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    I'm new, so sorry if this is a silly question....

    I recently downloaded the 30 day trial of Adobe's Flash CS4 and built my first escape game. The 30 day trial has now expired but I'd like to keep making games and don't want to pay for a full version of this software. What does everyone else use to build their flash games? Is there a cheaper (or free!) alternative?

    Many thanks!

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    There's liveswif2.2, a lot of people use it for PSP games but it uses AS1, saying that a lot of the web tutorials are AS1 so it is quite useful.. if your running Vista you need to run it as win98..
    If your a student you can get good discounts on CS4, Amazon had a good deal on CS3 last year
    Swish is a good alternative and a lot cheaper, I use that for intros and text effects

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    Thank you! I'll look into those free ones.

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