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Thread: Kings Island

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    Default Kings Island

    An awesome RPG! Hack, slash, and explore your way through King's Island.

    He who fights and runs away can run away another day.

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    stupid addictive game!

    i'm kinda just wandering at times, but it's too addictive to stop right now. It took me forever to figure this out, so I will post: TO use potions, double click on them. You can put them in the boxes at the bottom of your inv. screeen for easy use while fighitng. drag and drop weapons, armor and rings. umm... you can sell useless stuff on certain levels.

    freaking stupid addictive game..

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    I am stuck at one of the levels where I need to kill the guy with the air weakness. Have no idea how to kill him. I have used clubs, swords, arrows, etc. Obviously, I am not using the right weapon

    Any suggestions?

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    I just used the Air Gladius I got from the last boss. It has great damage and bonus, while also being air . If you didn't pick it up when you killed that boss, then... X_X.

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    Okay, where are the stupid kings flags?!??! I killed Mr Volare but i cant find a king flag to wave on the villiage tower. please help!!!

    Oh, and can you drop items out of your backpack to replace with other items you find? or can you only remove them by selling them to the merchants?
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    Default Thank you

    Thank you ice cube..
    @Atcak47.. As far as I have explored there are no flags to be picked up.. Also, you cannot drop items that you have picked up but you can sell them to the merchant. If you have already sold a lot of items, the merchant's inventory will become full and he wont be able to buy from you.. Hope that helps.

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    the flag is a little red banner on a stand near a blends in with the background so its hard to find until you hover your mouse over it.

    If you drag an item to the little looped arrow on the bottom right, you can drop it.

    is there a map for this game? im Friggin Lost

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    OK I can't go through the portal in level 3 some magic is blocking it can someone tell me if I should kill all the crazy cows to get through and I read up above I didn't get a Air Gladius but I did get an Ice one are they 2 seprate things??

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    Air Gladius is a different one to the Ice, the Air is Air element and has 1 damage higher on min and max damage.

    I never encountered a magic barrier, I think its because I killed that Cow Boss mage before I attempted to go through the portal.

    Also, don't try to fight the last boss without completing the fire sword quest.
    I somehow found myself at the lair of the final boss, I didn't have the weapon to kill him and there was no portal to go back to get it...

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    Where do we need to put the flag once we found it? Does anyone have a map or walkthrough yet?

    Never mind...
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