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    I used to watch Law and Order SVU all the time!!
    but I don't anymore
    NCIS is amazinngg
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    Ok, so, last night's episode, the NEW one? Anybody see it? I have a universal remote which broke yesterday, and we can't play back recordings without it (I'd already had the shows set to tape from last week; I try to go ahead each week as soon as I can so I don't forget), and I'm bummed out. Anybody watch? Was it good?!?! The new remote doesn't come until next week, and I am DYING. XD

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    I like them all! but I think I like Abby the most, but rest are close behind! and it sucks Kate went off the show and it's funny that the young medical examiner(forgot his name) is with the new girl I think her name is Michelle? I could just go on and on lol so who's your fav.?

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    I have watched this show and this show become my favorite show and i love to watch this show regularly. The sroty of this show is good enough.

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    Default Ncis

    This investigation drama series is very very nice. I like the show. I like the cast and I never miss any episode of this show.
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    NCIS is one of the best show i ever watched. I have watched 3 seasons of this show and enjoyed it. Now i am watching season 5 of this show.

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