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Thread: Strange Phobias

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    I'm actually afraid of Fruit Flies when they float around in mass hordes.

    Something about the way they fly line of still in the air, it looks like a bunch of unstoppable dots.

    Seriously, freaks me out.

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    nothing abnormal for me i gues

    fear of lightning/thunder
    and fear of snakes

    lol heart its not that bad when you hurt your foot i have had a puncture wound three inches into my heal when i was ten

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    i am deadly afraid of spiders i will scream and run if i see one they seem unnatrual to me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jack View Post
    I dont have a fear of needles, but I share your fear of doctors. I have a strong distrust of doctors and I still only go to them in the worst possible scenaio. I even hate walking in a hospital when a loved one is there. I hate the smell and the general feeling you get from walking into one.
    Well, I dont share any fears of doctors or needles,(But ugh, their penmanship is horrible!) But I am DEATHLY afraid of spiders. I don't care if you say they aren't harming you if you don't harm them, or that most of them aren't in visible space, they are fricking scary!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by RBS View Post
    I have several but one of the worst is meat cleavers. I am ok with knives but something about cleavers makes me think of losing fingers, etc. I unsuspectingly watched the movie "The Piano" with some friends and had to leave the room during one scene. And yes they all made fun of me.
    We share the same fear. We have one at home here. You should see the way I have wrappred it in a cloth and put it away in a carton

    Quote Originally Posted by EscapeGirl View Post
    Lastly, I am afraid of heights. Not from a plane or anything, but balconies and such scare crud outta me. I get a little dizzy/lightheaded.
    I have a fear for heights too. But I love to travel in a plane and climb mountains. But if I stand in a balcony I really get scared to look down.

    etc etc etc
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    I'm OK with snakes and spiders and anything with wings...have no fear for needles at all, either. I even love having that numbing shots in my mouth when I go see my dentist


    I hate ANTS.
    I'm afraid of ANTS. Doesn't matter big or small, black or red, I can't stand ANTS! I would love to know why God created ants. Once I saw an army of ants walking across my grandma's kitchen wall and I fainted.
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    Well i know it sounds completely stupid but i am quite scared of...

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    Omg that would be terrifying Clank!
    For me If a spider climbed up it I would never be able to go in a shower again!!
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    I'll add two things I was scared of as a small child that are kind of amusing to me now (I'm not afraid of them anymore though ). I was terrified of being in a car when it went through a car wash and also when planes flew over head I always had to be under shelter (mainly because I grew up next to an airport and they were pretty low when they passed over the house).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mcakkay View Post
    Omg that would be terrifying Clank!
    For me If a spider climbed up it I would never be able to go in a shower again!!
    That DID happen to me back in the house where I grew up!! We lived in the country, and I've had some very bad experiences with wolf spiders. *shivers again* Don't remember the kind of spider that came out of the drain before I ran the water. Needless to say he had to learn REAL QUICK how to swim. (I turned the water on high to wash him down. )

    @Jack....I can understand those fears!!!! Especially if you're just a small child!

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