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Thread: Suggestions are Welcome!

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    why is it only moderators can post point and click games?
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    i know, right? so guests usually dont check our new games out since most of them look for point and click games under the "point-and-click" category.
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    the reason why that is beacause we dont want normal members to post random games.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vetnernsweetie
    if it's fine with GamersHood yes.
    i'm really soz about using your box for my suggestions it is just that i don't know how to post my own box's

    anyway this is it
    tell people how to post there own box

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    first off, please don't get this wrong, but I have a problem. I'm reading both this site and quite regularly and lately I noticed many games appear at flash.p.o and shortly after that they come up here. Over the time it gets rather frustrating to mostly find games at I had played one or two days ago at and no fresh ones.

    Could you try getting the games from original sources and not other "flash lists"? I know it's probably quite hard to find new games all the time, but getting the same content over and over again from several sites ( also often lists games that appeared elsewhere just days ago) is boring.

    If this is a coincidence and maybe both you and f.p.o. get many games from the same source by chance, sorry for ranting. But otherwise it'd be really fine if you could try and get the games from somewhere else.

    A late merry christmas,

    PS: Of course I could just cease visiting if I don't like the games here, but I really liked this site when most games where unknown to me. So I'm missing this currently.

    I just wanted to add that I posted the same at f.p.o., because it also happens that the game was here first and 1-2 days later at f.p.o. So it's not that I say you copy their content, more like you both do it.
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    For first, thanks for the feedback!

    I try to say it as short as possible.

    We get most of our games from the people who submit them here. And i think this is the right place to say "Thank You".

    And. There are many many sites who distribute p'n'c and other this kind of games. The flash plasticthinking is just one of them.

    And about the delay you was talking about. Like you see, the server is slow at the moment, so, it's very frustrating to submit games. I'm working with the new server at the moment. That's why the games appear few days later sometimes. It just takes some time to check the real games and spam. I have to submit games what people submit. I just can't ignore them or can i? If they copy links from other sites, fine, how can i check that.

    And one more thing. Many peolpe who visit other this kind of sites are visiting this site too. And some of them submit new games and so on and on and on.

    Shortly i wanted to say that we just don't copy literally games from other sites. Our visitors leads us. That's how the things are rolling. Thank you again submiters.
    And ofcourse we got our origin sources to check(BBC, Sarbakan, EyeMaze etc.)

    And Merry Christmas to you too. And happy New Year

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    I don't want to sound fussy, but I realized that some names of games are wrong spelled on Gamershood, e.g.
    Firefall instead of Firewall
    Detective Hearts Case 01 instead of Detective Hearst Case 01

    Of course, things like these can happen if we are typing quickly (happens to me, too).

    But this causes problems when people want to look for games by using the search function.

    Hope you don't mind my remark here. Besides I like to be a member of Gamershood and I think everything else is great!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered
    what button. you english people just talk somet of the other
    whoa calm down, scroll up, and find the register tab at the top in the blue part.
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    Default hot games

    I suggest to put the 'hot' games in a family! or make an pictogram, like an warning (that you do with words) in the little presentation of the game. I have no problem of morality with them ( I'm an adult) but even if I say to my kids ( who like to play on gamershood) not to play these games, I 'm always afraid they click on it.
    They do not read english!!!
    what do you think of it?
    thank's to answer me!
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    Default Games with adult contents

    I know that the desicion is up to GamersHood but still I wanted to post my opinion.
    I guess that your idea is a good one and I support it.
    However we must be aware that specific symbols for games with adult content could have two opposite effects:
    - Minors who accept that those games are not for them could easily make out which games they should not click (and this would be especially good for kids who don't know English very well)
    - On the other hand kids who don't accept that such games are not for them could be even more attracted by the "forbidden" symbol).

    As I said I support your idea but it is of course not possible for us to make sure that games with adult contents are are not played by minors. Putting them in one forum together would make it even easier to find them for those kids who still would play them. Therefore I would prefer just adding a warning sign and leave them in the category where they are.

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