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Thread: Zahada

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    Help. Can't do level 70. Please help

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    I've read all the spoilers and done all the substitutions and still can't come up with an answer for 10. It's going to make the big vein in my head explode!

    What a fantastic feeling when the penny drops
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    Hi i'm type, i need help on zahada level 29. anybody got tips?

    i understand that homophones are words that sound like another word, but i have no idea on what to do next.

    Here is the riddle:
    <<removed by moderation, read the rules>>

    the red colour must have a reason or is it just a red herring?

    is anybody there?

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    Hi type. I think everyone else has given up on this site.

    To remove liquid from a jug you would p... it out.

    If you have no money, you're not rich you are p...

    When you get to level 70 please will you help me?

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    Quote Originally Posted by luscky View Post
    48a and 48b is a rebus. Search rebus if you dont know what it is, i suggest wikipedia. The answer you're looking for is a common phrase or idiom.

    I've got the phrase for 48b but do you have to enter it all, if so it doesn't work, or perhaps you only have to put part of it in but which part - help please.

    ok got it
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    Stop! Help

    Im New to this game but can someone help me on Lvl 8
    ty all

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    Default need help with level 64

    hi...i really need help with level 64...i have tried everything i can think of...nothing works...

    if somebody could please help me???

    p.s. i hope i did that spoiler thing right...if not, i apologize

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    moonlite dancer Rbud's Avatar
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    Smile Level 64

    For 64 -

    Will send a PM in case that didn't make sense...
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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    Smile Thanks:D:D

    OMG!!! thank you so mutch Rbud...i never would have realized it myself

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    Finally got to level 72 but now stuck. I know what it's to do with but which ones? Any suggestions would be a help. Thanks

    Thanks for that rbud.

    Now stuck on 75
    I really don't know what they have in common?

    OK just figured it out. Wheeeeeeeeee
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