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    Default Visitor Messages

    If you receive a visitor message, you will get a notification on the top right of the forum page.

    In order to reply, don't post a visitor message on your own profile, but click the link "View Conversion" on the bottom left corner of that visitor message.
    Then you will be taken automatically to the profile of that poster, and can reply

    You can also disable visitor messages, or limit who can post.
    Go to User CP -> Settings & Options

    Look at the section "Visitor Messaging", and select the options according to your needs

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    In addition:
    It is possible to moderate visitor messages of others in your own profile. This means you can unapprove and soft-delete messages that are made in your profile.

    To moderate messages.
    1) Check the check box in the top right corner of the message(s).
    2) Scroll down, click the drop down menu and select the option you want.
    3) Press go.

    NB: When you choose to unapprove a message you still can see it, but others don't. Also will get a notification that it's in moderation (sort of a reminder).
    When you choose to delete a message you will see "this post have been deleted by.." but won't get a notification.

    (Note: if it comes to our notice that members abuse these extra abilities we will disable this feature.)
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