Just wondering what you order when you go to a sushi restaurant? If you chose other please explain which

I typically order the kani (Crab), ebi (Shrimp), tuna and salmon nigiri(Bite sized sushi on rice) with tuna and salmon maki(Roll with rice on the inside not outside), sometimes I get the B.C. or alaska rolls Sashimi is really really good also but I only eat the salmon or tuna ones as anything else is a really wierd texture

As for other, the sunomono(Lemon juice, noodles and a protein) is good along with some fried gyoza(pork dumplings) and salmon belly Robata(BBQ) Agedashi tofu is amazing but can have a weird texture at times Oh and I recently tried ika karaage (Kalamari)

What do you eat, and are you a fan of sushi?