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Thread: Daily Life

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    You receive 200 dollars after you get your first diploma without working before studying.

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    In level 7, you already have an administration diploma.

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    How can I make money fast in the game???

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    Also, do I need to study more or something I tried getting the management bachelor plus the master plus a diploma in accounting, because i suspected i need to study more

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    Quote Originally Posted by zoraalexis_dlp View Post
    i hate this game. You won't even know when is the right time you should feed her/him!! She/He always ends up at the hospital and spends like 150 dollars! DAMN! i hate it... and is this game really possible to finish?!..really disappointed thought it was fun.filezilla rufus..oh well

    yay first post!
    earn money, make friends, buy food, and achieve your goals within 7 days.
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