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Thread: Aliens and Ufos

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    I guess they can be real. My mom's friend saw one! Only it was light reflecting off the computer. My mom told her that and her friend said "thanks for ruining the aliens". I love that story. Funny to think that life on other planets is coming over to see US and people who see them are called crazy, yet at the same time we go to see THEM and they're screaming "Ahhh! Human!" To the alien mental hospital with them! UFO's are real. Anything unidentified that is flying is a UFO. I saw one of those. Then it became an IFO(identified flying object). It was spagetti.

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    SETI is working on it.The contact of Aliens to earth is very slim. Maybe they might pick up some of our radio signals. But then, internet radio will take over, and earth may not send Radiowaves anymore...
    And soon, Other intelligent life will discover that there really IS NO intelligent life on earth.
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    I've never seen a UFO but I agree that there is probably life somewhere on another planet. It might be something that looks perfectly normal, not neccesarily the wierd type with no clothes and big hjeads and tentacles and stuff, we don't now what could be living on another planets, theres millions of them and millions of galaxies. There could be hundreds of places jsut like Earth. I would love to meet some living thing from another planet and see what aliens are really like. If you think about it we're aliens too, to those living thingies (if there are any) that are anywhere else. They probably talk about us the way we do and if on places like Mars for example there are living things they might get terrified if when we show up. Poor buggy things

    EDITNESS: Come to think of it I might have seen alieny stuff. It was definitley unidentified. There was something that looks a little like an aeroplane but it was smaller and rounder and it had these small red lights flashing on it. It was quite far away and I thought it was jsut a jet or something but then I was watching it and it kept flying round in circles it didn't leave. It spent about two hours going round in a huge circle and wouldn't go away and whenever it got close it had a strange hummingish noise, ok it was quiet cos it was far away and it could have been anything but it definitley wasn't a plane
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