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Thread: New999's Riddles 3 (In Progress)

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    Smile New999's Riddles 3 (In Progress)

    Ok i know what your thinking "why are you calling it New999's Riddles 3 when your name is New1000" Cause:
    1. im still New999 in heart
    and 2. cause my riddles will always be named "New999's Riddles" cause its a permanent name.

    Anyway this one is now gonna be shown in 3 Different Riddle Ways with 30 Riddles in each one! also you can listen to the music too! and not only will i show you pics in it but also short vids! (even the tutorial is a vid!)


    in every set will have a tutorial for you BEFORE you go off doing them. it will tell you to type in Start when the vid ends so please watch to understand the riddles. theres also a forum where you can Chat and say about what you think should be in it. if the suggestions are good there ill Update it with the problems being fixed and new riddles that people say should be in it. NO WALKTHROUGHS!!!

    the 1st and 2nd riddles are here so you can play those too. just that they are incomplete cause:
    1. nobody will play them anymore
    2. cause i forgot how i put in the name

    Anyway here they are: Part 1:
    Part 2: its VERY SHORT this one.

    Anyway ill put it here when i get all 3 sets and the forums done. so this might take a while.

    Enjoy playing my riddles and all that later on though. ill give you a test soon.

    Oh yea and in the test ENJOY THE MUSIC!

    Edit: i finished my starting forum (its basic cause im new to being an admin of my own forum) now to start riddle making!

    Edit2: JK! the password to start the set isnt Start. i will make the password up. it pops up in the vid with the tut.

    Edit3: The password to start comes out from the end of the tutorial. also i already done level 6 and ran out of ideas. lol. im already to level 7 of making that and yet i got nothing. ill think of something though

    Edit4: OMG! i need a preminum Upgrade to make more riddles! and im only at riddle 16 of set 1! i cant pay for the upgrade. i dont have a credit card! what am i gonna do? i cant stop here.

    Edit5: oh forget it. ill post it anyway. as long as theres 15 riddles over in this im ok. also dont worry ill try putting it on a site thats the same. just different.

    Edit6: omg... are my riddles that terrible? yea right! they are just hard. i cant belive they hate it cause of the first level.

    Edit7: ok ok my riddles are an Epic Fail! just get rid of it if nobody like it.

    OK its in. locked please?
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    I'll have to bin this.

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