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    Hello Friends,

    I am working on building a 2d tile based platform game, and have just been wondering about how to store/distribute the games levels.

    My game allows you to load a 'World' which is made up of potentially up to 10000 map files (A 100x100 grid, though most of

    the time this grid won't be filled). The map files are just more grids of tiles.

    Anyways, I't seems like having up to 10000 small files in a folder seems like a inefficient way to do this. I have searched

    around a bit, but have been unable to find anything extremely helpful.

    I figure that the best thing to do would be to compile all the maps into one world file, and just load that file into memory.

    I have thought about just creating one xml file to store everything, but I'm not too sure about it.

    Your Answers will be Helpful.


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    The way to go would a XML but I dunno how to do it either lol

    Its catch 22 in which is better, loading all the content and a long start up or loading inbetween levels, from my experience people hate stuff loading inbetween levels more

    Most of the tuts I've seen on tile based games load from the start, but I can see building a library with 1000's of tiles being a major pain in the ***! and loads of scope for messup

    But I know that isn't much help, but IF I was doing a massive tile based games I'd go the XML route without a doubt

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