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Thread: The Five Pillars Browser MMORPG

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    Exclamation The Five Pillars Browser MMORPG

    Set in a post apocalyptic world the five pillars is a totally free strategic MMORPG, the five pillars is played by building up your kingdom and creating an army to war your opponents either by yourself or with a team.

    The five pillars is an ever evolving game that encourages you to adapt your playing style and fully welcomes all input into the game. The fivepillars offers a various goals and strategies to meet those goals as there are war mages, power hungry rankers and the fun loving role players.

    There will be some changes:
    -Demon's Enfeeblement will last three times turn pool.
    -It won't be possible to meditate while you got an undispellable spell on.
    -Many items and spells have changed modifiers from fixed numbers to %

    Normal server will have 6 min/turn and a pool of 210
    Jumpstart server will have 7 min/turn and a pool of 200

    Please note: You must register to play this game.

    Link to the game:

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    You have already submitted this game HERE.

    Going to bin this one.

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