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Thread: Chocolate or Sex Pinball

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    Default Chocolate or Sex Pinball

    I have a new game for you all to try - Chocolate or Sex Pinball!

    Its just a fun, fast-paced and frantic pinball game with 16 levels full of pick-ups and fiendish traps.

    Use your mouse to drag behind the ball to set the power and angle of your shot. The aim is to score points by picking up as many chocolates and hearts as you can before reaching the exit.

    It can be found at:

    Let me know what you think!

    <<Moderation Note: The game doesn't contain any adult contents, and is therefore suitable for all players. >>
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    The title is slightly misguiding I think Sweet little game
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    Lol! Nice game!
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    Soso game. Can't believe that is the title they chose.

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