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    Default Mr. Danger's Contest

    Mr. Danger's Contest

    STORY :

    You are James McManus, a loner. You receive an invitation from a mysterious Mr. Danger to come and compete in a competition against other 'special people' to inherit his millions of dollars. Not one to pass up that much money, you head to his secluded mansion. Once there, things quickly turn deadly, and you must not only be the winner of the competition, but you must also try to figure out who is killing the competition before they do away with you.


    Mr. Danger's Contest is in 640x400 resolution (natively 320x200, but my fonts look better in the larger resolution).

    All the sound effects and music in the game were made by me making noises into my microphone. Everything you hear is my voice.



    Bill Garrett
    Weggieware Games
    The Murran Chronicles

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    Sounds quite a lot like Agatha Christie's And Then There Were None. Sounds interesting, I'll give it a go!

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