Before I start the walkthrough I'd like to point out that this game has a few things to consider. You have to make sure the object you examine is highlighted. When it is not it's much easier to click and drag the object from the inventory in order to use it. Sometimes you may also need to click more than once to make a hotspot work.
I think this game was very well made and I liked the ending too

You find yourself in front of a desk. Click the desk to get behind it. Get the key from the desktop by the red telephone. Get the wing close to the desk seat. Click on the lower part of the game image to get back. Click the right yellow curtains and get the blue valve handle that is sticking out on the left side. Go back by clicking the lower part of the game image. Click the left curtains and get the bird legs to the right. Go back. Turn to the left.
Click on the upper middle part of the left couch cushion. Get the key. Click the drawer behind the couch. Click the teddy bear on top of it. Get the orange balloon. Go back twice. When you are on the scene of the living room with the couch, click the dart board. Get the blue dart. Move the mouse over the balloon in your inventory. When you get a red frame around it, click the balloon to examine it. Use the dart on the balloon (by dragging the dart from the inventory onto the examined balloon) and get the eagle head. Go back. Go to the left. Get the screwdriver on the mantelpiece. Click on picture of horse to zoom in. Use the old gray key on the keyhole. The picture will drop and you'll get a TV screen. Push the red button on the lower right of the TV to turn the screen blue and the "no input" message. Go back. Go left and click the right book shelf. Click the brown book (8 from the left) on the top shelf. The book will open and say My Pet Goat. Get the leaf on the right page. Click the picture on the third shelf (from the top) and then examine the picture in the inventory. Click it to get the arrows. Go back. Click the panel under the right book shelf. Use the screwdriver on it (drag to the left) to get the incriminating document. Go back. Click above the door on the top decor to zoom in. Get the shield in the middle of the triangle shape. Go back. Click on the left book shelf and get the scissors that is sticking out behind the books on the second shelf. Go back. Go left.
Click on the carpet where there is a red circle in front of the desk (you only see a small part of the circle on the lower part of the game screen). Put the wing in place. Put the legs in place. Put the leaf in place, the arrows, the shield and the head in place. Go back (click top of the game image).
Go left and use the brownish key on the door. Click to enter the bathroom. Click around on the left side of the toilet to zoom in on the pipe part. Put the blue valve handle on the part sticking out of the pipe. When it is on, click to turn (It may take a few tries). Go back, click toilet and get the W computer key from the toilet bowl. Go back. Open the cabinet (to the left) above the toilet and get the WII remote. Go back.
Go left and click the TV screen. Use the remote on screen. A WII game scene will appear. Drag the pointing hand to the lower left corner where a dude in Orange is standing. Read what it says

Go back an go right.
Click drawer behind couch and click the lock. Use the above code to open the lock the click the top drawer to open. Get the handle. Go back and go left.
Click the paper shredder that is on the floor to the left. Put handle and document on it. Click top of handle to make it turn then click on top of the shredder to open the lid and get the wreath. Go back. Go left twice (or right, doesn't matter) and click on the carpet with the red circle.
Put wreath above bird. Go back and click the desk. Click the key board. Put the "W" key in place on the keyboard (upper left) go back, notice the yellow note on the screen and then press the white button on the computer screen. Click the message box on the screen to zoom in. The password is on the yellow note on the screen. If you do not remember, go back and look.

Click the space where you can enter the password to get a cursor. Use your own keyboard to type the password. Click the blue button (the rightmost button) on the message box. Click the file on the upper right to get an image of the left wing. Click the printer on the upper right to print.
Go back to the scene with the desk and the desk seat. Click the right panel of the desk to get to the printer. Click the paper to get it off the printer and then examine the paper with the wing. Use scissors on win to make a cut out of it. Go back twice (click to the left and then the bottom). You have the final piece of the puzzle. Click the carpet image once again and put the last wing in place. Push the red button. A tunnel will open up. Use it and you are out. Congrats!