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    Stop! The mystery box

    Warning! Due certain violent content not suitable for young children.

    Well, here's another story. Thanks to Elni for the idea. It was originaly suppose to be something of a chest, but I changed it to a box.

    Post any feedback you have here:

    Chapter 1

    A hike through the woods. It always clears my head. When I put in 40 hours a week for my job and go to night school, I need to find a way to clear my head. Before I go any further though, I should probably tell you who I am. Don't want to confuse any readers by not even telling them my name. My name is Stephen. Steve for short. I'm 27, and stand at a medium height. That's really all that needs to be known. I won't bore you with any more details.
    The whole point in me telling this story though, is what happened on one of these hikes. It was a normal hike, with me taking my normal path. But that day, I decided to stray from my path a little bit. This was quite unusual for me, since I usually like things how they are and follow that routine.
    But, nevertheless, I took the new path that day. I don't know what made me feel inclined to doing it, but I did. Anyways, on this new path, I saw a little shack. I walked over to this crudely made shack and saw that it was a simple two room shack with a matress in it. I started to walk towards the door, wanting to go in. I don't know what came over me, but I opened the door anyways. I decided that I should look to see if there was anything else in the two rooms I saw or if there were any other rooms.
    I walked in the front door and saw that there was another room that I had not previously seen. I walked into a room and saw a single box in the middle of the room. It was about two feet by two feet, and was colored blue. I picked up the box and was suddenly overcome with a strong urge to open the box.
    I did.
    As soon as I opened the box, A purple mist exploded from the box. I dropped the box out of surprise, and started to get up. As soon as I was on my feet, I accidently inhaled the purple mist through my mouth. I started to choke. My vision had turned blurry and I couldn't breathe. This only lasted for a few minutes, because then something knocked my unconsious.
    I awoke in my house. My head was throbbing from a blow I had taken from what was probably a blunt object. I got up and went to the kitchen. As soon as I got there. I bent over in pain. It felt like something had taken over my body. The pain continued for several minutes. Each jolt more painful than the last. I stumbled over to the phone to call an ambulance. But I then vomited. I looked at myself and saw the blood flowing through my veins. The blood had taken on an orange color. I tried to stand but I couldn't. I then passed out on the floor.
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    Chapter 2

    I knew this had something to do with the purple mist I had inhaled earlier. So I decided after I woke up that I would just go back to that house and find a way to undo this. So, after I regained my strength, I went out and hiked on the same trail that led to the house. Hoping that the box was still there and that I could undo what had been done to me.
    About half an hour later I got to the house. If it could be called a house. I walked in again and went to the room with the box I had found. I went into the room, but the box wasn't there. I was mad. I thought I was truly screwed now. But then I saw what looked like a purplish ooze in the middle of the room. I touched it, and then blacked out.
    I came to in what seemed like some kind of alternate dimension. Now I had something for my night school's creative writing assignment. the air here had a dark black and purple tint to it. It looked somewhat to what I had inhaled before. I was inhaling it again, so I knew I had to do something to get rid of this crap.
    I walked forward and was thrust into a world of twisted forests, mazes and battlefields. But seriously, this place was twisted. Like something out of a twisted video game. There were five entrances to what seemed like five different challenges. All concealing a sixth challenge. What seemed like the answer to all of my problems. After this, I could pass my whole year in night school with a single creative writing story. The first five of the challenges were all open to me. I chose one that looked like a war torn battlefield. Unfortunately for me, it was exactly how it looked.
    When I got there I was holding some kind of futuristic weapon. I could hear orders about inflitrating some base. I was still confused at how I got here. Like a broken movie or something. I heard the command of charge and felt myself running. I ran onto a battlefield that had what was probably the enemy charging at us too.
    What happened next is totally uncharacteristic of me. I went absolutely haywire with my gun. I shot every enemy I could in sight. I saw them dropping like flies left and right. There was an enemy to my immediate left. I pulled out a knife from my pocket, which hadn't been there before, and stabbed the enemy dead with it. I felt like a monster. I knew I would never do this to anybody. After I had eliminated the enemies, I felt myself again rushing to a base. There were bullets whizzing past my head left and right. I think one might have even grazed my arm. But I was to overcome with adrenaline to care. I ran into the enemy base and threw what looked like a bomb. I then ran out and the bomb exploded. Sending the base sky high. The weird thing about this, I was doing all of this out of my own free will.
    I bent over in pain again. I felt a pain in my arm. I looked down and saw my arm pulsating and saw my blood turn orange again. I puked again, but saw this time what looked like small parasites come out. I jumped back in horror, and was instantly transported back to the gates.
    After this ordeal was over, I wouldn't be taking a hike for quite a while.

