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Thread: E.B.O.N.Y. - The Weirdest Riddle Game On The Internet

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chocbubbles View Post
    how do u close the grate in level 36 with the yellow corridor?
    Just go back to level 35 XD

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    Y49: You need to look for more images

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    About ziggyboi: Admins once again banned him (IP banned this time, since last time he got himself back with an alt). He had some kind of obsession with collecting all the folder names, but he was spoiling them while he found them, after being told not to multiple times. He was also spamming asking for help on levels without showing any evidence of having tried himself, again, after many warnings. Also, he was just being obnoxious in general (e.g. spamming random characters and saying "Put me on r/ihadastroke I want to be a meme". He once tried to stalk Aneninen just to find the original B8 pic. He stole other people's fanmade creations, and tried to impress people with edits of images instead of actually joining in with the server. We understand that he is only 10 (in fact too young to be on Discord) but he can still listen to the mods and community and follow instructions.
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    Hi, I'm kinda new here

    (Made an account because I'm currently stuck at O54~)
    I really have no idea on how to proceed with it

    So far I've only collected the information for each source code, img name, title, etc.

    strange label
    everything extinct

    I would be really glad if someone can help me

    Also, I kept on stumbling for the O56 page with my answer.
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    Please remove the last three pieces of information

    O54: have you learned about g**logi**l time periods?
    I fell asleep a long time ago.

    There's also an E.B.O.N.Y. discord server. The 7-character invite code is on E.B.O.N.Y.'s main page (you may need to hard-refresh).

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    Boy, do I feel so d*mb right now

    Also thanks!

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