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Thread: Try 2 Hack

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    Hmm... that's too bad...
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    Default It's not that hard...

    I made it to level 6, and I didn't think it was that hard...

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    Australia but thats all you need to know.

    Default Gave up on level 2

    ok yes i like to do this riddle and solve the whole thing and yes i like help on Level 2 if theres another way then just downloading the SWF. file (which i cant do) but seriously this is actually like hacking for me on level 2 cause im downloading a SWF. file when im not suppost to.

    Seriously im not doing this so i gave up there. i dont even know why im even playing this. this was trying to make me a hacker. im not doing it.

    trust me one of my friends is a hacker and well... lets just say he got in trouble... by the cops
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    Level 6 AyDee?!! What was the answer to four?!!
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