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    Chapter 3

    I had passed the first trial, appearantly. I then went into the next trial. I heard what sounded like engine sounds coming from this gate. I wondered to myself, "what kind of weird world is this?" Nevertheless, I proceeded. When I went through the gate, I could feel myself being consumed by a searing white light.
    I came to in a car. It looked like I was at some kind of racetrack. I was fully convinced now that this was weird. But a closer inspection made me see that it was just an ordinary road, and that the car I was in was coasting. I was being chased by some guys who, obviously, wanted me dead. Or else there wouldn't be shots flying my way.
    I quickly put the pedal to the metal. I looked in the passenger seat and saw a huge arsenal of weapons. I picked up some kind of submachine gun. I'm not good with guns, I don't know the names of all of these guns. I stuck the gun out the window and blind fired. I could hear the squealing of tires and a car crash into a highway barrier. I had shot something vital. Whether it was the car or the driver, I wouldn't know.
    The more and more I did this, the more and more I was convinced I had taken over a James Bond movie. As I was contemplating my own sanity, I heard a thump on the roof of my car. Someone was probably intent on killing me from the inside. I saw a gun pointed through the passengers side window. A shot was fired of and it struck me in the shoulder.
    I withheld a scream for fear that the assailant might shoot again if he heard me wounded. I then saw the same gun pointing through the drivers side window.
    Big mistake.
    I took the hand holding it and pulled. The person holding the gun fell under my car, and then got ran over. There was no doubt in my mind that I wouldn't be seeing him again.
    For what seemed like my final enemy...great. A guy in a freakin' HELICOPTER! I took the best weapon I could find and fired. It was big and it shot fast, but did nothing. As I waisted the clip, I felt my arm pulsating and hurting again. Only this time, it was starting to take a more parasetic form. It was a multitude of colors. My arm felt stronger, but it was taking a grotesque blade like form.
    I knew I had to do these trials faster. I looked for a stronger weapon. I found what looked like a rocket launcher in the backseat. About the only weapon I could identify. I climbed out of the car onto the roof. A chore considering my new arm, great. I was still able to get up on the roof of my car and take aim.
    I shot at the helicopter and scored a direct hit. The helicopter blew up. The propeler came flying at me.
    I dodged out of the way just in time. The propeler whired passed me and into a barrier. I was then once again transported back to the gates. Waisting no time, I ran into the third one, prepared for what came next.

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    Chapter 4

    I had entered what seemed like a forest. I looked around for any weapons and realized, oh my god I was holding one! I was holding a medevilish sword. That's it. I guessed that meant the enemies I was going to face would attack me at close quarters range. That complicated things a little bit. I don't like close quarters things. I've preffered guns so far, and I wanted it to stay that way. Unfortunatly, it didn't look like that was going to happen.
    I treaded into the woods. Wary of my surroundings. Ready to kill the first thing that popped out at me. I walked in further, and actually felt dissapointed when nothing popped out and tried to slice my neck open. I almost put my gaurd down when about five black blobby grotesque monsters jumped out at me. On of them tried to jump directly onto me, but I shoved the sword into it. It instantly blew up in a dark smoke. The other ones came at me after that.
    I sliced the enemies up one by one. It took maybe twenty seconds to kill the last four. It was two easy, I expected more of a challenge.
    Speak of the devil, eh?
    About twenty more of the grotesqe creatures jumped out of the woods and circled me. I ran to a small group of them and another group jumped me. I made a quick strike with my sword and destroyed the group. The remaining fifteen jumped at me. I rolled out of the way and they all collided in the air. I ran at the randomly swinging my sword and destroyed the last of them.
    I walked throught the woods and became aware once again of my parasetic sword arm. It was hardening and becoming more creative in it's design. It acted more like a sheild now than a sword.
    I saw in the distance what looked like an exit to this place. I ran to it anticipating the end of this leg of the trial. But as I got there, I was attacked by some kind of dark knight. It was decked out in black armor with a double bladed ax. I was frightened like a little school girl. I almost crapped myself, but managed to keep my bowels from letting loose.
    The night made a quick strike with the ax. I raised my parasite arm in fear, and was surprised when the strike bounced harmlessly off of it. I knew I could use this to my advantage. The knight made a few more quick strikes. I blocked them all with my arm. I did mostly dodging of the strikes. I tried to make some kind of hit, but the knight was always blocking them.
    The knight made a heavy shot downward I blocked it with my arm, and stunned him. I used this to my advantage, and shoved my sword through his midsection. He fell to his knees in pain, and then exploded in a cloud of black dust. There was no time to celebrate though. I ran to the exit and then into the next trial.

