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MonstersGameis a free online roleplaying game (RPG) that is played in your webbrowser (such as Internet Explorer, Safari or Mozilla Firefox), in which a player can choose to assume the role of a Vampire or a

Werewolf, in a war to become the best. The game is a PvP game, meaning a player plays against other people.

The graphics are very utilitarian, it's good as a browser based game.

SOUND: 3/10
It's pity that there are not many sound effects. It's said that it will be improved in future version.

Raiding is the main gameplay of MonstersGame. This is where a player can attack other players of the opposing race (Vampire or Werewolf). In the basic version of the game, a player can randomly search for

another player to attack every 15 minutes. If the player is a premium player, he/she can search for another player to attack every 5 minutes. In game, You can also have pets and train them, buy new weapons

and even work on a graveyard. The currency in the game is gold, and you can get it by hunting other players.

If you like PVP, so that's the game. The gamer has the chance to join one of the warring parties, perhaps tipping the balance in favour of your chosen race!