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    I haven't found a thread for this here, so I'll start one. In the May issue of WIRED Magazine, JJ Abrams, co-producer of LOST, edited the magazine and filled it with puzzles. Some are obvious puzzles in blue boxes, and others hidden throughout the magazine, and part of a meta-puzzle. This issue has been out for at least 3 weeks and is still stumping people.

    Of particular interest is a double-page puzzle in code (pages 104-105). The code on the left page has been deciphered, but on the right page it's still not cracked. I know there are some great code-crackers here so I thought I'd post about it. A thread on Unfiction has some good links, so I'll put a link to that thread as a good place to start. It shows the 2 pages of code.

    If you can't pick up an issue, here is the issue online:

    The article titled "Geek Friendly, But Sadistically Demanding Brainteasers" has all of the blue-boxed puzzles with solutions. I think some of the other hidden puzzles that are part of the meta-puzzle may be seen. Not sure if all of them are there.
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