out and go right.
~ Click on the plant. There is something in the plant. Get it. Green # 3.
~ Zoom out. Click on the bedspread. Click on it again to zoom in. Get the # 6 that is under the bedspread.
~ Under the bed you will a red button. Take it. It's Red # 3
~ Zoom out and face the green cabinet.
~ Click in between the green cabinet and bed. Get # 1
~ Zoom out. Open the cupboard.
~ Get the battery from the middle shelf.
~ From the top shelf, corner left get the note.
~ Go right. Click on the paper that is on the wall beside the window.
~ Click on it to flip it. Take the note that is on the paper. It says, 961.
~ Open the middle drawer of the green cabinet.
~ There is a safe inside.
~ What do you get if you see the three digit numbers upside down...196. Open the safe by entering 196.
~ Get the flashlight and #7.
~ Click on the string of the flashlight. It will transform into a screwdriver. Zoom out.
~ Click on the outlet that is beside the door.
~ Use the screwdriver on it and take the screws.
~ Face the brown cabinet. Click on the right side of the cabinet. Get the other two screws.
~ Use the screwdriver on the locked drawer of the brown cabinet.
~ Get the battery charger and Red # 3.
~ Insert the batteries in the charger. Use the charger on the outlet.
~ Zoom out. Zoom in and the battery is charged.
~ Use the batteries on the robot that is on the shelf. Press the button.
~ The neck of the robot will turn. Get #9.
~ Zoom out and go right.
~ Click inside the bin and get # 4. And the piece of crumpled paper.
~ Now you have all 5 numbers.
~ Click on the pad that is on the desk.
~ In order to solve this puzzle the rows, columns and diagonals should add up to 15. Hint given by RBS.
~ Once done click on the button. You will get a purple K.
~ It colour of the letter K changes for every game.
~ Zoom out. You will see the painting has fallen down.
~ Click on the right side of the brown cabinet again. Note down 05:30.
~ Zoom in on the knobs that were revealed from behind the painting.
~ The long hand is for minutes and the short hand for hours. Adjust the Long hand on 30 minutes and short hand on hour 5.
~ Zoom out and go left. Something has appeared under the real clock.
~ Get the black key and Blue # 2
~ Use this key on the locked drawer of the green cabinet.
~ Open the drawer. Get the pink cloth and the knife.
~ Use the knife under the neck of the robot. Get the Red # 1
~ There is a red string. Get it. To the red string a golden key is attached.
~ Use this key on the safe that is on the wall beneath the paper.
~ Get the door knob and Green # 2
~ Open the top drawer of the green cabinet.
~ There is a picture of a window inside the drawer with water droplet.
~ Now click on the vase that is on the brown cabinet.
~ The vase will fall spilling the water. Wet the pink cloth.
~ Open the curtains. Get the Blue # 3 that is stuck in the rod. Wipe the windows with the cloth. (As shown in the drawing in the drawer)
~ Look at the left winodw. It indicates something. It is the picture of the door.
~ Click on the bottom right of the door. Open the secret panel. You will see a cord. Plug it to the outlet.
~ Get the blue # 3.
~ You have all 8 buttons.
~ Click where the doorknob is supposed to be.
~ Place the knob on it and then the screws. The doorknob will get fixed.
~ Click on the doorknob and you are out....umm not yet.

A new puzzle.

Note that this was according to my game. It changes for every game.
K on the square puzzle was of colour Purple. So K = Purple
The note in your inventory says C = Red
On the right window was L and under it was blue . So L = Cyan
See the bottom of the bin It has a green dot. And on the floor there is a O, so O = Green

L = Cyan
O = Green
C = Red
K = Purple

This combination will work for every game. There are a few more but I haven't got those yet.
To get
Cyan = 3 Green 3 Blue
Green = 2 Green 1 Red
Red = 2 Blue 3 Red
Purple = 3 Red 3 Blue
Yellow = 3 Red 3 Green

Click on the button.
Watch the end.


Second ending

Originally posted by Nin_man

Don't go out the new door. Instead, go back to the old door and wiggle the doorknob again. You'll get a new code: FAKE (except the K is backwards).
Click on the outlet beside the door, and look on the backside of the cover for the letter E.
Click on the right side of the wardrobe (where the steps came out)
Take the hammer from the side of the step.
Turn around to the vase and use the hammer on the vase to get the letter A.
Go back to the magic square poster, lift it up, and take the key back. The key is the letter F.
Go to the magic square board itself, and flip it over. That is the backwards K.
Back to the FAKE door.
Change the numbers around so the numbers match up, and you should be able to figure out the E based on what you have left over.
Once it's right, the door will change and say TRUE.
Take the single knob, and go back to the robot with the batteries
Put the knob under the robot's head, replace the head, and watch the ending.


Here is one of the combination for the second ending

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