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Thread: Cigarette Escape 2

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    good game. There were some tricky ones there

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    lately... I've been on facebook. ;)

    Default Wow!

    First run... only found 3!!!! Going back to make another sweep...

    Edit: Sheesh! Only found 2 more the second time around.

    That seemed harder than usual... Thanks all for the helpful posts!
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    What idiot left nice whole ciggies tucked in such odd places? Must be a real nut living here! Think of all the $ on taxes he spent to buy them! Have 3 .. a ways to go and 15 minutes til I must go to bed ..
    Now 6 - and it is passed my bedtime. I'll be sorry tomorrow.
    Done ..
    & Yes, smoking is terrible for you - and a wicked habit to break - I know, I'm trying and failing. Just don't start!!!!
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    he got all gigs but won't let me out

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