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Thread: Awful Video Games

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    There is only one game in existance that ever made me break a controller out of frustration. That game was the Frogger game for the PS1. I did eventually finish every level, but I never want to see that game again.

    With the exception of Kingdom Hearts I agree with Disney games being awful.

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    Star wars, the force unleashed for the ds.
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    please iv seen worse games. mostly Action 52. Thats right, the game that got the title "Worst Game In History". not the sequal (Mega Drive). the first game (NES) made by Active Enterprises. yep the crappy mini-games in it like Ooze, Cheetahmen, Non Human (dont get me started with the Elton John background in THAT mini-game), Rocket Jockey, Bubblegum Rosie ect. yep all those god damned bad games.

    but yet thats just from a very old console which is NES. ill say one of the games from our now (2005-2009) the new Crash Bandicoot games. they are just sad. i rather play the old games of crash then these new ones like CRASH of the Titans and Crash: Mind Over Mutant. those games were bad and sad.
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    frogger is not a bad game! i love the gba ones!
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    According to me some awful video games are as follows:

    1.Super Pitfall
    2.Sticky Balls
    3.Punky Skunk
    4.Panic Restaurant
    5.Divine Divinity

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