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    Default Cliches

    Yes, being the creative person I am (I think ), I decided to dedicate a thread to cliches, which are uncreative. You may submit any cliche you can think of, no matter what the category is.

    Here's one to start: At the end of superhero movies, where the main character tells us about who they are, then say, "I am ____". Then, a superheroish or rocky tune will start playing and the credits will roll. The hero will often fly into the camera lens, too.

    _____ signifies the hero's name.
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    I was thinking of making a game where you must get the jewel which is not easy. heres some cliches that would be in it.

    They are renamed Die-O-Rama's.

    Die-O-Rama 1: Tipping Off
    You click the painting on the wall and he will tip toe to it. then he'll be crushed by a boulder. You win a clitche with text saying "You must be stupid trying to get through like that"

    Die-O-Rama 2: Gun Smasher
    You click him and he'll get out his gun. then when he about to shoot he gets splatted by the boulder. You win a cliche with text saying "Omg why the hell would you just stand there and try to shoot it to you when a boulder killed you? you'll never learn"

    Die-O-Rama 3: Quick Kill
    Click the jewel to quickly grab the jewel. then get attacked by a bunch of flying arrows everywhere. You win a cliche with text saying "You mindless moron! you cant get the jewel that easliy! but why not get it again? you always fail!"

    Die-O-Rama 4: Slow Kill
    (You Must Get Die-O-Rama 3 To Get This)
    Click the jewel to slowly grab the jewel then get attacked by a phonix. You win a cliche with text saying "How the hell would a phonix get in a cave with a roof? ill never know."

    Die-O-Rama 5: Walking Away
    (Get Die-O-Rama 2 To Get This)
    Click the guy for him to just walk out of the cave and get hit by a lighting bolt. You win a cliche with text saying "God dosent want you out til you get the jewel stupid"

    Die-O-Rama 6: Escaper
    (Get Die-O-Rama 4 To Get This)
    Click the jewel and you will get the jewel and run out. you will then have won the game and the credits start. the credits then stop and so does the music with bloody text saying SUCKER! and a voice saying that. then we go back to you, the cliff cracks off and you fall. You win a cliche with text saying "HAHAHA! that was me! LOSER! You cannot win! YOU'LL NEVER WIN!"

    And Ending
    (Must Get Die-O-Rama 6 To Get This)
    Click the jewel to grab it and run out. a plane will come and you will escape the cave. the cave will then explode and you win. for real. credits come and then the Replay button will come. The End.
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    Are those cliches? That's not what I usually think of. I think of things like, "It's raining cats and dogs," or "When pigs fly."

    I think the most commonly used TV game show phrase (which has become quite cliche recently) is.... "Reveal the answer.... after these commercials." It's not even suspenseful anymore.

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    Cliches... How about "happy ending" movies? I can always tell how most movies will end!
    Happy endings are just unfinished stories...


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    And don't forget the plot of almost all romantic comedies! Wacky guy meets girl.They hit it off.Guy does something stupid on the night before the wedding/another night. Guy shows his love, they reconvene. Another one is horror movies. To me, the idea of splitting up/making out in a haunted house that's falling apart with something after you is tremendously stupid. Also, why doesn't anyone check the pulse in those oh-no-the-hero-is-dead-oh-wait-no-he-isn't scenes?
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    i thought i'd clear up any confusion so i took the liberty of visiting wikipedia

    Crimsonthread, what you're thinking of is an 'Idiom':

    "An idiom is a phrase whose meaning cannot be determined by the literal definition of the phrase itself, but refers instead to a figurative meaning that is known only through common use."

    Basicly, if you told a french person that your dear pet doggie 'kicked the bucket' they would have absolutly no idea what you were talking about because it means something different to what it literally means. (the french probably have thier own expressions for 'to die') You have to 'learn' idioms; they dont make sence otherwise (when someone dies they dont kick any buckets!)

    A cliché is:

    "A cliché (from French, pronounced [klɪ'ʃeɪ]), or cliche, is a saying, expression, or idea which has been overused to the point of losing its original meaning, especially when at some earlier time it was considered distinctively meaningful or novel, rendering it a stereotype. The term is likely to be used in a negative context. It is frequently used in modern culture to reference an action or idea which is expected or predictable, based on a prior event."

    Don't bother reading that though (lolz if you did) its easier to give an example. You know the 'evil laugh' right? (mwahahahahaha)
    That is a cliche because
    1 everyone knows what it is
    2 its overused (ALL THE TIME) and
    3 its lost its origianl meaning. it used to invoke fear and suspence, but know it sounds just plain cheesy.

    yeah, basically, a phrase or situation which makes you groan because you know exactly whats going to happen or its really cheesy.

    If anyones interested there's huge list of cliches Here

    Yes I know, another stupidly long post but hey, you must admit, i'm pretty thorough!

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    You're absolutely right, Snizz. I knew there was another term for the phrases I was looking for--thanks for reminding me what it was. I still don't think that New's ideas were necessarily cliches, though. And I do think the example I gave (about the game/reality shows) is a cliche.

    EDIT: I checked out your link... raining cats and dogs is there.

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    Yeah its quite confusing lol, last year in GSCE english the whole class got in a big debate over the difference between sarcasm, irony, and cliches, suffice to say it got rather heated and the miss got very red in the face from shouting! XP
    So dont ask me to explain lol

    I think what New was getting at was creating ironic situations for humor, but hes kinda right as they are overused in games, i see the HAHA FAKE ENDING a lot.

    And yeah i hate that suspense thing they do it in strictly come dancing/on ice it really P***** me off
    I would say thats a cliche yeah

    You're right your idiom is ALSO a cliche, because its very overused, and also lost original meaning (see how to spot them know?) it originally meant very heavy rain but is now used whenever it rains as some people think its funny, but it makes me groan.

    Remember if an idiom is very overused and used in the wrong places it can become a cliche, but not all cliches are idioms!

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