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    Chapter 5

    The fourth challenge. I was in a gladiator arena, with thousands of people sitting in the stands and cheering, "FIGHT. FIGHT. FIGHT," over and over again. That made me feel real happy inside. I was holding another sword again. I still had my horribly malformed arm. I was wearing torso armor and arm and leg gaurds. I heard the command of, "Release the warriors," and instantly saw about thirty warriors all walking at me at the same time. I knew this would be harder than the woods, because these people had half a brain, and could easily kill me.
    Two of the warriors ran at me with their swords drawn. I killed one with my sword, and then dodged and attempt by the other one. I came back up and sliced the second one. As I did that, I felt my arm mutating again. A long, thin, blade had formed on there. I could feel the infection spreading to my back. I looked behind me and saw a couple spikey appendages jutting from my back. I felt the skin tighten around my torso, and almost vomited again.
    I looked at my visible part of my toso and saw that it had turned the same color as my arm.
    More warriors came running at me. I used my sword to dispatch of most of them, but then realized that I had a new blade to use. Appearantly the warriors were completely unaware of this new blade, until I used it. A warrior tried to catch me off gaurd, but I turned around and quickly killed him with my new blade.
    The final fifteen gaurds ran at me. I used both of my blades to dispatch of them. But even with both of my blades, it was a challenge. With five gaurds left to go, they all made a sudden jab at me. I dodged four of the jabs, but the fifth jab found it's target, and I could feel myself slipping away. I was convinced my life was going to end right there, but then I felt the wound starting to close. The infection was healing me. I couldn't believe it.
    I made a circular motion with my sword, and dispached three of the gaurds. The last two were easily dispatched with my arm.
    I raised my arms in victory, as I heard the excited cheers of the crowd. After that I felt myself being transported to the gates again. I quickly ran into the last gate before I was fully consumed by this infection.
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    Chapter 6

    I found myself chained up in a prison. I realized the challenge must be to break out of the prison. I thought to myself,"If that's my challenge, it'll be easy compared to the other ones." Little did I know, this test would bring me to my limit. As I had no clue what the prisons,"gaurds," were.
    A person who was obviously the head of this prison, looking at his uniform and taking note of his attitude, came into my cell. He came and unchained me, and asked me, "How does it feel, monster?" I thought to myself,"Monster?" But I then realized the transformation I was going through. They must have thought I was some kind of monster. Though I can't say I blame them, from the way I probably looked. The leader picked me up and started to drag me away. I quickly got angered and took my bladed arm to him. He quickly dropped dead, but not before uttering,"You'll....regret.....that." That threat didn't invoke any fear into me. I thought it would be pretty simple to get out.
    I walked out of my cell and thought to myself,"easy, this will be the quickest trial yet." I walked down a long corridor, and came to a gaurd. The gaurd quickly turned around and pulled out a gun on me. It wasn't the gun that horrified me though. It was the gaurd.
    The gaurd was a grotesque half human half mutated monster thing. It's eyes glowed red and it had a demonic smile full of sharp pointy teeth that looked like they wanted to rip me apart. The gaurd fired off a shot, and struck me.
    I knelt down in pain, but was surprised to see that the shot had hit my mutating skin. Appearantly the skin was also a bulletproof sheild. I grinned at the gaurd, and could see worry in his face. I ran up to him and dispatched of him with my arm. All the while I could feel myself mutating again. The infection was spreading around my skin again. Nevertheless, I ignored it and picked up the gun that the gaurd had dropped. I started to run again. I came to a door at the end of the hall that was slightly ajar. I peeked in and saw about 7 gaurds. I sat there and thought about how I would get passed them. I didn't have long to think though, since there was a gaurd coming for the door.
    The door opened, and I was face to face with a gaurd. I quickly knocked him out, and proceeded to shoot at the rest of the gaurds. My precision was amazing. The mutation had increased my accuracy with a weapon. I only had to get rid of two before the rest of them ran away. I looked for better weapons before more gaurds came. I picked up some kind of machine gun. I picked up some ammo for it too.
    As I did that, more gaurds came. I held down the trigger and shot at the first three I saw. I dropped three before the rest fled again. Wussies.
    I looked for the portal to finish the trial. I looked at doors and I saw a portal behind one through the window. I quickly ran towards that door.
    But as I ran through the door, some kind of super soldier came barging through it. It was pretty much on of the regular gaurds, that was surgicly connected to some heavy mecha crap. The soldier raised some kind of gun at me. Only it wasn't a gun. The soldier fired it off and missles came out. Heat seeking, big, scary, missles. I ran from the missles. I had to figure out a way to get rid of them.
    I then thought of a plan. I found a big light, and jumped up near it. The heat seekers went after me, but after I went down the went to the light. They simutaniously blew up. I went back to the soldier, who now had a chaingun pointed at me. He fired off the gun, and I ducked and narrowly escaped death. I shot at the robotic knees so it couldn't chase me. It tried to get me but couldn't move. I was pretty pleased with myself, but then saw it holding a bomb, set to go off in five seconds
    It had started.
    I quickly ran for the portal. I was almost there when the bomb went off. The explosion was reaching me at a fast rate. I made a final dive for the portal. I got in just before I was consumed by the explosion.
    I landed back at the gates. I got up and saw that the sixth gate had been revealed. I went to the sixth challenge, ready to get this over with and done.

