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Thread: Daily Life

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    it wont let me be a waitress why?

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    I can't seem to bypass the 20% wealth glitch! I even tried to buy the microwave oven at the last minute like zeinzei said.. (thank you!). Also, do I need to study more or something I tried getting the management bachelor plus the master plus a diploma in accounting, because i suspected i need to study more.. but i am stumped... do i need that diploma at all?
    and what is the deal with the thief that keeps on robbing me! help me please...

    Maybe it won't let you because you haven't finished working the 15 hours you need to become a waiter. ! Hope it helps!

    I got level 8 ! yeah!, I passed using banking and saving at least 1750 dollars, or something like that... just be aware of getting enough money on the last day to buy the whatever the item needed is.
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    The game is all about balance, if you don't have balance you're gonna wind up in the hospital more then once. Try eating at 7,13,and 20 and sleeping from 1 to 7. Also for making friends try making friends with the boys since they like people who brag for some reason and bragging is faster then talking.

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    I feel rather dim-witted, but I can't seem to get through the first level. I can't seem to get any job but janitor. What do I need to do? Should I get all the diplomas? Which do I need?
    Help is much appreciated!

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    Exclamation Help pls

    how can u be a waiter in level 1 pls help thx!!!

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    i love this game!!! its soo cute and fun

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    Unhappy Walkthrough

    Please help me! I cant find the walkthrough button! I am beating myself up over this!


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    Angry Level 7?

    So I keep getting stuck on level 7 as well...someone in an earlier post said you don't need the master's degree...which degrees do I need to get? The farthest I have made it is getting the 2 good friends, finishing an accounting degree and the internship degree and getting the intern job but it still says my education isn't at 30% (I think that's what it was)...anyone who has finished this level, please steer me in the right direction!! Thanks!

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    my score the first time was 74 :/ I got sick twice and spent 5 days in Hospital :/ meh I'll keep trying.

    EDIT: does anyone know how to become a waiter in the first level? that's the bit I keep getting wrong :/
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    HI need help on lvl 5 i cant get the 15% for knowledge

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