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Thread: E.B.O.N.Y. - The Weirdest Riddle Game On The Internet

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    Hi everyone! I was on level janet 42 and I managed to pass but there is this hint saying
    I've seen on the other blog that its an easter egg and I'm curious to where it leads.
    Any help? I've tried to put in every possible abbreviation there is.

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    That hint emphasizes something, which is the clue to what the thing stands for. It'll become clearer what that something is if you see the same hint in a few other places.

    Also, what blog are you talking about?
    I fell asleep a long time ago.

    There's also an E.B.O.N.Y. discord server. The 7-character invite code is on E.B.O.N.Y.'s main page (you may need to hard-refresh).

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    Alright thanks! So it can be solved only if you see other levels in different folders?
    And the blog was the blogspot one with hints, I was hoping they had more hints about the dna thing but nothing (

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