Dear GH Forum Members,

We have had a forum upgrade today. This means that we have some new features available.
You will find a short description of the most important new features below
(source: VBulletin Announcements on

New Member Profile Page:
The member profile page has been completely redesigned.
The new page presents information in a more cleaner manner, while dividing up information into manageable chunks using a tabbed interface (Public Messages, About Me, Statistics, Friends).
Individual profile field categories can be displayed alone in blocks in the right column, in addition to appearing by default in the 'About Me' tab.

Inline Editing of Profile Field Values:
The 'About Me' tab of each member's profile page has edit controls, allowing them to quickly change values without leaving their profile page.

Member Customization of Profile Page:
Members can use the profile page customization tool, which allows you to alter fonts, colors, background and borders etc. of your profile page in order to create a more personalized look.
(Note: The administrator may lock-down certain customization permissions if these features aren't used with common-sense)

Friendships Between Users:
As part of the new social networking system by VBulletin, users can now request that people on their buddy list confirm their friendship, after which time a person's list of confirmed friends will be viewable to other users.

Public Messaging: Visitor Messages
While private messages between users have been in vBulletin since version 2.0, vBulletin 3.7 introduces the public messaging system, allowing users to communicate publicly via their profile pages.
(Note, if we notice abuse of this feature, visitor messages might in future only show up after being approved by moderation)

User Picture Galleries:
You can now create albums and upload pictures to your account.
The ability to view these albums and pictures can be limited by the user to just staff (administrator and moderators) and people on their buddy list if they want privacy. A more detailed guideline how to use this feature, will be posted in a separate thread soon.
(Note: The general rules of not posting adult and offensive content does also apply to the picture galleries. In case of abuse, the administrator may take necessary measures)

Thread Tagging:
A new way to facilitate searching games/topic is to add tags to threads.
These tags can be used for searching for games.

Attachment Viewing Lightbox:
Clicking on an attached image will now open a lightbox rather than open a new window, with the image scaled to fit the browser viewport. A click on the image in the lightbox will open it in a new window as before.

Please note, that for certain new features, new rules will be added to the Forum Rules as soon as possible; additionally the staff may decide to turn off certain features in case of abuse.
These features are also new to us, so that we will have to gain experience with them in order to change settings for users if necessary. However, we will try to leave as many features available as possible.
Please do not spoil the fun for other members by abusing new features.
Thank you for the co-operation, and have a lot of fun discovering all those great new possibilities

in the name of the whole
Gamershood Staff