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Thread: Strange Phobias

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    no its not strange, i have phobias of getting my tongue chopped off, and getting my eyelids sown closed (cringes just thinking about it).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Snizzbut View Post
    Can i just say....
    A phobia is defined as an IRRATIONAL fear.
    That means there is no real explanation, and someone wont be able to describe why they are afraid.
    For example, I have Arachnophobia. However, i dont know why myself. Its not because they are hairy, i find the smaller, longlegged and hairless ones the scariest. And im not afraid of being bitten. I know they are tiny and im huge, I just shake if im near one and get a terrible feeling to run away. Basically, if you dont have it youll never understand what its like.

    So youll never know why
    I totally agree with that. I have nightmares about them all the time. I can't put my hand under my pillow etc but I don't know why. I just hate them. It has nothing to do with hair or being bit.

    I watches this show one time that people with phobias have the immediate reaction to flee as their brains warn them they are in danger when they see the object of their fear. This makes sense to me because whenever I see a spider I get an intense adrenalin rush that would be helpful in a situation that my life would be in danger and I would need to run.
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    i had a experience the other day, i saw two snakes huge long about 5-6 foot long black snakes i wasnt afraid at all i knew they wernt posionous or anything adn just watched them, my grandpa killed one of them and told me where he threw it i was trying to avoid where it was thrown nd i saw it when i was mowing knowing full well that it was dead and i just about jumped off of the lawn mower i had a ton of adrenaline too i could deffinetly feel it i hate snakes and i always have no reason why. I used to have dreams though of getting chassed by snakes lol

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    I have a fear of swallowing toothpaste...I still brush my teeth with toothpaste

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