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    Chapter 6

    The final challenge. My knees were weak with anticipation, and I was sweating with nervousness. But, nevertheless, I proceeded. I walked into the gate, and was surprised when the I was cured of the infection. I was back to my normal human form. I only had the sword I had been carrying with me for the past trials. In front of me was a huge staircase. Something told me that I had to climb it for this to end.
    I started to climb the staircase. I was no longer nervous. I was angered. Angered that I had opened the box. Angered about killing all those people. Angered that I had to do this. Angry at everything. I started to run. Adrenaline was feuling me. I got to the top and kicked the door down out of sheer anger.
    I was quickly greeted by a voice. "It's not nice to kick down peoples doors." I turned and saw someone standing at the door I had just kicked down. I asked him, "Are you the worthless scum who did that to me?" He looked at me for a moment, looking somewhat hurt, and said, "Who, me? Of course." I raised my sword and told him, "Prepare to die then."
    He stood there, and said, "well, fine then. If that's how you want it." He pulled a sword out of the ground. Like magic. It lit on fire, and he said, "I'm ready."
    He charged at me. It was like super human speed. He hit me with the blunt end of his sword. I went flying into one of the walls. I couldn't get up. He had hit me so hard, it knocked the wind out of me. He came over to me, and started crushing my throat with his foot. He said, "I thought you were going to kill me."
    I finally gained the strength to push him off of me. I took my sword and started slashing at him. It seemed that with every swing, he was able to dodge or block it. I finally made a stab at him, but he parried, and hit me in the arm, with the SHARP end this time.
    I screamed as pain zipped through my body. I stayed up though. I couldn't let this guy get the advantage over me. He charged at me again, but I took a slice at him, and connected. He looked at me, dumbfounded, and said, "Wow. You hit me." Then he smiled. I looked at him questioningly, and was then aware of a shaking sound. He was powering up. I ran at him and tried to stop him. But I just flew back.
    It was horrifying for me. The aura of flames almost blinded me. After he powered up, that same aura still surrounded him. It started to rain. I was hoping that by some dumb stupid stroke of luck, that would put the fire out.
    It didn't.
    He ran at me tossing fireballs. Yes, fireballs. I was shocked. stupid shocked. I was able to dodge them. And when it was over, he ran over, no, FLOATED over at some dangerously high speed, and grabbed me by the neck. I was dying. I realized I wouldn't make it out alive.
    I don't know how, but right then and there, I got the strength to end it all. I took my sword, and ended a totally unaware enemies life. I was happy. It was finally over. After he died, a portal appeared. I walked into it happy that this was over.
    I ended up in my living room. It was over, and I would never have to repeat it.
    And from then on, I didn't wander off my hiking trail.

    That's the end. Post feedback in the creativity feedback thread: located at the top of the page, and if you have an idea for another story, send it to my pm box, and I will make a story and give credit to you.
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