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Thread: What riddle do you like the most?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Adventure View Post
    I wanted to play color riddle (it's the one Murph made, right?) but it isn't available anymore.
    Yes, that's the one. I just tried and it is working. Maybe it was some temporary problem?

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    I've done so many over the last 2 or 3

    All of Gaucho's JAOR 1, 2 and 3
    Orio's-- though sadly he never did add more levels to it
    Clever Waste of Time Numerics & Alphabet- currently stuck in the Romans Hmph
    Tricky's Riddle (the first one I ever did)
    Zest (still stuck in the 40s)
    Memory Palace

    Dracula's is okay but many of the levels were so DARK(as in being able to SEE the pic) for me... I gave up somewhere in the 40's-50's have to dig up my notes

    There are so many I need to either start or finish lol.. and that includes Mystery's Riddle 1 & 2 and 99 Chambers (I finished Cruiser Riddle)

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    Let's see...

    There's all of Jaor,
    Most of Mr' Logic's riddles (especially Cyberquest),
    Neutral Riddle (I love this mostly for its incredibly creative ideas),
    The Final Quest triseries (Final Quest, Genesis, and Exodus),
    And most if not all of Shaharc's riddles.

    I've played plenty more though...
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    A few more that I have enjoyed and would recommend others to play...
    * Another Online Riddle
    * Nfshost Riddle
    * Danaq
    * Grifos

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