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Thread: Making a Tower Defense type Game

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    Default Making a Tower Defense type Game

    Hi Friends,

    working on a tower defense type game. A while ago I posted asking about maze logic and was kindly directed towards A-star path finding. It is perfect. I understand the concept and it makes sense. Now the problem I am having is how to do the tile-based map? I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around it. I just want to do a straight square map comprised of squares. I realize a 2D Array would probably be the best way just such as:

    int[][] map = new int[100][100]

    where there would be 100 x 100 tiles. I can then populate the array with numbers ie 0 = walkable, 1 = unwalkable. I can have my A* algorithm return the set of tiles to move to.

    My problem is that I don't want my game to be in pixels and I'm having a hard time understanding how to make the game appear tile based and large enough to be playable? ie. 1 tile = 30x30 pixels. If we are looking at it in terms of model and view, I understand the model part, but I am having a hard time translating to the view?

    How do I create a tile based view so that the user can only place towers on a tile(the mouse click location could be any point inside the tile)? Also, how would I keep the enemy units moving smoothly between tiles and not just jumping to the center of each tile?


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    Default Making a Tower Defense type Game

    I want to create a game like QuizCross for Android and then import in iOS. Its a simple quiz game with some simple animation for text or buttons.
    You advise me to use MonoGame or MonoDroid for this project? Thanks.

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